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  1. Hi. U need to enable it and connect it to the truck in singleplayer. Then go in Multiplayer. U cant activate the mod in MP. Only SP then go in MP
  2. Dobrota93


    Try this: The solution is stupid simple and its basicly to run MSI Afterburner in the background with its RivaTunerStatisticsServer in the background. Part of the reason why I think this works is because in the 64-bit version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 struggles to follow the renderResolution (mine set at 5760x1080), and just shows the standard 1920x1080 instead, which is why the game was stuck on my left screen.. It couldnt stretch over the rest of the screens.. What I think is happening now is that thee onscreen software (RivaTuner) helps the game fully take advantage of the renderResolution that the game is supposed to run at, and because of that it functions flawlessly
  3. Do you have this issue in MP only or in singleplayer too? Try running the game using both DirectX and OpenGL
  4. Dobrota93

    Game Crashes

    Wrong section. This should be posted in "Help" section. However have you tried reinstalling truckersmp?
  5. Bu bir bağlantı problemidir. Bağlantınızı test ettiniz mi? Her şeyin internet bağlantısı ile tamam olduğundan emin misiniz?
  6. Dobrota93

    Virtual Speditor

    its just a different format, that can be decrypted by tools/programs
  7. Multyplayer time is synced to the servers so the time keeps going even if u dont play. Thats why ur drivers keep earning money even if u dont play
  8. "Shake your money simulator 2016"
  9. Idk why but since i was a kid and saw this in terminator movie i loved it. Ehehe never saw one in real life but for me it looks sick. A big Cube truck lol
  10. have you tried disabling antivirus? maybe it causes some problem
  11. At the moment you can't rebind any MP keys, you're stuck with what is already bound to. Maybe in the future they will add the possibility to change binding
  12. Connection refused. u r using invalid client! wtf i ve just downloaded the update....

    1. FirestarteR93


      New update has been released

    2. Mirko9


      Error on EU1 ,try other servers..

    3. Dobrota93
  13. Why 80% of players dont use mirrors while overtaking.... When u r overtaking u need to know tht the truck is long nearly 13 meters!!!!! U cant go back in the lane when u pass me only with ur cabin.....  Got hit by a lot of ppl in the last days.... They think they r driving a car..

    1. _Pingu_


      @Dobrota93 record it report it and dont support it, i use my mini map when overtaking just to make sure no one is coming the other way and when ive finished overtaking and am  ready to get back on the right side of the road its nice if the person you are overtaking gives you a little flash to let you know its safe for you to move back in


  14. There was ets2sync.com but in the last days the site is down
  15. Gift Trailer. Enjoy!!! 

    LINK: https://www.sendspace.com/file/t5bw9v


    1. Mirko9


      This truck is crazy :D 

    2. Dobrota93


      @Mirko9 thanks

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