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  1. I'll be back...

  2. New upgrade on my motorcycle: Digital Speedometer/Tachometer w/ Gear n' Fuel Indicator. :P



  3. Motorcycle update: New headlight :wub:


  4. Bikers Meeting :wub:




    1. Prototype


      Noice! Location?


    2. stilldre1976


      great turnout B)

    3. DiegoLBC1


      @PrototypeGR: Event in São Paulo - Brazil. I'm going today again :P

  5. Groove B-) 


  6. Shooting practice, at 20 meters



  7. Chris Cornell, lead singer of Audioslave and Soundgarden, dies at 52.

    RIP Cornel :-/

    1. stilldre1976


       am gutted too matey been listening to him since temple of the dog :(

  8. I like the new username system of TruckersMP. I agree:

    "We transferred these names because this way people have no excuse using forbidden names, we also have a tag system. You can use VTC names or similar in that. (Rekoil)"

    "It is much more easier for us to deal with "Change name and make a ban appeal", we will no longer have the excuse of "I use this name for CSGO (El1teZombie)"


    "Should also think that you can not make a server to everyone's liking. That is to say: Not everyone agrees with ideas that are developed because it is impossible, not everyone thinks the same.(Lorenah)"


    I believe that creating topics by asking, complaining or suggesting change of the actual system will have no effect.

    1. Prototype


      But here we are, no matter what, topics will not stop (as usual)....Even the QQing at status updates were unreal today about this matter.

  9. Someone is deleting my posts in the Help section, even my answers are correct ¬¬'

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Penguin


      Yeah I'd agree actually. I've had another look and although the answers are close, the guides aren't the same. So I've unhidden your post. Sorry for the Inconvenience.

    3. DiegoLBC1


      Thanks, mate, I'm very grateful.

    4. Penguin


      No problem :) 

  10. Why people don't use the search tool? Why do they insist on suggesting new cars after so many equally rejected suggestions ??

    1. sebnichols


      Because they are lazy and cba to search

  11. My motorcycle :wub:


    1. derpatrick9


      I love the bags and the tires c:

      Nice bike ^^

    2. DiegoLBC1


      Thanks, brother :D

  12. Yeah!!  Translation En > Pt/Br  complete, but need a approval.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DiegoLBC1


      Yeah, unfortunately :-/


    3. Prototype


      Make sure you keep this as status update because you might get a warning point if you post it on forums..

    4. DiegoLBC1


      Yeah, I know. I'm not asking for immediate approval, just mentioned that the translation is complete today (Before it was 80%) :-)

  13. New update after the lastest version released (already updated)?


    1. Samiz [FIN]
    2. DiegoLBC1


      Thanks, mate.

    3. Samiz [FIN]

      Samiz [FIN]

      Ah, if I remember right that ETS21.27.1.2/ATS was maybe these small updates :) 

  14. This is funny. Some people have been inactive since 2016, but miraculously reappear when they open up a recruitment for support/moderation... I'm just watching...

  15. At last I received my driver license in real life :-D


    1. gwait


      Time to get off the road then :P

    2. DiegoLBC1
  16. @Lpmitkev201617 It's working for me :D
    @elot360PL Thanks for your suggestion :D




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sven67


      Very nice to enjoy :)

    3. DiegoLBC1


      @Sven67 Thanks, mate. Trailer without job ^_^

    4. Sven67


      I know and I have used before this program I had no job

  17. You help a person when has only 0.7 hours of play, your answer is erased, and they keeps a answer given after 1.5 hours of play... ¬¬

    1. Mirrland


      I know how it feels, my answers to questions commonly don't get 'approved' for no reason whatsoever. 

  18. Updated now. But...


    1. DiegoLBC1
    2. Mirko9


      Set on steam NONE-Opt out of all beta programs version.Later run 64bit ets2 on steam,than start MP.

    3. DiegoLBC1


      Yeah, I know, but isn't the 1.27 version yet. This is weird.

  19. Servers off?

    1. Sven67


      All servers work

    2. LordBenji


      They are fine according to live status.

    3. DiegoLBC1


      Launcher error. Working now. Thanks guys.

  20. Better mod to ETS2 SP :-P


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DiegoLBC1
    3. _Pingu_


      Now which one is longer, and which one has better handling 

    4. DiegoLBC1


      Peterbilt: longer, heavier and slower, precise handling. MAN has a "better handling", but less stability in higher speed, therefore, losing control is very easy.


      Anyway, the MAN truck has a 4x2 chassis, versus a 6x4 of Peterbilt.

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