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  1. Hi. So for the last few days, whenever I do a delivery in ETS2, the time remains say 0 mins. And when I get to the destination, I dont get any money. Im going bankrupt, and Im unsure how to fix this . Pls help.
  2. Thank you for follow me! welcome to my profile bro.

  3. Hey, @HeadlightsGaming Welcome to TruckersMP and TruckersMP forum! nice to see you among us, I hope you have fun  good night 🙂


    1. HeadlightsGaming


      Thanks for the welcome!

  4. Hi! Im a new player to ATS and ETS2. I mostly play ATS tho. Are modded trucks allowed? Cause the only truck I have is a International 9800 from the Steam workshop. Its beautiful though. My company is called Franale Trucking. HQ is located in Fresco, CA. Hopefully Im easy to get along with!

    1. Zysto


      Hey, you can't really use modded things in truckersmp. There are some exceptions but those are most of the time hard to do (especially for new people).

      If you're still interested you can always dm me :)

    2. HeadlightsGaming


      Yeah I found out about that. I had to go back to my first save to play on Multiplayer :(

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