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  1. Yes it is aha and yep, thing weighs so much, it would take up 3 slots due to size of the heat sink and fans
  2. heres mine 27" Primary monitor (Left) 22" Secondary (Right)
  3. no no thats, fine, i'll rephrase it, Why do we need what you have coded, when we already have a log-in system streamlined into the lauch of the game? surely by adding a launcher of sorts, its just adding more steps before the game loads up? Yes it auto boots steam and has a small variety of other features, I however, can't see a use for it. I do have ETS2MP in my steam library so either way i need steam running first, so that might be why I can't see a use for this.
  4. The MP has a launcher, I dont really see why it needs another 3rd party one IMO
  5. 1 or 2 quick beeps are nice enough, to me it just seems rude if another person drives past face-planting the horn continuously
  6. For a brief moment I think I had admin status in game..that was interestingly weird aha

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AcidicBeast


      Because i could see all the reports people were making i could see what i believe was an admin private chat of sorts, and i could what admin responded to which report etc, was back to normal once the servers were restarted though

    3. konfig0


      The chat is really bugged :/

    4. AcidicBeast


      That would explain it, put what admins actually have to deal with in perspective though, even when there was only a few hundred people online

  7. Now i know that thats one step closer to me going for the upgrade
  8. Oh right, from what ive seen and heard I was lead to believe it was gone entirely, replaced by the Spartan Project
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