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  1. like all good thing come in time mate ,there working on it
  2. are you still having these issues or has it been corrected ?
  3. yes has popped up before ,ied end task that proscess in task manager and ied even give my computer,laptop ect a reboot and refresh it (rebooting a computer is like ingraving in stone) refreshes every thing
  4. hello yes after you reg. with truckers mp go into the game single player and play for 2 hours and even push it an extra 15 mins to be sure then go to mp
  5. - What is the error? - Since when this error occurs? - Where does the error occur? In order to help you, you must give more information about your problem
  6. ok did u add anything to the sim if not then ied try opening steam right click ATS select properties then select Local Files Tab And Pick the option Verify Game Intergrity ,hope this works
  7. Oh Yes Mp Updated ,It Just gets Better And Better Nice Work Folks
  8. hi clarkinator hows it going

    1. heyhococo


      He's asleep... Let him rest. :)

    2. POT CEO Perseus

      POT CEO Perseus

      oh cool every one needs a break ty 

  9. Started Playing ETS2 Years Ago now ATS From the Beginning ,never got into the beta but now on Public Beta Love Messing with different mods and trying to help others ty for all the gr8 gaming and hope to move up the ranks
  10. Loving the topics ,game is inproving ,ty all for your hard work

  11. Feeling the need to turn the wheels 

  12. Love the CB work perfect when needed other then the young people with bad mouths it 5X5
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