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  1. How do I handle busy areas? I regularly take WoT jobs which have a 90km/h speed limit, so I highly doubt I would be able to reach 100km/h like the rest of them I hate the C-D road as it just promotes more reckless driving and rule-breakers. - Avoid North Western Europe (especially Koln, Amsterdam, Brussels at peak hours), and drive in DLC areas. If you want to get to UK without getting damage, use the Danish / Norwegian or French ports (e.g. Roscoff). What do I think about people constantly driving in the same areas with half of Europe at my disposal? Every time I drive in the base map regions, drivers' don't seem to understand what lane separation means. They always wait until the last minute, and realize they are in the wrong lane, and then ram into your truck without using their mirrors. Sometimes, I see drivers' overtaking me, and then cut 2 lanes across the highway to get into the exit. It's like people don't understand how to read highway signs. Another issue I see, is drivers always hogging the fast lane, even if they are going at slow speeds. Drivers don't use indicators to warn others that they are merging into another lane. Neither, do they check their mirrors, which meant for slow drivers like us, have to react to vehicles cutting way too dangerously close to other drivers. What do I think about the rules set out for busy areas? I think the rules are in some way still too lenient in some areas, especially for ramming and reckless driving. I agree a beacon ban is an excellent idea too as said in previous above posts. The in-game report system also needs a revamp. Admins and game moderators, shouldn't need to set how many days the user should be banned for, instead, there should be a clear structure showing how many days users are banned for, when users receive their first/second/third ban.
  2. Imagine if there was a role called...CCTV operator :D:D:troll:

    1. SuperMouse


      Would be a fairly boring job, but you can watch the CCTV at https://www.twitch.tv/kat_pw:) 

    2. TrademarkGamer


      No need. All the cams linked above are controlled via scripts

  3. My J-Spec Truck: Link: https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/image_detail.php?id=0000000000357231&back=online_profile.php%3Fid%3D914382 (Screenshot went over the maximum upload picture size) Specification (From my World of Trucks profile page): DAF XF Euro 6 Super Space 6X2/4 Midlift (I think most UK haulage firms have this chassis...I think) 460 HP engine 2,300 NM / 1,000-1,425 RPM Engine:MX-13 340 Euro 6 (Clean and efficient) Gearbox:ZF 12AS2531TO R The company skin currently used is for my VTC in ETS2MP, so I apologise if that isn't J-Spec.
  4. -1 What if there aren't any players around for miles? And the player just wants to toot via their horn just to say Hi. I think this can be an issue on low population servers and in my opinion, a simple warning would be better than an auto kick since its just unnecessary and useless. If there's a player tooting their horn continuously, just ignore him, or reduce your volume. Simple. Why create more work for the devs when this is a very easy solution to solve? I think the devs would rather focus on other things than silly players who want to spam their horns continuously just for a laugh.
  5. Thank you and appreciate the follow! :)

    1. [{ CEO }]  RxT

      [{ CEO }] RxT



       thnx for following me and my pleasure buddy..:wub:

  6. The snow is getting heavier and heavier outside...imagine the chaos in-game if that happened. 

    1. Joao Rodrigues

      Joao Rodrigues

      << Snow mod not installed. :D

  7. Grow up. Look outside. You don't see non-collision zones in real life do you? You have the right to go wherever you like, but you should have understood the risks of going to busy areas.
  8. Lovely Real Ops event today

  9. If only people knew how to enter sleeping areas slowly and not rush in like some kind of maniac. :thonk:
  10. Those of you who are saying: - That this can cause accidents - Causes screens to go dark You should have checked how many driving hours you have left. Think about it realistically, if you are tired after a day's work, you will want to go to sleep. Also, this will only be considered as an option, so you can disable it if you don't like it.
  11. I agree with @FernandoCR [ESP] , as a trial, it should be kept as an option. But if more people start enabling the option, I believe this could be expanded into EU#1 in the future depending on usage numbers.
  12. I think this will be perfect for realistic drivers like me on EU#1. Implementing this feature will cause drivers to plan their routes properly, since not all gas stations will always have a space. This is quite realistic like in real life, as you don't always see gas stations have space especially during night time. Moreover, people will also remember strategically which gas stations are large or small, which can have an impact on which gas station they would want to rest in the future. In terms of accidents, ah well, its good to make sure you check how many driving hours you have left. I believe adding a kick system could be quite useful as drivers aren't supposed to drive over their driving hours. Rushing for a space? Next time remember which gas stations are large or small on your route and don't just rush in like you are some form of tank or a buffalo. That only just leads to more chaos.
  13. It is the first time EU#1 has players sitting in queue...

    1. FirestarteR93


      If you haven't seen that before, I'll take a guesss that:


  14. Steam Autumn Sale has started! Nominate your favourite games till Nov 28! Yeah :)

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    2. VortexHauler


      Expect an increase in server numbers this Black Friday weekend due to more people having ETS2 :-) 

    3. ScaniaFan89


      ETS2 " The Labour of Love " Award


      ATS " The Cash Cow " Award ( i suggested that ) 

    4. VortexHauler


      I've put ETS2 as the World is Grim Enough Let's Just All Get Along Award

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