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  1. Happy birthday mate have a good day :D 

  2. Gratulacje :D

    1. WarMaz


      Dzięki wielkie!

  3. Zapraszam dziś na live live z konwoju przyjaźni na kanale firmy RISA youtube dzis stream będzie prowadzony przez moją osobę :D zapraszam:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCVzuWveC42mzF2x4Scp0jQ?view_as=subscriber



    Oraz zapraszam tez do mnie na kanał :) https://www.twitch.tv/misiekpl212


    1. Ziemniuś


      Do zobaczenia :) 

    2. wwwkacper8


      Widzimy się ;) :D 

  4. Gratuluje awansu oraz aby wszystko wypaliło
  5. ScreenShot z dzisiejszego konwoju : ) 








    Oraz Fotka z Moderatorem @WarMaz




  6. Wszystkiego najlepszego ziemniak :) 

  7. Happy Birthday mate :) have a good one :) 

  8. You can send a feedback ticket but it wont be so quickly with the response as there is a lot of tickets of feedback so they all get checked individually but yes you can send a feedback about anyone in the team because its either a good feedback or bad one but you have the full right to send your opinion about a team member
  9. what id try to do is reinstall your graphics drivers then try that if that doesnt work go and remove evry single ets2 and truckersmp file and reinstall
  10. @Soul Knight i dont know if you read the top bit i told him what you ssaid i was once a support and i did know how to reply but i am asking because those things didnt work im waiting for someone who has had the same problem and not just people repeating themselves
  11. @[E-T CEO] Flying Cat @AdaBey we already have tried them things and it doesnt work i told him to do the things that i told others to do when i was a support but like i said those things didnt work : )
  12. @Adelina unfortunately it did not work but thanks for your answer
  13. And before anyone says change to change to no version or betas or somthing been there done that doesnt work reinstalling the launcher doesnt work ive tried to help him as an old support member but had no clue so im am now just waiting for you guys to tell me because ive tried all i can think of before anything thanks and kind regards for your answers what is the formula for alum
  14. but do you need the mod to play ? and when are the servers going to be working ?
  15. Ładna reklama powodzenia oraz szerokości Od firmy MDM Logistic
  16. Congrats good luck in new position :)

    1. Kap.


      Thanks! :D 

  17. Firma MDM Logistic Potwierdza obecność w konwoju do zobaczenia ! Pozdrawiam Misiek
  18. Wszystkiego najlepszego :) 

  19. The only thing that would make it better is to be able to change button to speak
  20. Happy birthday noxii :)

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