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  1. Well, The BVAR Trucking 3 Year Anniversary Convoy event page is up and running! 


    Want to join us for a drive? check out the event page below:




    We hope to see you there!

  2. Another birthday in LockDown, atleast I have the C-D Road to keep me entertained 😁

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    2. povgamer


      Happy Birthday!

    3. Mr Thornton

      Mr Thornton

      @MixedUpI'm guessing you'll be on Promods I take it. Please let me know what time you thinking because I have tmp staff duties later on today from 13:00 - 16:00 🙂

  3. Anyone fancy save editing my truck? i can not get my head around this whole thing..
  4. Hello, Question, Is this going to make it so that any events listed on the ETS2C Site will have to make a TMP Event post to get an approved server? Or will the events currently listed on the ETS2C Site still be eligible for a server?
  5. hey @Mr Thornton Thank you for the follow! 

    1. Mr Thornton

      Mr Thornton

      No problem at all bud

  6. Hello! 

    I am curious as to what peoples opinion is on the 1.39 update, in particular the Calais Remodel. Anyone else think the No Collision Zone in the port should be extended?



    1. Nizam I ibizz  (27)

      Nizam I ibizz (27)


    2. Stormraider-_-


      i honestly don't like what they did to the main road because it's just made  traffic worse i do like that they got rid of the round a bout and replaced it with freeway on ramps and off ramps 

    3. Nizam I ibizz  (27)
  7. Thanks for follow 🎉

    1. MixedUp


      No problem! Noot-Noot

  8. Be The Best Be Pingo
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