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  1. anyone else experiencing sound bugs? like the engine turning off and on horn sounds not working at times, indicator sounds, etc, its really annoying, needs fixing ASAP 

    1. Strad


      Yeah, the new FMOD implementation is seriously bugged. Horns wouldn't work in populated areas, engine sounds would turn on/off whenever someone's near you, cars would beep when reversing. There are some fixes in 1.38 and it's open to public in beta form right  now if you wanna try it out (SP only though). All we can do is to wait till the official release for 1.38 and when TMP supports it.

  2. servers just blew up

  3. why is the promods server dead? 

  4. the only thing you see in game chat is "rec" and "rec ban" its actually sad, people spend so much time saying "rec ban" then they do driving, its not called "rec ban" sim its called euro truck simulator for a reason, stop reporting people for the smallest mistakes. 

    1. Reaper


      It's actually been a while for me since I saw anyone legitimately trolling anymore. I cannot remember the last time I had someone deliberately ram me off the road in their little car, or things like that. There used to be people seemingly dedicated to this type of behavior, roaming around looking for people to mess with. Now I see people who misjudge corners sometimes or swing slightly wide through a turn, and instantly people around them are spamming "REC BAN" or "REC REPORT" etc etc. I wonder if half of them do actually submit these small reports. I imagine there're individuals on the servers who make it their mission simply to patrol around and submit reports, wonder how much "play time" they get through that. 


      It's no wonder the admins/moderator are absolutely swamped with reports all the time. I think reporting should be saved for those who are actively trying to ruin others fun, not people who roll over through a corner. 


  5. merry Christmas from Australia 

    got a new PC so now i can drive in Calais with no lag ;)

  6. today i was driving the c-d road and driving in Calais and the only thing you see in the chat is "rec  ban" that's it, everyone needs to chill with the "rec bans" and start recording real trolls with hacks or driving the wrong way and crashing into other players, so all i ask is to give people a break and if some one makes a little mistake don't ban them because they probably have a low spec PC or bad internet and please for the love of god stop saying "rec ban" in chat it drives me crazy, so please, only record trolls who go out of their way to ruin others day, and one more thing stop going around and recording everyone single player for making a mistake, its almost like people don't play the game to drive trucks and they only play it to ban people like honestly don't ruin someones Christmas morning with a ban for a tiny mistake, thank you and please drive like a normal person. 

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    2. casper._.
    3. casper._.


      yes, we should stop banning people who make mistakes because we are all human and at one point we will all make mistakes, and we should start just banning trolls and people who want to ruin others game 

  7. f7 glitch, dont f7 or your game will pause and you cant un pause 

    1. Titanic4


      One workaround is to use mouse control on Route Advisor to get into closest service area.

    2. casper._.


      i have tried that and it doesn't work 

  8. anyone got any information on when ETS will be updated? 

  9. anyone know when MP will be updated? kinda getting bored of driving around in low player servers :(

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Yes, I know!









  10. 3 million users? that's insane, bring on 4 million 

  11. g'day truckers

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      Have a nice weekend :) 


    happy birthday 

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