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  1. Before we have this im pretty sure that trucksmp have cut in their code alot of resources of graphism , so first they should take those restrictions away and then we would have better graphics , just play in SP or in convoy mode and you all will see better fps , better graphics and more performance.
  2. Using 12 shift original from Man , with all advanced features so like how it works irl.
  3. If u didnt , just add it then , make sure your profile isnt in cloud save.
  4. 12 as nobody in real life use 6 gears for most of the normal day jobs , 6 gears are very rare in europe and they are only for trucks that deliver stuff in cities and they dont carry much wheight.
  5. Both , they are little diferent from each other.
  6. Yeap and they can close trucksmp if they wanted to , however i think Scs mp ill bring alot features that trucksmp will never have , besides allowing to have 4500 guys in same server its the only thing that comes to my mind , the rest Scs mp have and will have more features.
  7. If so , then FINALLY , theres huge map to discover instead of staying at same road! Cumps
  8. Probably in a long term i will prefer SCS MP , less restrictions like the speed , maybe they will allow us to use mods where here we are with hands tied , also i love AI witch i doub that trucksmp will ever have it.
  9. I pick A like on real life you would try to minimize the accident
  10. Trucksmp can in fact benefit from this "There is currently support for synchronized AI traffic, time and weather, and the ability to take the same job as other players"
  11. More then 1500 kms for me its boring so i dont pass more than that
  12. I dont think they are really realistic at all , at least when u turn your extra lights on it should give you light like was almost day , (irl i have 15 hella comet 500 with 140w lamp) extra lights on my truck of service and i can guarantee you that when i turn them on at night , it looks day...)
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