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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday !

  3. Resolved by unistalling and delete VTC.World through C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64\plugins You can close it
  4. Windows 10 Directx 11 ok By the way, in the crash log there are Windows Version and DX version Tried now... doesnt work Already clean install but no way out
  5. Crash when game startup Pastebin crash.log: https://pastebin.com/FJ58nyP1 No errors when launching ETS2 in SP only with MP No errors on Validating Game Files Already tried to run on admin previleges Already fresh install TruckersMP Already fresh install ETS2 Already install Framework .NET Already tried to downgrade ETS2
  6. Tomorrow is work day... end me please ?

  7. wait? "#" is hashtag on internet or sharp in music? :\

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    2. deco13


      The ashtag comes from C# for computer teachers and cames from music for music teachers. The truth? It's a secret! Only the elect can know :P

  8. The sound of silence

  9. Wow, I recognize that I have 2 positive points (I'm so famous)

  10. Sol - Sol - Sol - Mib - Fa - Fa - Fa - Re

  11. Winter update, and... the police car .__.

  12. Thank you... I will try out!
  13. I think it depends by country or states... I don't know
  14. Hi, I have recently downloaded a custom config that was increase my FPS in game, BUT I have a problem, my beams don't working anymore... I hope we will found a solution D: P.S.: This .cfg is not mine, is a custom cfg
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