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  1. Good morning friends, I hope you have an excellent start to the week:wub::wub:

  2. if it is allowed because they are pieces that do not create conflicts, it is also not creating hitboxes that affect other drivers I also add that I asked the same question to a TMP staff member and he told me if it is allowed. Greetings and I hope my answer will help you.
  3. good morning TMP friends have a great Friday and a good start to the weekend:wub:

  4. Today we are anniversary, 2 years of being part of TMP



  5. Good afternoon TMP I hope you have an excellent week and have a good start at the same time, greetings from Costa Rica.:wub::wow::tmp:

    1. courtz49


      you too Jose :D 

    2. twitch.tv/josemurillo94
  6. exacto yo tambien lo estoy usando soy de Costa Rica y pues me gustan esos tipos de mapas
  7. que mapa creen mejor el de promods o el de México extremo y por qué?
  8. good afternoon TMP friends:D

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    2. twitch.tv/josemurillo94


      I hope you have an excellent Sunday friend

    3. Cloofter


      yes. how are you?

    4. twitch.tv/josemurillo94


      Excellent for this reason I am doing some work to then go driving on Mexican or American roads I still have not decided haha:wow::tmp:

  9. good morning to all of the European side for me even at night 01:15 am:wub:

    1. XFMaster9666


      Morning :) 

    2. twitch.tv/josemurillo94


      have a nice weekend bud

  10. happy birthday to the best developer enjoy it :wub:

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