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  1. [SCS Blog] Revisiting Germany

    This will be awsome. Good SCS work. I'll be looking forward to this day.
  2. Hey @Zelcrum  congratulations. Happy Birthday


    1. Zelcrum


      Thank you :):) 

  3. Picture of the Month: May

    https://imgur.com/4osDYuA https://imgur.com/kChmvlo
  4. Ewent

    Obecnie tej "skóry" nie można używać na ciężarówce. prawdopodobnie będziesz mógł z nich korzystać wkrótce w ETS2MP.
  5. What should SCS do next?

    Your opinion is very good. I once thought of the idea of the truck being "dirty" during the trip. This idea would lead SCS to start working on this project very soon. At this moment, I only have to wait for what is to come.
  6. Excelente comboio.

    Aniversário de 5 anos da FBTC




  7. So what are the new random events?

    So far I've only seen a car accident on the shoulder of the lane, construction sites on the road and a car being stopped by the police. It would be great if random events were synchronized. I do not know if it is necessary to add more random events.
  8. Oh yes.

    TruckersMP 1.31:D

  9. Forum Game / Fun - One Fact About You!

    I love simulation games.
  10. Hello people If you were a member of the event team. What would be the event you would do for ATSMP or ETS2MP? Comment below, I would like to know your ideas. (This topic is just a sharing of ideas that might be interesting for team members to think about.) By: FBTC Raphael-BR
  11. Which steering wheel do you use?

    l use Driving Force GT - Logitech.