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  1. Suggestion Name: VTC Verification Suggestion Description: My suggestion is about the way VTC verification works. Maybe instead of having 50 drivers to get the verification going maybe it would be nicer/better to change it to 35/40 that might help more VTCs get verified and in some countries it will give more VTCs a chance for verification, and more people would be interested into joing different VTCs when they are verified. I know there is VTC validation but maybe make it will make a difference to the way people look at VTCs Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Above ^^
  2. Have a good weekend everyone 😀



  3. Gratuluje nowej pozycji :D

    1. [C-S] Shadii.

      [C-S] Shadii.

      Dziękuję Ci bardzo serdecznie ❤️ @Misiek 0_o

  4. Have a nice day :D 



  5. Happy trucking have a nice weekend :D



  6. Zapraszam na stream z traski firmowej :D I would like to invite you to my stream ! https://www.twitch.tv/misiekpl212




  7. Have a great weekend :D Happy trucking !



    1. J a n e k
    2. JuanK.


      Beautiful photo bro 👌.

    3. Misiek 0_o
  8. Merry Christmas :D Wesołych świąt bożego narodzenia ❤️ Szczęśliwego nowego roku ! Happy New year ! 

  9. Happy birthday mate have a good day :D 

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