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  1. Tandem Truck

    It would be good for the game if SCS added tandems in the future, love this combinations.
  2. My settings: Steeringwheel G27 (H Shifter), For Chat and other buttons use G13 Gamepad & G15 Logitech Keyboard
  3. Multiplayer with friends or alone?

    Most times we drive with a regular group of friends.
  4. Nationaal Gaming Community

    Gaat goed bij [NGC] mooi om te zien dat het blijft groeien.
  5. Europoort Location

    If you are new you can better avoid Europort and C-D on EU2, for me avoid them always becourse if you drive there then you ask for problem.
  6. [VOTE] Do you hate the Trameri entrance?

    No problems with this, the issue of learning to drive
  7. Do you guys record your drivings?

    Stream always and when i stream the record is always on, only if necessary then i use the record for report.
  8. How do you record and stream`

    Record and streaming here with OBS ETS2 as ATS and no problem here, can simply switch with shift + tab to desktop and do everything, the game just continues in the background.
  9. What is your favourite game?

    The same opinion here, much more developed than ATS.
  10. ETS 2 In-Game Respect

    Respect starts with yourself, unfortunately there are plenty of players who are still trying to ruin it for others. Accidents happens, word say it accident so not on purpose. In most cases they offer excuses and then just continue driving. In some cases people sometimes want to scold but then I keep the credit to my own and do not say anything back, in worst case I report it simply by record. In itself it is not so bad in ETS2MP, the problems are mostly on the busy routes such as C-D but I avoid them as much as possible and will only use them if really necessary.
  11. For everyone the best wishes and a happy and healthy 2018

    1. izm07


      Thanks mate! Happy new year! ^_^

    2. Yoyo_ManSg


      Thank you very much. You too, happy new year. ;) 

  12. truck poor at pulling 22T 6x2 & 6X4 Chassis

    I always drive always with midlift, activate midlift above 12T. It is important that you take the wheelbase of midlift smaller than the other wheels otherwise midlift has no effect. But as some people say above with heavier loads, the 6x2 or 6x4 is more stable than the 4x2 with heavy loads.
  13. Merry Christmas to all here.

    1. Smoky_TMP


      Fijne kerstdagen :D 

    2. NexooYT


      Thank you!

      Merry Christmas too!