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  1. Thanks for all the comments! It's fixed now
  2. Hello! I've been trying to connect my World of Trucks account to my TruckerMP account. I took a break for a few months (playing ets2) and back then my World of Trucks was connected to my account, since i started playing again i was wondering if i could do some external contracts. From what i saw i had to connect my World of trucks again, so i tried to login but with no succes.. I thought you know what maybe i just forgot my password, so i tried to change it on their site but it kept saying(see image). This also appeared when i tried to do 'forget my password' ?? Now i really don't know what the problem is or what i did wrong or am i missing something? i have no clue.. If someone could help me with this i'd appreciate it! Love Yung Ken
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