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  1. Suggestion Name: VTC Verification Suggestion Description: My suggestion is about the way VTC verification works. Maybe instead of having 50 drivers to get the verification going maybe it would be nicer/better to change it to 35/40 that might help more VTCs get verified and in some countries it will give more VTCs a chance for verification, and more people would be interested into joing different VTCs when they are verified. I know there is VTC validation but maybe make it will make a difference to the way people look at VTCs Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Above ^^
  2. Have a good weekend everyone 😀



    1. sDev (REC)(G27)

      sDev (REC)(G27)

      Beautiful photo! 💗

  3. Gratuluje nowej pozycji :D

    1. [C-S] Shadii.

      [C-S] Shadii.

      Dziękuję Ci bardzo serdecznie ❤️ @Misiek 0_o

  4. Have a nice day :D 



  5. Happy trucking have a nice weekend :D



  6. Zapraszam na stream z traski firmowej :D I would like to invite you to my stream ! https://www.twitch.tv/misiekpl212




  7. Have a great weekend :D Happy trucking !



    1. J a n e k
    2. JuanK.


      Beautiful photo bro 👌.

    3. Misiek 0_o
  8. Merry Christmas :D Wesołych świąt bożego narodzenia ❤️ Szczęśliwego nowego roku ! Happy New year ! 

  9. Happy birthday mate have a good day :D 

  10. Gratulacje :D

    1. WarMaz


      Dzięki wielkie!

  11. Zapraszam dziś na live live z konwoju przyjaźni na kanale firmy RISA youtube dzis stream będzie prowadzony przez moją osobę :D zapraszam:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCVzuWveC42mzF2x4Scp0jQ?view_as=subscriber



    Oraz zapraszam tez do mnie na kanał :) https://www.twitch.tv/misiekpl212


    1. Ziemniuś


      Do zobaczenia :) 

    2. wwwkacper8


      Widzimy się ;) :D 

  12. Gratuluje awansu oraz aby wszystko wypaliło
  13. ScreenShot z dzisiejszego konwoju : ) 








    Oraz Fotka z Moderatorem @WarMaz




  14. Wszystkiego najlepszego ziemniak :) 

  15. Happy Birthday mate :) have a good one :) 

  16. You can send a feedback ticket but it wont be so quickly with the response as there is a lot of tickets of feedback so they all get checked individually but yes you can send a feedback about anyone in the team because its either a good feedback or bad one but you have the full right to send your opinion about a team member
  17. what id try to do is reinstall your graphics drivers then try that if that doesnt work go and remove evry single ets2 and truckersmp file and reinstall
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