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  1. you def. totally missed the whole post. please reread it. Thanks for the help @Granite
  2. I am cruising thru the desert and it is 98 degrees outside in game and yet snow falls from the sky. How is this possible? At least tell me how to shut the dang crap off cause if i wanted the snow mod i would have installed it.
  3. lol I doubt it, they say they don't get paid, but have a ton of ads on there page. I feel there not updating ats cuz they want more ppl playing ets2, I have never had to waith this long for them to fix the launcher, Rhe new dlc came out for ets2 and they were right on that.
  4. yes it has @-XCE- Thanks
  5. Yes there is less people playing azts and I also wish it was a lot more. But if truckersmp was more consistent on keeping the mod up to date for ats , then I think that there would be a slight increase in the number of players. Twitch streamers also help to get more players on the game too, I have watched a few streamers and they wished the mod worked for ats since that's what they enjoy over ets2. I personally been playing ats since it came out and been playing multiplayer since it was released for ats. I just wish the ats community had more consistent players. I really enjoy everyone's
  6. well since they are taking there time to fix the problem, ppl who play ats go to play ets2 so they don't have to roll there game back


    Why is when ets2 gets updated the mp is fixed right away, but then the ppl that play ats have to wait a long time for mp to get updated . This is a bit frustrating. They know its broke whats the hold up?
  8. I am opted out of all betas and also have reinstalled American truck and truckersmp launcher and still get the same issue
  9. Ok so I just updated the launcher to play atsmp and still says unsupported game type. I have launched ets2 and it works fine.
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