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  1. RapStaa

    Update 1.15

    Naja ich finde den Automatischen Retarder gut! Hält dich Bergab schön auf der gleichen Geschwindigkeit. Kopfbewegungen in der Cockpit Ansicht sind auch super.
  2. Thank you very much for XP Support!
  3. A guy told me that he have Win 7 32 Bit and the same error. So it's not the problem of Win XP. I think this is an insane bug,because all 32 Bit Users,yes Win7 32 Bit too,can't play! Please make a hotfix,or tell us the release date of this planned "0.1.2"
  4. RapStaa

    0.1.1 Alpha

    I think you have done good work before,but this update is destroying all. Why no support for Win XP?Because it's outdated?! I know a bunch of people that played ETS2MP with an XP OS but now,they can't play. Now wait for 0.1.2....
  5. Niejest wirus.Po prostu to jest aplikacia do 64 bitowych systemach.Rootkiller mowil ze XP bedzie dopiero Supportowany w 0.1.2 Jestem z niemiec,sorry
  6. But you don't have this Error. Your Problem is a totally different problem ^^
  7. I think you have Win XP right? XP will be supported in 0.1.2 ... Chyba masz Win XP tak? XP dopiero bedzie supportowany w 0.1.2 ...
  8. XP is not supported by 0.1.1 Alpha. Issue will be fixed in 0.1.2. Jup this is the meaning of it.
  9. Hey Dude. We have an 32 Bit OS and the Launcher is an 64Bit Application :/
  10. Me too. Because we have an 32 Bit OS.
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