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  1. WarMaz

    Cloud Gaming

    I have never tried it, but I cannot imagine playing a game optimised for a bigger screen on my 5" screen. There are too many things that may be missed, cannot imagine playing CS:Go on my mobile for example, details would be just not enogh visible. Adding to that, I am not happy with the way steam in-home streaming works, had issues with latency and losing quality even though I have a 25mbps connection, so I don't think the Vortex thing will work way better however I would like to be surprised.
  2. Alcatel One Touch sounds like a new phone to me, surpised they had such names back then. My first phone was a Nokia 55-something, cannot remember that anymore, now I'm having a Lenovo K6, I would be happy with it but after having it for two years, the bad workmanship appears as a problem, the phone is easy to bend and the glass is cracking once you hit it just a little bit harder...
  3. WarMaz

    What's your favorite operating system?

    I have started using Windows with Windows XP, used every Windows from Windows 95 until Windows 10. Had the possibility to use Puppy Linux, would like to test the full Linux however I don't have any device to do so.
  4. WarMaz

    Game "If I were..."

    If I were a car, I would drive on the CD road. Trashcan
  5. WarMaz

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for driving a Mustang.
  6. WarMaz

    ETS2 & ATS - Dyskusja

    Mozę i są dumni z starszych ciężarówek ale jaka to dla producentów reklama? Ze kiedyś takie coś produkowali? Reklama dźwignią handlu, marketing i te sprawy. To i maja prawo się nie zgodzi bo model słabej jakości bo stawia ich w złym świetle. To jest moim zdaniem główny argument wielu producentów.
  7. WarMaz

    Winter mod is now available!

    @Brandon8506 feel free to report such situation to the upper staff using the Feedback system at truckersmp.com/feedback
  8. WarMaz

    ETS2 & ATS - Dyskusja

    Nie sądzę aby było warto ciągle wspierać Windows XP, mimo iż jest to dobry system operacyjny, ponieważ już nie jest wspierany przez Windows przez co jest również niebezpieczny dla użytkowników. Windows XP w tym roku kończy 18te urodziny, taki system operacyjny powinien już dawno odejść do lamusa.
  9. WarMaz

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for thinking he really is sceptical. [I am good at banning so beware ]
  10. WarMaz

    A rule that much people don't know

    One always needs to keep in mind, that he is allowed to break rules as long as he prevents something bad to happen. Like for example if you see someone speeding onto a crossing and you are supposed to have the right of way, just be so kind and don't enter the crossing. I am not talking of it being mandatory, no, it would be just kind if you see somebody.
  11. WarMaz

    A rule that much people don't know

    I have no problem with running red lights in general. However I have a problem with people running red lights causing dangerous situations. We can't exactly compare that with disrespecting the road signs. Usually, you can't cause a dangerous situation when there is nobody to give way. The problem starts as soon as there are other players. Almost every human being works the same, basically: "Oh, the guy in front of me has broken the rules, this means I can do it too!" This is what I consider as the biggest problem with the road signs, but especially with that one junction.
  12. WarMaz

    Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

    Since nobody still has answered that. It's a SCS sided fault since SCS intends to use the double trailers only in Scandinavia. You can't pick up a double trailer besides Scandinavia either.
  13. WarMaz

    Trade Connection Germany event.

    I can't imagine they would stop the event before the goal is achived though. Nevertheless, the removing of the 300km minimum for the general event isn't that bad, still don't think this will speed it up a lot.