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  1. When I play ETS2 in MP and driving IRL, I have an issue that I'm scared of who is behind me... in ETS2 when someone is very close to me I get the first rest stop and wait until he gone. Do you have this fear as well or I'm the only one?
  2. GiveYourPaw

    FMOD bugs

    So, I'm not the only one to hear some engines cut it off... well I wait
  3. Resolved by unistalling and delete VTC.World through C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64\plugins You can close it
  4. Windows 10 Directx 11 ok By the way, in the crash log there are Windows Version and DX version Tried now... doesnt work Already clean install but no way out
  5. Crash when game startup Pastebin crash.log: https://pastebin.com/FJ58nyP1 No errors when launching ETS2 in SP only with MP No errors on Validating Game Files Already tried to run on admin previleges Already fresh install TruckersMP Already fresh install ETS2 Already install Framework .NET Already tried to downgrade ETS2
  6. Yes... like you need to have the driver license type B if you want to drive the truck itself or less than 3.5 t but there is more to explain , if you have more than 3.5 t you need the type C, if you have more than 12 t you need type CE, if you want to drive a BUS you need to have the type D is like this: A = Motorcycle B = Cars and truck without trailers or light trailers C = Trucks with heavy trailers D = BUS
  7. It can be another good idea... but the staff decide...so when can nothing, we can't edit the mod only developers can do
  8. I think you guys, wanting the high speed like Assetto Corsa or Forza or any car speed game think, doesn't know the word "simulator". The game is suppose to be boredom... this is trucking following the road rules (most of it) and learn to have respect to the other person who driving on the road. But if you continue to say "I want speed" there can be a solution (if it possibile and if it's a good idea) we can make moderate road, like some road with the limit of 110km/h, some road with 90km/h, some road with 70km/h and finally the 60km/h in the city. Funny facts: In Italy, at the highway, if the truck and the cargo weigh less than 3.5 t you have the speed limit of 130km/h and over 3.5 t to 12 t speed limit of 100km/h soooo... yeah, it depends how much crazy is the country (like Italy)
  9. Tomorrow is work day... end me please 😫

  10. Happy Birthday Alex Happy Trucking :D

  11. wait? "#" is hashtag on internet or sharp in music? :\

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    2. deco13


      The ashtag comes from C# for computer teachers and cames from music for music teachers. The truth? It's a secret! Only the elect can know :P

  12. The sound of silence

  13. Wow, I recognize that I have 2 positive points (I'm so famous)

  14. Sol - Sol - Sol - Mib - Fa - Fa - Fa - Re

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