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  1. For a brief moment I think I had admin status in game..that was interestingly weird aha

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AcidicBeast


      Because i could see all the reports people were making i could see what i believe was an admin private chat of sorts, and i could what admin responded to which report etc, was back to normal once the servers were restarted though

    3. konfig0


      The chat is really bugged :/

    4. AcidicBeast


      That would explain it, put what admins actually have to deal with in perspective though, even when there was only a few hundred people online

  2. I don't see the bouncing, but after disabling the winter mod, my game does run a bit better
  3. The answer is simple, un-install the winter mod, might not fix others, but will help you out, also got to remember everyone's computer is different and will handle/ run the mod in different ways, some better than others
  4. More than likely the sheer amount of people trying to load the page and download at once, Usually happens to me but got in quick this time
  5. Ive closed steam completely and stopped streaming music, gone up to 43kb/s
  6. 39kb/s would probably bit a bit higher if i wasnt on TS, browsing web and streaming music
  7. Speed limiter will not be removed, and it cant be changed, if you dont like it, play on the freeroam server, that's why its there. End of. can't believe this managed to carry over from the old forums
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