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  1. Thats a good idea. Id like to see that as well but expanding on that id like to see more back roads maybe areas where you can only fit one truck and maybe a car but it would br a tight fit. If you were to meet a truck comming the other way one of you would have to reverse to the nearest pull in
  2. If you make TMP a PAID service you are not going to be stopping anything. If you want an example Star Citizen is a Space Role-playing MMO simulation game. This game costs anywhere from £23 to £15,000 depending on the package you buy. I Have seen people spend over £500 to get a Massive ship just to troll. If you made TMP a Paid Service via Monthly Subscription then its nor going to have any effect even if it was £30 a month trolls are still gonna pay for one month troll and then cancel
  3. I would like to be able to get out of my truck not everywhere just in cirtain areas in addition a needs system for example, Your driving down to motorway and you notice your hungry and you need to toilet so you notice a service Station so you pull in park your truck and get out and head into the Station to go to the toilet and grab a bite to eat. Then you can do an inspection on your truck making sure everthing is tied down and your trailer is hitched properly then you get back in your truck and drive away.
  4. I would quite like to see them put more detail into the UK as they are missing some of the greatest thing about driving in the uk which is those lovely B Roads. You would have to pull over or someone would have to pull over to let people by
  5. What is the next county you would like to see scs either expand or create? Me Personally i would like to see them expand on the Uk ad its a bit boring in Wales and i would like to see Ireland and Northern ireland If they Expanded wales they could insert Newport and St David's for example they could also create some country style roads to which in order to pass on you would have to either get on the grass verge or pull into a Pullover. This would create a extremly interesting gameplay options
  6. How do you meen allways on??? My headlights are not allways on unless you meen Daytime running lights but i dont think these would be usefull.
  7. I meen A Lot off light isnt a bad thing its when they dont dip them when other players are comming it blinds you a bit. A lot of light is good when on back roads
  8. I am just interested to see what peoples setups look like and what cool stuff people have on there desk! Heres mine!
  9. RAM97

    New gaming desktop

    Im going on the basis that you allready have the Monitors if so... this Build - https://fr.pcpartpicker.com/list/9Mt3jy will give you a Lot more storage instead of 500gb it will give you 3TB instead of the 1070 ti it will give you a 1080. Total for build €2014.56 Although i really do not know why you want or need a 6 core cpy
  10. RAM97

    Additional Rule

    Suggestion Name: Right of way rule Suggestion Description: i suggest that we have a new rule added that takes affect in cities. At the moment there is no system at Entrances like services. I propose that we should change this When you see someone waiting to come out of a area let them go then you go then the person behind you will let the next person go then they move on then repeat Any example images: none Why should it be added?: this would solve a huge ammount of problems of people trying yo push there way past people to get out and it would help with the flow of traffic it does IRL.
  11. Biggest Fault is there is no right of way rule when in crowded areas what should happen is you let someone in then go then the person behind you lets the next person in then this repeats in would get rid of so many problems
  12. RAM97

    Sliding Pedals

    For me evan if i played something under my pedals when some idiot pulls in front of me and i slam down the brake they still move so i invested in a stand i have the Gt Omega stand it allows you to allmost make a Cockpit for your self if like me you have a desk that wont allow you to mount a wheel and gear stick then this can also help you In essence the pedals screw onto a metal plate then you tighten the plate as hard as you can. I tested it by slamming on the brakes as if i was about to crash and it didnt evan move a mm same with the wheel if you want to check it out here https://www.gtomegaracing.com/wheel-stands
  13. RAM97

    steering wheel

    In reply ro what you ask go with the 270 it gives you more control If you want a suggestion on a wheel i use the G29 by Logitech and it is amazing just takes a bit to fiddle with Settings like Deadzones just like any new addition
  14. I7 6900k 4.6Ghz 2x 1080 8gb (16gb) 64Gb RAM 4x 4tb Samsung SSD 2x Western Digital 10tb HDD 4 Monitors 2x 1080p 2x 1080p widescreen monitor (Portrait mode) Accessories Logitech G29 steering wheel with shifter Steel Series Apex Mouth Razer Deathadder mouth Studio headphones with a name i cant spell TrackIR
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