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  1. Allow fatigue simulation

    Read the previous posts.
  2. The snow is getting heavier and heavier outside...imagine the chaos in-game if that happened. 

    1. Joao Rodrigues

      Joao Rodrigues

      << Snow mod not installed. :D

  3. Do you drive without GPS?

    Driving without the GPS sets yourself a challenge and encourages realism and simulation in-game. It also gives me something to do such as looking at road signs and the scenery.
  4. LED lights

    More LEDs = More lag and FPS drops. By the way, why do u want to know whether an admin is undercover or not? It's not like u have done anything wrong, besides, those who are afraid of admins banning them are the ones that often break the rules.
  5. Adding a non-collision zone for the parking on Bergen - Oslo Road

    Grow up. Look outside. You don't see non-collision zones in real life do you? You have the right to go wherever you like, but you should have understood the risks of going to busy areas.
  6. Limit the Heavy cargos and Doubles trailers to EU1

    Horrible, absolutely horrible idea. Those of us who go on EU#1 want to have a smooth drive whilst getting cargo safely to their destinations. We don't want more trolls and idiots coming over when all they want to do is just speed around causing more chaos and collisions. We want to enjoy the scenery whilst driving on the motorway/side roads. I would rather have ghost towns than people who cannot even follow traffic laws properly. Just because EU#1 has less people than EU#2 doesn't mean that you should transfer the cargo restrictions to another server in order to get more people on EU#1. All you are doing is not solving the problem, but causing the problem to be transferred somewhere else where other players don't want to it to happen. I went to EU#1 because players actually knew how to behave properly and watch out for others instead of just caring themselves like this is some kind of racing game where there is a prize for being 1st. If this suggestion actually was implemented, players who enjoy real fatigue simulation will probably have nowhere else to go and probably leave MP since they don't want to deal with the trolls or idiots. I would rather enjoy SP than dealing with more idiots who only care about themselves and their infinite money.
  7. I'm neutral on this suggestion: Yes, it may prevent some people from receiving eye strain from all those bright lights and could potentially increase FPS in certain areas. But, it may be quite difficult to implement this suggestion, depending on what the moderators think. We do not need an auto kick for high beams by the way. It is incredibly hard to notice other oncoming players when driving at night with winter mod enabled especially when there aren't any streetlights and when there are a low amount of players near you.
  8. @FernandoCR [ESP] I also usually take WoT jobs so I never really went above 90 km/h. But I never knew EU#1 had a speed limit of 110 km/h.
  9. EU#1 gives players a realistic and enjoyable experience whilst abiding to the 90km/h speed limit. I quite enjoy driving at a slow and steady pace whilst enjoying the Scandinavian countryside without having to worry about any reckless drivers round the corner. I believe changing the rules will cause an increase in chaos and reckless drivers. It also means many VTCs who host their convoys on the EU#1 server, cannot endure any peace and quiet, since they will be worried someone will come in the fast lane and jeopardize their convoy. This will mean there is a increase in VTC staff and players asking TMP staff for a private server, because they simply cannot trust public servers. Doing this can lead to more money being spent on servers which could potentially see their financial income being squeezed especially when TMP is funded via donations. Absolutely -1 from me. Whether it is financially or to the community.
  10. [VOTE] Which road do you like to run most when playing the game ?

    For me: E4 (Stockholm-Helsingborg) E20 (Esbjerg-Malmo) E45 (Kiel-Aalborg) E6 (Malmo - Oslo) E22 (Malmo - Linkoping via Kalmar) I mostly go around Scandinavia to deliver loads since it has quite nice scenery. And the road interchanges are quite different to each other compared to the ETS2 map (no dlcs). You will see me going around whether u are in EU#1 or EU#2.
  11. Lovely Real Ops event today

  12. I hate: - When people think this is Need for Speed so they should drive recklessly. - When people jump traffic lights and nearly cause an accident - When people overtake and nearly hit you because they don't check their mirrors. - When people drive on the wrong side of the road (esp in UK). - When people enter the wrong side of the roundabout.
  13. Allow fatigue simulation

    If only people knew how to enter sleeping areas slowly and not rush in like some kind of maniac. :thonk:
  14. Allow fatigue simulation

    Those of you who are saying: - That this can cause accidents - Causes screens to go dark You should have checked how many driving hours you have left. Think about it realistically, if you are tired after a day's work, you will want to go to sleep. Also, this will only be considered as an option, so you can disable it if you don't like it.
  15. Auto kick for CB Abuse

    You should have understood the risks of going into busy areas especially Calais-Duisburg. Adding an auto kick isn't going to solve CB radio problems, all you are doing is cause more people to complain about why they are getting kicked.