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  1. Going to be honest sometimes on the Duisburg- Calais route I do drive quite fast but I do only overtake when the road is clear or the grass when you get the roads with the red lane next to it, sometimes I have caused a couple of accidents due to when the steering locking in one direction usually after i'm typing. If i do a bad overtake I would go back to my lane or just pull over on the side of the road. It also frustrating when your overtaking and your game freezes, caused a coupe of accidents like that. Apart from that i'll follow traffic laws such as lights and all the others when in a highly populated area such as the cities. I guess we are guilty to drive the Skoda's at 200+ km/h. I know it's a simulator but listening to music and speeding is fun. I think my top speed was around 220-260 km/h.
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