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  1. Trollmaster2000

    [POLL] How do you drive in-game?

    Going to be honest sometimes on the Duisburg- Calais route I do drive quite fast but I do only overtake when the road is clear or the grass when you get the roads with the red lane next to it, sometimes I have caused a couple of accidents due to when the steering locking in one direction usually after i'm typing. If i do a bad overtake I would go back to my lane or just pull over on the side of the road. It also frustrating when your overtaking and your game freezes, caused a coupe of accidents like that. Apart from that i'll follow traffic laws such as lights and all the others when in a highly populated area such as the cities. I guess we are guilty to drive the Skoda's at 200+ km/h. I know it's a simulator but listening to music and speeding is fun. I think my top speed was around 220-260 km/h.
  2. Trollmaster2000

    Ban appeal - zmaster1985

    ***THIS IS NOT A SPAM SINCE MY LAST THREAD WAS MORE THAN 3 DAYS AGO*** 1. My username is: [OWNER]EuroTrans 2. I should be unbanned because my ban says that I have been banned for ''intentional ramming/Blocking horn spam''. This ban is false because my ''ramming'' was not intentionally due to the fact the button was jammed so I had not choice but to hit the other truck if you have any proper evidence that defiantly shows me intentionally ramming please leave it in the comments however, note that this will be impossible because it is simply not true. Do u have any witnesses? Are u absolutely sure that I did this on purpose? The answer to these two questions are no therefore, you have insufficient evidence against this ban so if I still remain banned you would be illegally banning me also the trucks were still slightly moving so how is that blocking if the trucks were not completely stopped? Also the horn spam which was about 2 seconds was to warn other trucks that something wrong was going on. Again do u have any evidence that says this is false? NO! So instead of giving me a sarcastic comment that insults me get rid of my ban because as crazy this seems to u it is true and because you think I am lying does not mean I am so by law you have to un ban me simple I have just proven all of your bans wrong so how can I still be banned? 3. no evidence Thanks
  3. Trollmaster2000

    Ban appeal - zmaster1985

    Also I want a apology from z master or I will report him to someone a higher grade.
  4. Trollmaster2000

    Ban appeal - zmaster1985

    1. My username is : [OWNER]EuroTrans 2. I was banned for ramming and horn spam. I was wrongly banned because my keyboard was jammed so I couldn't stop ramming the other truck also the horn was to warn people off that something was wrong. I also want to complain about zmaster because in his response he used sarcasm and he offended me by basically calling me a lier. I am sorry for any any disturbance I have caused however, this issue needs to be addressed ASAP because I was planning to attend lots of convoys at least 2 a week and since my ''ban'' finishes on the 19 or 18 I cannot join them. 3. No evidance Thanks
  5. Trollmaster2000

    Ban Info

    I cannot see when my ban expires please can u can tell me.
  6. Trollmaster2000

    Ban Appeal - zmaster1985

    1. [OWNER]EuroTrans 2. I should be unbanned because my steering wheel was jammed for a couple of seconds so I couldn't stop ramming the truck in the opposite lane. When I thought it was over it started again then I was going to blow my horn to warn players off but then the horn got stuck to. In addition I cannot see when my ban appeal expires because the date didn't fit in the box so could u please tell me. I am sorry for any problems I have caused and the my keyboard has been fixed now. 3.No evidance