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  1. Auto Kick Cars

    Solutions to your problem: 1. Go to EU #1 or EU #3 - it is quieter and cars are banned in those servers. 2. Record using video software and Report them via TruckersMP website. 3. Don't get mad with the trolls as you are basically feeding them.
  2. Players ID numbers sorted ascending

    Yeah but even if the list is in order of distance, then how do people even search for a particular person if it's in a busy area? There could be thousands near u e.g. Rotterdam
  3. Suggestion Name: Players ID numbers sorted ascending Suggestion Description: At the moment, it takes ages to search for the player's ID number and by the time you search for the ID number, the rulebreaker would have already F7+Entered and has gone on to another area of the map. Any example images: Nope, sorry. Why should it be added?: By sorting the list in ascending order, it allows us, players, to look for the player's ID number much quicker than scrolling through the entire list for that one person. This can be very handy especially when in busy areas.
  4. Kat_pw CCTV Down lol. maybe too much traffic

  5. Would You Rather

    Tequila Gin or Tonic?
  6. Smart GPS

    I also agree that someone has been deleted comments since I posted at 14:40 today. Still, +1 to this amazing idea!
  7. Players could add Hazard triangle on the minimap?

    No they won't since admins will be watching who is putting up the hazard symbols. If there is too many, the admins will react and see who has placed the hazard symbols and ban them. So instead of looking at the in-game reports, they can immediately look at where the hazard symbols are placed on the map.
  8. Players could add Hazard triangle on the minimap?

    I agree with u on that. One single triangle = 1 player for a limited time.
  9. Players could add Hazard triangle on the minimap?

    Or maybe a triangle on a particular road. Maybe you can also divide the world map into sectors so like there can only be one triangle in one sector. So like the admins can see which sector of the world map is in trouble. This will also make sure that one triangle is only placed in one sector. OR is this too complicated?
  10. Players could add Hazard triangle on the minimap?

    That's true, everything has its ups and down. Unless if everyone can see it at the same time with the admins. Like then the admins would see where the accident is (the location) which would be a lot easier than reporting people since the admins receive like 3000-4000 reports a day.
  11. Players could add Hazard triangle on the minimap?

    I think its a gd idea to put that bec people keep coming round corners too fast and then smashing into the back of our trailers when they didn't realise that there is a accident ahead.
  12. Is there a game hotfix today? because when I was playing, it said I had been disconnected and when I reconnected back online, EU #1 and #2 servers were "OFFLINE".

    1. SgtBreadStick
    2. SgtBreadStick


      eu 3 will be full probably