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  1. Hey, yes I am aware of g_developer 16 and I already had it activated several times. That's how I explained it in my first post: As soon as I join on a server, I keep getting a packet loss of 50% out of nowhere (and its also shown in g_developer). But everywhere else e.g Teamspeak or other games I don't have this problem, only in TruckersMP.
  2. Hey, usually I don't have any downloads active in the background but when: I have a 200k Vodafone internet connection, I can run many other games while downloading something big etc. I am also using Ethernet (LAN) for ages now. I mean, the problem suddendly occured out of nowhere. I was playing TruckersMP all the years with no problems, but as I was playing one day I suddendly got this error and it never disappaered again, which is really confusing me.
  3. No, nothing of all above solutions have worked - unfortuneately. I really don't know to do anymore.
  4. Hey guys, I still have this weird problem that I keep getting kicked with the reason "Unreliable connection". The weird fact is that as soon as I join the server, my packet loss (for the last second) jump high to 50%, but only in TruckersMP. Anywhere else where I can check my packet loss, I don't have any packet loss and no high ping. I literally have tried every solution I found in the internet and the forums, but none works. Maybe one of you has one final solution? Or is it even a bug from the multiplayer, because I can't be my internet. Greets
  5. Hey, thanks for your answer, but both solutions have not worked unfortuneately. Addtional info: As soon as I connect on the server, I get a huge packet loss with around 40-50% but only in ETS 2. In TeamSpeak etc., I don't have such a huge packet loss, so it's only in Truckers MP.
  6. Hey, some days ago, I wanted to restart playing ETS 2 with some friends. Unfortuneately, I can't play it anymore because I keep getting kicked for "Unreliable Connection", but at the same time, I have a stable ping & no packet loss. Can someone help me with this issue? I've tried many solutions found in this forum, but none could help me at this point. Greetings
  7. Happy Birthday! :) 

  8. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag :)

  9. Sehr großer kek

    1. SebastianZ


      Sagt der Kek aller Keks

  10. dann am besten über Calais und Amsterdam ausweichen?
  11. Hey! Ich bin Damien und 13 Jahre alt! Ich wohne seit 2004 in Leipzig und stolz drauf. Geboren bin ick in Berlin! InGame trifft man mich seit Anfang 2015 leider selten, bis jetzt garnicht mehr weil ich zwischenzeitlich keine Lust mehr hatte und seit ATS' die 32 bit Systeme abgeschalten worden, aber im Oktober bin ich wieder dabei, denn da krieg ich zum Geburtstag einen neuen PC! Meinen InGame Namen weiß ich leider nicht mehr, ich glaub es war der selbe wie hier im Forum? Naja auch egal.. Wir sehen uns bald auf den Straßen!
  12. how the change the name here in forums? :)

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    2. Digital


      Go here: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/profile/settings then go to the Account settings tab.


      Once you've changed it there, logout of the forums, then login.

    3. Damien0815


      thx you so much. :D


    4. Shovali


      :) Change to cool name :D  XD 

  13. heeey ab Oktober hab ich nen neuen PC, da kann ich wieder paar Kilometer rumtuckern. Ist Rotterdam immer noch zu übertrieben wie damals? xD
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