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  1. Que lastima estaría buenísimo esto Gracias compa
  2. Nicopp2

    lag mod

    I've solved. I had a virus called spools it consumed me 100% of the cpu and for this reason I ate all the pc just do not understand this is very rare for q only happened to me when I passed the 40km. Thank you very much the same guys for the quick help. And Max power is no rain, when you go fast it sounds like the wind blows. Thank You
  3. Hola no se si debo preguntarlo acá,si no pido disculpas El tema es como hago para que el parabrisas se active cada 20 segundos solo? no se cuantos segundos son pero en los autos reales los parabrisas se activan solos cada 20 segundos.Ya que no me gusta que estén siempre prendidos.No se si el euro truck tiene esta opción Gracias chicos
  4. Nicopp2

    lag mod

    Hi I am having a problem with a mod that surely is included in the mp is the sound of the wind striking the windshield to revasar 40km and this gives me lag and really tilda the game.Hay somehow disable it? Clarify: I have no mods Please if this is not going in this section I apologize
  5. hi i am having problems because often reinstall the mp and I still dating is not a valid win32 application this is happening to me the new version of mp Thank you
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