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  1. Not necessary, what will you do with that? If you write a sensible reason, I will state my opinion.
  2. Great idea but I am not sure, there are disadvantages and advantages. I will state my opinion after see others' opinion.
  3. What a great idea, it's okay from my side. It can be called "Merchants Corner". As I stated above, upvote from my side because it's useful.
  4. Ordinarily, it should be removed but now it shouldn't. Yes, it shouldn't because have a lot of trolls in TMP. There will be a lot of accidents if it's removed.
  5. Pets are something useful specifically if you are stressed or upset, you can communicate with them if they're well educated, you can have fun with it and play with it some games such as hide and seek and catch the ball, also they can be the suitable thing to deal with if you have nothing to do, and they say that dogs can boost your social life and keep you active and strong. What do you think, every person should have a pet?
  6. You can print and take it from bookshops and stationery shops in Turkey. As I can see as a Turkish, there are a lot of bookshop.
  7. Always, I prefer Scania because it's cooler and If I drive Scania, accidents would dramatically decrease in SP.
  8. Congratulations and good luck :P

  9. Dopaa

    Happy birthday :)

  10. I use physics mode on uncrowded places and ways but when I drive to crowded places, I do not use. I prefer ETS2 without mods, it is more funny.
  11. CATs and MANs look good, they should be added because they're so strong. I don't have an idea about others.
  12. Congratulations and good luck :wub:

  13. Dopaa

    Truck or car?

    Both of them. Of course, ETS2 is a truck simulation game but IRL there are pilot/escort cars too.
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