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  1. Sweet. Another successful report to my collection. -3-

  2. Any admins around to review my reports, please? It's been a few days, already.

    1. Scar


      All reports pending are not older then 3 days, please have some patience as we have a few reports waiting in the queue.

  3. Just reported another two scrubs on ETS2. This time for intentional road blocking.

    1. SgtBreadStick


      i have reported somebody about 3 days ago now and still no admin has seen it but it isn't that important so who cares also Mr_Pingu's reply :P

    2. _Pingu_


      what i did was Pm a admin about it and give him all the details 


      link:perpetrator's profile 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      The site report system works well but I don't know why lately it has been taking so long for reports to be reviewed. I too have filed a report days ago and it still hasn't been checked on. I have been considering messaging some admin to ask for a review on my reports, but I am not too sure I want to directly bother someone with it. :\


      They have their lives and such, but as far as I know the staff base if rather large, nowadays. Large enough for there to be someone available to handle these more sooner than they are being handled, currently.

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  4. OoOoOooOOoohh!!! I'mma ghost!!


  5. Here's a beautiful song for all of you to enjoy.


    1. SprinterFS


      when you see all the ponies after the end of song


    2. [LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]

      [LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]

      This was a pretty good song to start the morning.. thanks

  6. Had a ramming incident today on ATS when I was on my way to meet with a couple of friends. I recorded it as usual but the video got corrupted, somehow. I was afraid I would not be able to report the person but I managed to recover all the important bits of the video.


    In other words... Report complete. Now to wait for it to be reviewed and dealt with. :)

  7. Note to self: Do not play ATS/EST2 when you are too tired.

    1. Andy55411


      I second that, not a good idea lol

  8. What's the date? Oh, it's this date. Ok...


    1. Subtle [HKG]

      Subtle [HKG]

      perfect time to sing this song


    2. Cyrusj
  9. Just hit play on the video.


  10. My latest report has been reviewed and dealt with. The perpetrator has been banned. Excellent! -3- Another successful report to my collection. :)

    1. Skywalker93


      of course WE have * sorry...



    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      These are only half of mine. The other half happened before the reports system was redesigned earlier this year. In total I have made 37 reports so far and out of these 37, 37 have been successful.



      With that being said, it does say one has been declined, however, that's the same report as the last one on the very bottom. What happened is that I accidentally informed the wrong ID on the first try. Once I got the ID right and re-filed the report, it was accepted, so that "Declined" doesn't count. I still have a 100% rate of approvals on my reports. -3-

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  11. Well, s**t.



    Fine. I didn't want it anyway. :\

  12. Welp, this sucks... apparently I need to have the Mighty Griffin DLC, now so the obnoxious Scanias won't be missing parts, anymore. :\


    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Today's update states in the changelog that it is, though. Oh well, whatever. I still prefer ATS over EST2, anyway.

    2. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      oh wait what. I haven't saw that, disregard my comment xD

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon



      GG, Lad. XD

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  13. Oh crap. I reported the wrong ID on accident, didn't notice and the report got declined because of that. Not this time, though. I just re-filed the report but this time I got the ID right.

    1. The HitMan

      The HitMan

      Had that done to me, but got banned :(

  14. /)


    (If you understand what that means, leave the response. If you don't, then too bad. I will be mean and not explain it. =P)

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I don't blame you. XD It's 3:11 AM for me as well. I shall hit the pillow. Good night!

    2. -Ant-


      Night! Im probably gonna be up still because Im seeing if I can be up when my Grandparents get here. :D 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Oh, awesome! :D

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  15. A couple years ago I wrote a wish list of Wii U games I want to buy when I finally manage to buy myself a Wii U (I want it so screw your opinion about that console). I wanted to review that list but I can't find the damn thing anywhere, for the life of me! If I needed it to survive I'd be long dead and putrid, by now. How frustrating! ):<

  16. Well, if you are visiting it at night then yes, it is always closed. As stated above, the truck dealers are only open between 8 AM and 8 PM (actually I think it's 7 PM but I don't remember well). I don't remember if they open on Sundays, though.
  17. Check out what I am "brewing" over here: 



