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  1. How to delete my attachment?

    Hello, Pinguim I also want to clear the attachment from my account. Can you do me this favor? Thank you.
  2. NEW TRAILER KRONE/ Nuevo Tráilers Krone

    I'm looking forward to playing with her. It seems very nice.
  3. Welcome to my channel - YouTube : BR-Raphael

  4. Como excluir MEUS ANEXOS ?

    Alguém pode me ajudar ? Será que é melhor criar um tópico em inglês para isso ?
  5. Meet Up - UK

    looks cool. Do you plan to organize a train or a meeting to stay in a specific place? It would be nice if there was a meeting with a truck and without a trailer in a designated area with large parking space. Thus, you would determine a waiting time and would travel to another city as a parade. To take prints and record a video.
  6. Como excluir MEUS ANEXOS ?

    Olá, alguém sabe como é possível excluir como imagens anexadas lá "MEUS ANEXOS" "? Agradeço a ajuda de todos. ! FBTC Raphael BR!
  7. ETS2 Films/Media work

    Video excellent. Very good editing done. I also know how to do edits like this, I just have not had time to create one yet like this editing format.
  8. One of my first online driving in the game called me to join a VTC and over the years I have participated in trains of other groups that do not make trains currently. At that moment I'm part of the FBTC group. It is a virtual company of the best that I have been comparing with the previous ones. My friends that I have in steam today are all known during many trips on ETS2MP.
  9. Problema ETS2MP

    Este un conflict cu unele MOD pe care le utilizați. Asigurați-vă că nu utilizați MOD incompatibil cu TruckerMP. Dacă nu utilizați un MOD, faceți dublu clic pe savegame din partea de sus a listei și încercați să confirmați ignorarea problemei. Dacă v-ați rezolvat, trimiteți-ne feedbackul dvs.
  10. Time Tolerance in Office Service

    Hi guys, Imagine in situations where you are hit by cars or trucks and you fall or fall on "A wall, railway guard or metal guard". Imagine also when you notice an accident ahead and wait for the player who is down and prevents the passage of some part of the highway from moving forward until leaving the place. I want to know your opinion about time tolerance when selecting office service (F7 Enter). Before opting to report by road block and such. How much time? 10 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds or more...
  11. Hello, has anyone got stuck in the gate of the train line?:lol:

    Olá, alguem ja ficou preso na cancela da linha de trem?:lol:



    1. FBTC Raphael-BR

      FBTC Raphael-BR

      Isto não deveria ter acontecido ...:angry::)

    2. Mike Dragon
    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      xD. Its amazing :P

  12. Latest news. Route blocked in Calais, server I # 2.
    # Appears.admin






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    2. FBTC Raphael-BR
    3. [R.W.M] RedWolfTV

      [R.W.M] RedWolfTV

      Yes is it true :)

    4. FBTC Raphael-BR

      FBTC Raphael-BR

      Many people stay there for a long time. And I ? I leave there and go to another city.

  13. I use a steering wheel and a keyboard
  14. Quando eu estou pronto para engatar o reboque ... acontece esse BUG.