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Found 631 results

  1. siim8017

    Log In Issue

    Hello, I have a little concern here. I can not log in to TrukersMP because it says that the password or email is incorrect. However, I wrote everything correctly, as I had no idea what to do next, maybe someone can give me advice.
  2. it does not have a hitbox bigger than a double but in the description says it's a simple trailer
  3. I drive Skoda all the time and try to drive it carefully to not get banned because of my history The problem is that suddenly, in totally random situations(city, highway, low or high fps) I get big gains in speed. I go from 90km/h to 170km/h! I play on vanilla, unmodded, untouched ETS2 from Steam, with new profile. Edit: There is nothing running in the background and I do not have any programs that should or could effect the ETS2 Only sketchy thing that I did is Cheat Engine the money and xp, but as I know that is OK regarding the rules. Are there any other people experiencing this? How can I find out the source of this? What is this? Is it a bug or is some hacker just messing with me? If staff is interested in this id like to be a guinea pig if that would help the tmp community and the experience overall.
  4. When I open my ets2 multiplayer, this message appears "There was an error contacting our update servers. Press Ok to try again or cancel to visit our download page." And when I click cancel, the last update is downloaded, but I've already downloaded it. I downloaded the update several times, I already uninstalled ets2 and installed again, I deleted this new update, which is this launcher, and installed again, I suspect there may be something missing from the program files, but I can not resolve it this problem. I've tried the following options: Reinstall and download the TRUCKERSMP initiator again; Clear temporary Windows files; Download the updated FrameWork. And yes, I have windows 10, 64 bit.
  5. Hello, I have a small problem. The fact is that when entering the ETS MP, such a "beauty" is issued:and Details of the problem: a similar infection appeared in the middle of autumn, and I thought that this was a regular update. Then I forgot about the MP, but with the release of the new DLC, I decided to play, but an error window popped up, I again thought that an update is possible and it is worth waiting a bit, and now on December 4, I still cannot play MP. I was looking for a solution to the problem, but nothing happened. Updating ETS 2 on the demo version did not help either. Please, help! P.s. : My version of the game in screenshot number 1 (1.33.2), but the launcher does not lead it, claiming that I am on version 1.30. I repeat that I already tried to change versions, but it did not help.
  6. German: Hey lieber Leser Ich habe ein Problem, welches ich jetzt in schritten erläutern werde. -An einem Tag sah ich dass für ETS2 eine Beta Version für die 1.33 rausgekommen ist. -Ich war natuürlich gespannt und wollte die Version testen. Also habe ich das Spiel in der 1.33 gestartet und über mein Profil gespielt. -Neulich wollte ich wieder Multiplayer spielen, dann konnte ich mein Profil nicht auswählen und da stand: Inkompatibles Profil und ich soll es auf eine neuere Version machen. -Da Multiplayer nicht für die Version 1.33 verfügbar ist ,kann ich es nicht... Kann ich mein Profil jetzt nicht mehr nutzen? Muss ich warten bis Multiplayer für 1.33 Verfügbar ist? Bin gerade echt bisschen traurig wenn das so sein sollte. Würde mich über Hilfe und Meinungen freuen LG eisie_hd English: Hey dear reader I have a problem, which I will explain now in steps. One day I saw that a beta version for the 1.33 came out for ETS2. -I was naturally curious and wanted to test the version. So I started the game in 1.33 and played over my profile. -At one day I wanted to play multiplayer again, then I could not select my profile and there was: Incompatible profile and I should make it to a newer version. - Because Multiplayer is not available for version 1.33, I can not ... Can not I use my profile anymore? Do I have to wait until Multiplayer is available for 1.33? I'm just a bit sad if that's how it should be. Would be glad about help and opinions LG eisie_hd
  7. I have played ETS2MP for some time now and my friends wanted to try it but they can`t register. They only get this: "We were unable to find Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator on your account, please ensure your profile is set to public and that you have played the game at least 2 hours" They have their steam accounts set to public and more than 5 hours in ETS2 and a world of trucks account but it`s still not working. Please help us. Thanks in advance.
  8. Does anyone know how to change the new player icons outline (right) back to the old way (left)? It has been like this for a couple of months but it has really irritaded me a bit D: As you can see the outline on the right is much more darker than the new way :I
  9. I'm new to PC gaming and ETS2 multiplayer and after creating a new profile I completed the first job which was no more than 30 seconds away. After completing it, I was told it was late by a long time, i can't even do any jobs on the market because there aren't any there. I've looked at money and XP mods that I've found out are ok with multiplayer, but no luck there. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Guys, can you please help me to sort this problem.. I looked for some solutions from different articles and the past topic that has been posted with the same problem but still it doesn't work. Thanks for helping!
  11. Hello Forum so i have a problem where when i start up TMP press on ets2 its starts normaly at the login screen i can see it for 1 frame and then it crashes it asks if i want to send the crash to the devs i included the crash and log: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=28658244725695068655game.log.txt
  12. Hello, I cant hear anyone in voice chat, I am sure that my settings for voice chat are correct. I have noticed that the voice chat is not working for me in other computer game(FiveM). I am 99% sure that this is a bug in my computer. Does anyone know what should I do?
  13. https://imgur.com/a/bcTJap7 Has you can tell in the link i provided, very time when i log in on singleplayer or Truckersmp WITH a new profile, im not using any mods what so ever when im on singleplayer. its even shows im in the negatives even with my loads ( freight market)
  14. Hello . I have a problem with the Truckersmp launcher. When I want to enter the multiplayer, I get a warning. .
  15. Hey guys I have few questions about discord; What is the purpose of TMP Discord? If I am online on TMP, can I talk there and invite? Do we have rules on TMP discord server? Thanks for your answer! I am badly confused, and probably gonna join if these questions on mine will be answered
  16. Hi guys when i update TruckersMP and try to launch it, the app says "I'm not using to compatible version. So I read up online and downgrade my ETS2 Version, but still I'm unable to launch TruckersMP. Can somebody suggest me on what else must I do? Thanks in Advance.
  17. I was wondering how i could appeal a discord ban? I looked around and could find nothing!
  18. Не могу синхронизировать груз, делаю все как на гайдах, все ровно не выходит.После загрузки сохранения должны появиться грузы по 500 часов, а у меня они просто обновляються, но перед этим вылазит такое окошко,прошу помогите! P.S: У друга такая-же проблема.
  19. There may be the possibility that playing multiplayer, and have bad connection to the internet the game is placed in slow motion for a few seconds?
  20. multiplayer girmek istedigimde e posta ve sifre hatası veriyor dogru girdigim halde
  21. NO se desde cuando pero aunque a todos en la empresa se les permite utilizar el comando /fix para reparar los daños a mi me salta un mensaje del sistema que dice: *Your vehicle has been fixed* por lo que no puedo reparar el camion o el trailer con el comando.. Saben como hacer para que pueda usarlo?
  22. I run the game and after play for 1-2 min, the graphics are come and goes consistently. Afterward loading screen opens again and loading. Finally I get crash.log error. I can't play. Please help..
  23. I need a video tutorial to register my World of Truck to help my friends. My friends need to register on the site. I do not remember helping them. I need your friends to help guide my friends...
  24. Will he come new trucks ? thank you in advance for your answers
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