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  1. I was having this problem in the past when this was implemented into the game. This was caused by my old HDD, game was loading slowly and i was kicked on the loading screen. I bought an SSD disk for my games and this fixed the problem for me. After that i have been kicked for this one-two times. Regards bobi124
  2. On trip with @Angel .



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      Nice trucks! :love: 

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      Nice trucks!😄

    3. [VTCSL] ACE
  3. Happy B-day 🍻

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  4. Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming 4 GB Windforce
  5. R.I.P Marie 😢




  6. The best BG female MC




  7. bobi,Welcome Back! Iceland again!:LUL:

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      Thanks, yeah someday probably we will meet there :)

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  9. Team mate, welcome back. Nice to see you<3

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