    You can submit your own crash videos to me to have them featured on a future episode of Crashes Compilation. All you gotta do is the following:


    - The video must not have been previously edited and it must be a single clip (no compiled videos, please);

    - Preferably without copyrighted music, otherwise I will either not use the video at all or will have to mute it;

    - The video must be in 720p or 1080p. 480p may be accepted but only if it is not too blurry;

    - The higher the frames the better so do bear in mind that if your video is too laggy/choppy it may be ignored;

    - The video must NOT contain any watermarks. I do have my own on this series and you will already be getting your credits on the screen;

    - Please do inform what name you want to be called in the video so I can give you credit for the video clip you send;

    - Only YouTube uploads will be accepted for now.


    To send me your "dashcam" footage you have to send me a PM (Private Message) over the TruckersMP forums. That's the only way I will be accepting submissions until further notice.

  18. Good morning MP! Here it is! Enjoy!


  19. Truck Simulators Crashes Compilation 23 is currently being uploaded. I will leave it uploading overnight and head to bed. It should be done by the morning so come over to my channel and check it out later! Good night, MP!

    1. Hey_Wtf


      Can't wait ;p Love your vids

    2. Mike Dragon
  20. I don't always report people. But when I do, they get banned for sure.


    Their tears are delicious.


    And mind you, these are just the ones in the new list before they reworked the report system a few months ago. Otherwise this list would have 36 entries and 36 out of 36 of those reports had the perpetrator banned as the outcome.



    Don't poke a dragon with a truck. You'll end up burned and banned from life!



    But in all seriousness, though... may this be a lesson for everyone who likes to break rules and for those who have problems with these people breaking rules on your face. Collect the appropriate evidence and file a report if the incident is actually worth it. It does work if you do it right.


    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Hmm, I see! I thought the admin had to inform the system who's the admin claiming the report.

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  21. Stupid irresponsible drivers...


    On my way back home a few minutes ago, just a few blocks away, I crossed a intersection that has traffic lights on all sides. The light was green for me so I carried on. "Thinking" the path was clear, a guy in a pick-up truck who had the light red for him accelerated and crossed the red light just as I was passing in front of him. Thank God that imbecile hit his brakes in time so he didn't crash into my car. But did he stop there? Nope! After I was out of his way he bolted off.


    Some people may think it is fine and ok to cross a red light, that you can do it just fine because there is no one passing but it isn't fine! You never know if or when another vehicle is gonna come. Your stupid mistake may cause serious problems to other people and yourself. In some cases it may even cost your life. Do not cross red lights, ever! For the sake of everyone. You are not the king of the road and you are definitely not alone out there. You can't F7+Enter or respawn in real life.

    1. KaizerNO


      Haha, maybe he was a speedkido who thought the real life is like ETS or ATS :D Had a similar occurance as well today in a "lighted" intersection where there was a bus from the left which had a green light and from his left there was an ambulance with sirens and lights coming. The bus saw the ambulance and thought he could make in time, but nooo, the ambulance driver probably haven't braked harder than he did there almost smashing right into the side of the bus. Strange enough there was a police officer coming to the opposit of the bus and stopped the bus driver and gave him a ticket for not giving free way. People now a days, glad you're ok :)  

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I swear, it's like some of these people simply buy their license with 0 instruction instead of studying and earning it.


      Thanks. :)

  22. My ping is normal and my internet connection is stable and not having any issues, currently and yet I keep on losing connection to the server for some reason. It simply says the connection has been broken. What gives?! Anyone else experiencing any problems, currently? In particular with ATS's EU#2.

    1. RadioactivePotato


      Same problem with ATS. It just disconnects, and i dont have any applications
       that use my connection too much :/

    2. Empirekicking


      Same, good ping and great fast internet, however still lagging on a low end computer

    3. Hammer1055


      It might be a packet overflow server side and it's dropping connections just long enough for the software to terminate connection? I don't know these servers very well but that's a maybe.


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  23. For whatever reason I decided to change my license plates from "MIKEDRGON" (ETS2) and "MIKDRGN" (ATS) to simply "DRAGON".


    I'll roll with it for a while, see if I like it or if I'll change my mind and decide to change back to the old plates.

  24. Dis gon be good game.


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