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  1. This has happened for the fifth time in two days. I live in India and tried twice to connect to europe servers, kicked for high ping, but when I was in the server, my ping showed below 200. Same thing happened in Singapore server. In singapore server, my ping stayed around 140 and I was driving, when suddenly I got kicked from the server, saying my average ping was 800. My internet works fine. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  2. found the solution. Apparently I was dumb enough not to look closely! Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks a lot for the help! Cheers
  3. Where can i see the location of the server? You mentioned SGP simulation but i can't find the server location specified anywhere. I know that I might be sounding really dumb but I'm new to this and I am really fond of this game so... Can you help me finding the location of the server?
  4. I logged in to truckersmp for ets2 and started playing in simulation1 server, ended up getting kicked due to high ping. I looked for ways to change servers, and many said that there will be a dropdown at login screen below the password box. I looked but found nothing. Here's a screenshot of the login screen. Please help.
  5. Hey! I'm from Gujarat and just joined truckersmp! Cheers! add me @chaitanyabathia
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