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  1. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: PS 3 controller Description of Issue: If you are connected to a HCT trailer and quick travel to a garage in doubles restricted area, for example Luxembourg, the trailer will be left in Finland (game default), only the truck will be taken to Luxembourg and you will be automatically kicked for doubles outside permitted area because the tmp mod assumes you still have your trailer attached. While in fact the trailer is left behind in Finland. How to reproduce: Attach a HCT trailer in a garage in Finland. Travel to a garage in the restricted doubles area. Screenshots / Videos: None.
  2. Thank you for continuing to support this mod. A labour of love!
  3. @CrackPrewier The last update released by @mwl4 fixed the issue. This topic can be closed now.
  4. 1Purple


    Go to https://ets2c.com/ Register and create your own convoy.
  5. Load single player and see if you still hit an invisible object in the same area.
  6. Yes, I also have this bug after the last mini update. The eurotrucks2[.]exe service keeps running in the task manager after I exit the game. I have to manually end the process. I was about to report it. Running Win 7.
  7. Shujaa, Scania mpya S, tayari imekamilisha kilomita zaidi ya laki moja.
  8. This is amazing news. Finally, after driving the same roads for years, they will give the base map (al-beit it may take many updates) a necessary design refresh. FINALLY! Well done SCS team.
  9. Very good. This topic should be pinned.
  10. @SpeedySuliHD_TMP Asalaam Aleikum, Nimeona tangu Italia DLC ilitoka, haya flatbed trela yanaonekana kuwa na nafasi tupu ijapokuwa yana mizigo mbalimbali yakipelekwa na wachezaji wengine. Nimetambua ya kuwa hizi trela hayako "synced" online. Ndio au la?
  11. Mwaka jana Scania mpya ilipotokea.
  12. Disemba, nikizurura Italia. Real Operations Event, Disemba 2017. Nilingoja hio queue.
  13. Niliona video za kila mtu akifanya hii delivery, sote tuliwezwa na hii kona mara ya kwanza tulipojaribu. Jasho.
  14. Mara ya kwanza in-game reporting hatua limechukuliwa. Nilipiga kura.
  15. Sawa Suli. Nimeshikuru umetupigania kutupea hii forum.
  16. Trolls have nowhere to hide if you look at their punishment record on their profile. Find a way to enable /fix for those who have minimal bans, i.e. less than 2 in a year. Those trolls with multiple bans (more than 2 in a year) on their profile do not get to use /fix command. That is how you eliminate trolls while having the benefits to others who deserve it. The end.
  17. I used the no damage mod. I can't even begin to list how many times it proved to be useful. I support the /fix command, but in it's original state, fixing everything (truck and trailer) when you want. On these two scenarios, it will benefit the trolls as much as the rest of the good drivers. So it's a lose-win situation. Here's my proposal. Keep the /fix command. But make it available on request. So people who want it, ask for it. Here's how. Build a ticket-like system where players who want the /fix command can request it. There can be a moderator that can vet your profile and see your punishment history and determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Let's say you have two or less bans in a calendar year (The last 365 days) You qualify for the /fix command and they enable it on your profile. If they deem you to be a risk, i.e., multiple bans on your profile, you don't get the /fix command enabled for you. Trolls will have no fix command here. Let's say in this proposal I have given, that one who has qualified for the /fix command gets banned. Undeniable evidence proved the ban was given correctly. They lose their /fix privilege for 30 days. if they are banned again, they lose their /fix command for 90 days. They get banned again, they lose their /fix command for a calendar year(here is where you can align how profiles reset after a year) So in the end people who end up with the /fix command deserve its benefits. Trolls have nowhere to hide when you look at their punishment history. No /fix for them!
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