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  1. Yes I tried to connect on EU1, sometimes I got message from server because I had high ping or server was full. When I tried connect to US1 without any problems. But I want play on EU2, you must know for what P.S. Ja som Slovák
  2. Hello, I have problem with kick after connection with server is established for high ping, I never had this problem, I don't know where is problem because my internet is still stable like previously. This happens when I trying to connect on EU 2 server, can somebody explain me where is problem? This week I just upgraded my graphic card, but I drive on low graphic settings for best playing. Thanks Picture from game:
  3. Every Win XP user has this problem: How can game will start, when I get this error?
  4. I have Windows XP, Service Pack 3. With older version I hadn't problems. When I reinstall, no effect, still problem.
  5. Same problem, run as Administrator doesn't help me
  6. Mod Version: Version 0.1.1 Controllers Used: SpeedLink STRIKE FX Description of Issue: Hello, I use Windows XP Serivce Pack 3 and today I downloaded a new update from official website but after opening this application i have problem with Not valid Win32 application, whats cause this problem? Because R3 worked for me perfectly on my Windows. How to reproduce: Launcher.exe is not valid Win32 application. Screenshots / Videos:
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