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  1. RAM97

    Additional Rule

    Suggestion Name: Right of way rule Suggestion Description: i suggest that we have a new rule added that takes affect in cities. At the moment there is no system at Entrances like services. I propose that we should change this When you see someone waiting to come out of a area let them go then you go then the person behind you will let the next person go then they move on then repeat Any example images: none Why should it be added?: this would solve a huge ammount of problems of people trying yo push there way past people to get out and it would help with the flow of traffic it does IRL.
  2. I have tried to Reproduce this and cant seem to do the first thing that i would try in your case is to in fact Delete your Bin folder from your main ETS 2 directory then in your steam window right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and go to properties then click on Local Files followed by Verify Integrity of game files Hope this helps
  3. Is that not just a red Trailer???
  4. To Stop this issue id recommend getting a Controller like a Steering wheel then if you happen to forget to release your accelerator this glitch does not happen anymore
  5. Now i have this and i managed to Fix this issue my self if you have the same circumstances as me then this fix might work for you as well I Found that because my Profile was logged onto World of Trucks at the same time as using TruckersMP then once i finished a Job World of Trucks would try and Sync the data i found that if i logged out of World of Trucks then the issue stopped and i was no longer having any crashes Hope this helps
  6. I Thought all modding whilst in multiplayer was banned anyway??? So i guess my answer is i dont use any
  7. Suggestion Name: New Rank: Traffic Manager Suggestion Description: This Ranks is in charge of Managing Traffic Areas But in no way is higher than a Admin in fact its more of a helper. The Traffic Manager will be able to Help manage busy roads and help clear Congested areas by getting a flow to the traffic instead of people cutting in line or running lights etc... Any example images: I haven't got any Example Images but i can describe what sort of car they could have, they could use the Pilot car but everyone can get access to that and they cant use Police Cars because that an Admins car. I Think they Should have a Car That On the Front has TM and on back has TM. Then on the Top has some sort of Either Amber Light That Depending on if they are in the Uk or Eu flashes to the Direction to overtake. But you also have on the Back 2 Amber Lights. Also in the Window you could either have Traffic Manager Flashing or Slow or Caution or something along those lines Why should it be added?: I Think it will really Help with Congestion because the admins might not have the time to help with traffic as they have to keep an eye for rule breakers so, this ranks job will just be to manage those heavily Congested areas
  8. Got to Say after playing a couple of months with a steering wheel compared to a controller and/or keyboard I much prefer the Wheel it does add a more sence of realism to the game

  9. Avoid the A1 today it has very Heavy traffic on it guys!

    1. [TPH] Jernz

      [TPH] Jernz

      Thank you for the advisory.

  10. Playing TruckersMP looking for any jobs anyone want to give me a job?

  11. The new update where you can create a car with police officers how do you become a police officer in American Truck Sim MP?

    1. Beefy32659_YT


      You have to be an in-game administrator (IGA). You'll then be granted access to the police equipment in both games. If you're the standard player you'll be kicked and possibly banned from the game since you're not an administrator. :) 

    2. Wapsie


      Status locked. Don't ask for being IGA cause then you will never get it.

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