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  1. This shoud go into Guides section and get pinned.
  2. Possession of a driving licence of any kind at least ensures that you have the knowledge of driving rules, road signage, etc., so that is definitely a help. Driving and getting used to a vehicle just takes practice. I have heard of stories that the games actually helped some people pass CPC training, I don't claim to be a perfect driver or that I would be able to just jump in a real truck right away, but it would probably be much easier after so many kilometres in the game. As a bonus, I have a lot more respect and consideration for trucks and other heavy vehicles. On a side note. I have also seen some of the worst driving in the game performed by real life truck drivers, or at least they claimed to be.
  3. There are no minimum speed limits, only maximum speed limits, but you are not obliged to keep driving at maximum allowed speed if you are unable for whatever reason (simple natural laws for example). Besides, there are numerous bends and curves where you absolutely need to slow down to remain on all wheels or within a lane, but that is rarely an issue for general C-D road population. IRL, minimum speed limits exist on highways, but only to keep away vehicles that are not legally allowed to reach them, such as agricultural or forestry tractors, these limits vary from country to country.
  4. Best place to spot the UFO is the rest area on SR 375, Nevada at nightime, also known as Extraterrestrial Highway, afterall, Area 51 is near this road. You may probably see it from nearby roads too, or they have added more of them, I think US 95 wasn't in the original release (before rescale), but SR 375 and its UFO easter egg are as old as ATS. And while you are there, you may also want to head to nearby gas station/rest stop just short way east on US 93 to spot something even more disturbing, this time at daytime.
  5. Agreed, though I don't use the mod at all, because it's an eyesore that still looks the same like years ago, winter should not look the same everywhere, every single road should not be covered in the same amount of snow everywhere you go. I made one delivery from southern Spain to Iceland and uninstalled it halfway through. You should definitely be careful around them, doubt they use that tag to warn others to not act dumb around them.
  6. That button's icon is misleading, all it does is to bring up menu where you can turn on/off various lights and adjust dashboard backlight intensity. I think the headlights are about right, they just need to be a bit more brighter. IRL, left and right headlight are aimed differently, LHD vehicles have left headlight aimed lower to not blind oncoming traffic and right headlight aims a bit higher and slightly to the right to better illuminate edge of the road and the road signs, of course, this is reversed on RHD (UK) vehicles. There isn't any way of adjusting beams of the headlights (aiming or intensity) without modding the game.
  7. Looks like TruckersMP has teamed up with DBus World to either fully or partially integrate or adapt it for their multiplayer platform. Dbus World is a free singleplayer mod that features a client (registration required) to allow "jobs" with buses, you can check that here: https://dbusworld.com/ The buses - there are 4 at the moment are freely downloadable from steam workshop, and usable even without the client: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2059323823 You can try them out anytime, in singleplayer or convoy mode.
  8. Congratulation to your first forum post. I was amused, reading it.
  9. I guess the mod messes with tyre grip, which is the only way to simulate something like "winter physics" with limitations of the game's engine. As a result it is buggy, unpredictable and not very realistic, especially when trying to stop even from very low speeds. I remember when it was enabled on TruckersMP (was it 2 years ago?), too many people were clearly unable to handle it, or they were messing around intentionally - just watch some "idiots on the road" vids from that time. It would be the same thing again, therefore, the physics mod should't return.
  10. When you don't have enough "idiots on the road" vids with lot of views and likes you won't get many players ...
  11. The CB radio is misplaced in 2021 DAF XG and XG+ cabs, clipping through the roof storage console .
  12. How fast are you driving over bumps? I see people on TMP going full speed over railroad crossings, speedbumps, or down the ramps at the Channel Tunnel. No wonder you take damage, if you drive too fast. I always slow down to 50km/h on bumpy roads, below 50km/h on railroad crossings, below 30km/h for speedbumps, boarding ferries at below 20km/h, including driving up and down the ramps at ports and Channel Tunnel, just to be safe. I think that is closer to reality, than blasting through everywhere and expecting nothing to happen The trailer can also hit the ground and/or truck in certain circumstances, particularly on ramps, usually longer and lower trailers are prone to this, slow down considerably to prevent it.
  13. I admit, I had this happen a few times, when windows just decides to unplug the usb inexplicably, fortunately with nobody around. Unfortunately software failure like this would be hard to prove, if this happens often, I would check the cable and replace it, because it might be faulty.
  14. Let me start with an example: You are driving at 90km/h down the 3-lane motorway. There is a person in the right lane driving at 80km/h, you switch to the centre lane to overtake them, which goes perfectly fine, but then, someone else comes from behind driving at 110km/h who starts overtaking in the left lane, they swerve into you as all 3 are side by side, sending you into the crash with the other. That is what I would call hitting somene by accident, situation that is out of your control and you are a victim of a collision caused by someone else, so saying sorry in that scenario is meaningless. If you would get banned for that and you had you own video evidence, you could appeal your ban and have it removed, that's what appeal system is for, not becasue you said sorry to someone.
  15. Most people mention arcade games here, but hey I also liked GT Legends and other SimBin games like GTR2 or Race07 because how realistic they feel. I remember some of those classic overpowered cars in GT Legends were almost impossible to drive.
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