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  1. That would be definitely useful and better than the current one but there should be a cooldown as well because some of the people may abuse it like backseat moderating with freecam around a congested place, spamming it on purpose.
  2. Flex with your typing speed from this website. If you're having low WPM and want to improve it, you can practice your touch typing skills to type faster and with fewer errors day by day. Here's mine:
  3. Whoever go against the social order and rules does annoy me. Ramming, blocking, even insulting can be toleratable within limit and if it's not on purpose. Flouting or going against the rules to annoy, troll is my pet peeve.
  4. Iveco for sure. I can't feel the power of hundreds horsepower engine, however Volvo and Scania are able to give the feeling well.
  5. While blockchain technology shows great promise, Bitcoin itself is the 21st century equivalent of the Tulip Mania, even my grandfather knows about cryptocurrencies. In other words, Bitcoin might be in a bubble. If we ignore crypto speculators, Bitcoin is a niche market mostly populated by gamblers, criminals and darkweb psychos. They aim to buy and sell in Bitcoin, hoping to remain anonymous in transactions. But Bitcoin fails at this too: it fails to protect them as many arrests have shown in the past. So the cryptocurrency doesn't even provide a good service for it's main market. Monero
  6. That's what I think as well. Bitcoin is too slow to replace fiat though. Unless there is a way to do the major optimizations to the system. Bitcoin can only handle something like 100 transactions a second while in the world there are tens / hundreds of thousands of transactions a second. There are other much more optimized crypto currencies. Perhaps in the future there will be something like Ripple or Ethereum for day to day transactions and bitcoin for your savings, who knows.
  7. Bitcoin is gaining traction again after surpassing its previous all time high of $20k USD back in the bull run of 2017. It is currently valued at $45.7k at the time of this post. The current bull run is different than the last one in how there are now billion dollar financial institutions such as MicroStrategy and Greyscale investing millions/billions of dollars in Bitcoin. These investors are taking Bitcoin and holding it, making the available supply on exchanges less. As the demand for Bitcoin increases and the supply decreases, it results in sudden spikes in price. However, Bitcoi
  8. Hello Slow :) Happy Birthday and many happy days in a new year of yours! 🎂🎂🎂

  9. Not necessary, what will you do with that? If you write a sensible reason, I will state my opinion.
  10. What a great idea, it's okay from my side. It can be called "Merchants Corner". As I stated above, upvote from my side because it's useful.
  11. Congratulations and good luck :P

  12. Dopaa

    Happy birthday :)

  13. I learned alot, first of all, brotherhood. It's the important thing that this VTCs brought to me as an advantage. Second, having some friendships and learned how to drive a truck properly. Some culture maybe by having some long conversations with different people from different countries. Third one, behaving, well I am not a member of any trucking company IRL but I tried it in VTCs and learned how they live ( some examples not all ). Fourth and the last one, rules. Yes rules and how they should be. Thanks FTC for making me a better person
  14. What an useful suggestion, that button working like an elevator. I am too lazy to climb ladders. From my side it is useful, upvote.
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