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  1. Congratulations!

  2. Honestly, yes. Even more if you have a friend to play with on TMP. It's fun to drive along with a friend, but also with strangers you would encounter during your journey!
  3. No specific music! I just like to start YouTube Music's Supermix, and let it choose for me. But I have a preference for chill music.
  4. Because it's a relaxing way to enjoy driving and to practice the driving rules!
  5. I always use them. Even when no one's around, it's always great to have the habit of using them!
  6. Happy birthday to you!?

  7. Thank you for the follow! :HaulieLove:

  8. Thank you for the follow! :HaulieLove:

    1. BRdragon


      You're welcome xD

  9. Most of the players that play ETS2/ATS probably have a driving license in real life. So let's say you've been playing the game for hours and then decide to shut the computer down to go to the market using your car. After such a long time of driving in a game, do you feel any different when driving in real life? When you happen to speed in-game, do you sometimes see yourself speeding in real life as well? If you happen to be ignoring all "STOP" signs in-game when there's no player around, do you do it in real life when no one is around as well because of that, as an habit? I'll be doing my driving learning soon, and since I'm playing a lot of ETS2 recently, I am a bit worried if it could alter my real life learning, since a truck is very different from a car in so much aspects, and respecting the speed limitations in-game is very difficult because almost everybody doesn't respect them so you end up being honked a lot.
  10. Thanks for the follow!

  11. Let's hope the number of players will continue to increase! It'd be boring to always drive without even seeing a single player.
  12. Don't know you much but I've seen your name a lot. Take care and good luck with the future!

    1. Raymond_


      how can you not know who he is? ?

    2. Amauryeen


      Not been around for a while, so I forgot who is who. But yeah I do know he's been around for a long time

  13. Happy Birthday! ?

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