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  1. A few months have passed, and to this day I had hoped that the new online mode of play would be released later this year. I hope that next year there will be news about the new project.:thinking:


    New Game Mode


    1. BlackSkill


      From the last Q&A stream we got some information that they're still working on it as there's lots of work to do, as I know that won't be just a server with AI, unsupported DLC's which need AI will be supported so that will be great and they'll also need to update in-game rules, so all this just needs lots of time.

      We need to remember that they have to work on other things too, so I hope they'll release it until the end of next year.

  2. FBTC DAF - Raaphael

    Christmas Convoy 2018

    That's great. I'm excited to go. However, I will not be able to participate in all convoy. I just have to thank the team for creating and organizing this mega event.
  3. FBTC DAF - Raaphael

    Truckers.FM Big Christmas Giveaway!

    Thanks SCS for creating this amazing offer. And good luck to everyone
  4. Happy Birthday ! Have a great day. :)

  5. I would like to add a truck with a bau, add new trucks, add different weather stations, add new tunnigs to the other existing trucks in the game.
  6. Happy Birthday ! :)

    1. GoknOz


      Thank you.. :) 

  7. Happy Birthday ! :)

    1. Darwen


      Thank you :3

  8. FBTC DAF - Raaphael

    I forgot to fill the fuel tank. Oh no.

    Hello truckers. Did you forget to stock the truck for lack of distraction, or do you think a little fuel would be enough to get to the destination on time? Let us know if you went through this situation, and had to go to the office service (F7). Can be CAR as for TRUCK. Oh no, the fuel is running out. And now? What should I do? F7 ENTER / go to the nearest post as fast as possible.
  9. FBTC DAF - Raaphael

    should the ford truck come to play?

    I do not think that would be a bad idea. Would be great. But I think it is very difficult and this would take a long time to be authorized by the brand company. Taking advantage of the subject. I wanted to see a volkswagen truck because the company belongs to the group SCANIA, SKODA and others. It would be nice to have this truck to drive in the game. Who accompanies the launches of the new trucks. There are many new trucks coming in, like the new IVECO. In addition to other trucks launched long ago, such as the new MAN Euro SIX truck ..
  10. FBTC DAF - Raaphael

    About the Cars

    Cars are in the game for a reason for a certain purpose, but there are players who use it abusively and incorrectly. This is because there are people who do not understand or ignore traffic rules. Repeating the above answers. The cars have been on ETS2 and ATS for a long time. I recommend you start recording your gameplay in the game. This can be useful for reporting players on the site (truckersmp).
  11. FBTC DAF - Raaphael

    [SCS Blog] Baltic Ports

    I'm looking forward to it.
  12. FBTC DAF - Raaphael

    TruckersMP stream calendar

    It seems to be very useful. Very good. Thank you.