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  1. @Somehow Lucky There is definitely more then 2 states in developement at a time. They have at least 3 map teams for ATS, maybe even more. On top of that, there si independent small team working on California Rework. Of course people are swapped between teams as needed, there's different stages of developement that requires different skills. The time between releases is not really indication of anything. Texas was in research stages of developement long before officially introduced two years ago, before even Utah was annonced, and it only gets more complex the further east we go, it's going to be increasingly challenging to recreate denser populated states and their road networks. Smaller doesn't always gets easier, and the covid really didn't help either to speed things up. If anything, I think they will only bundle up the really small states, like Maryland-Delaware, Connecticut-Rhode Island-Massachusetts or Vermont-New Hampshire
  2. And the rain makes it illegible smudge on the windshield, what about that?
  3. You need to purchase it for your truck, it's an interior accessory that goes only in "windshield corner" slot, where it replaces portable navigator or cellphone. It can't be turned off, unlike built-in navigation, you can adjust zoom level with navigation zoom mode key. I recommend highest zoom level, or it is too small and hard to see, especially in bright light, when it's raining it gets all blurry, because it is displayed "outside" in front of the windshield. Because of that, I don't like it that much, it needs some adjustments, or it's only for 4k resolution.
  4. They will work, but at slower pace compared to singleplayer, because the difference in time scale. Accelerating time while resting or loading works differnetly in TruckersMP, it does not advance time for you, but it does for hired drivers. Therefore, it's useful to keep fatigue simulation on and take rests regularly, just remember you can doze off and lose control just like in singleplayer, if you drive more than two hours overtime.
  5. That explains why I have seen a truck with leprechaun hat.
  6. I don't fully understand why they made this add-on in the first place. It's possibly intended to be used with other map mods through which it has connections with Promods, e.g. Southern Regions and Rusmap, at least for the time being, until promods adds some form of connections, like Azerbaijan. It would be weird for a ferry to get from Black Sea, over the land and to the Caspian Sea magically, where there are hardly any reliable ferries anyway.
  7. Either that or I will be very old by then, but on the bright side it will be the longest supported videogame in history and my future super powerful PC will need an emulator to run the game in order to slow it down from 9k FPS.
  8. I could argue about friendliness or the notion that race track should be a recruiting place for VTC, but to each their own. There are few things I would add: I don't see a problem with this as long as it is completely separated from rest ot the world, becuase it's a new land on water, where there's nothing, there should be less problems with updates. However, I see there is a ferry connection, that presumably connects to existing ferry port somewhere on the mainland, or ferry port is also added there. Don't know which is true as I haven't ever been there, but this could cause a problem, someone may end up there by mistake. I would suggest to remove ferry connection and add a garage and service to be used with quick travel function as the only means to reach the island from anywhere on the map. This would ensure that one must actively look for the way in. No-collision zone for the whole island would make sense, as otherwise it would inevitably become playground for trolls who would try to disrupt anything friendly taking place there. Just an idea, but if there's collisions enabled, I would suggest a whole island wide speed limit zone of 160km/h for simulation server to at least keep some connection to realism. This is the rule of ETRC series, a unique in motorsport, because those vehicles have minumum weight of 5,3t (still way less than standard road truck). That's still plenty of speed and would create equal ground in power for competiotons, making actual driving skills that more improtant.
  9. Threre are countless roads like that already. Why don't this so called community get together and go find them? Don't you think it's a little bit old, nobody is forcing people to stay on C-D road. Any extensive map edits will juts cause compatibility issues with overlapping original content anytime new game update is out and will need extra work and time to solve, just look at Promods how long it takes them to release compatibility update. Not to mention that at least one server should have stock map, map updates should be left up to game developers who regularly update the base map. Right now four german cities (Frankfurt, Erfurt, Stuttgart, Nürnberg) and whole of Switzerland are announced, the more will come. They are getting closer and closer to your beloved race track, enjoy it as is while it lasts. I'm already imagining reading blog about Duisburg rework.
  10. Granite

    Problém s profilom

    No, tak to je smola, s tým už nespravíš nič. So stiahnutými save nemám skúsenosti, takže s tým ti moc neporadím, ale ak máš teraz v profile zapnutý cloud, tak ti súbory z adresára v dokumentoch nenačíta. Cloudové savy sa ukladajú do adresárov v steam/userdata. Skús si v profile cloud vypnúť, uložiť hru a zavrieť ju. Potom si skopíruj stiahnuté súbory do dokumentov, a skús načitať save. Ak to bude fungovať, potom si cloud môžesš znova aktivovať.
  11. Granite

    Problém s profilom

    Ak bol tvoj profil vytvorený pred 7 rokmi, vtedy ešte steam cloud hra nepodporovala, a potom čo bola táto funkcia do hry pridaná, bolo to treba v existujúcich profiloch aktivovať, samé od seba sa to na cloud nezačalo ukladať. A čo sa stalo so starým PC, alebo s jeho diskom? Bez neho ti asi nezostáva iná možnosť ako začať odznova, prípadne si stiahnuť nejaký save.
  12. Yes, they do slightly better with their own trailer, but not much. This is data related to AI drivers from "def" file economy_data.sii , part that controls their income: driver_revenue_coef_per_km: 0.67 # Revenue coefficient used during quick job and drivers jobs. driver_cargo_market_revenue_coef_per_km: 0.70 # Revenue coefficient used during cargo market jobs for drivers. ATS version of the file sets cargo market coefficient for AI drivers to 0,77 instead, so they are a little bit more efficient than their ETS2 cousins (10% vs 3% increased income with trailer). For player, default values of these coefficients are 0,9 and 1,0 respectively, these are found in the same file as well.
  13. New suggestions sections is kind of a mess now, everything unrelated is bundled together and there is a lot of them, really time consuming to look through all of that while looking for something you may want to add a comment to. There are also suggestion that should be in help section instead. There should be some categories, like Add-ons, Map modifications, QoL, Website, Discord, etc.
  14. Hey, why not give hackers another chance too? Someone banned for using cheat engine once to bypass speed limit back in 2018, becasue they were immature, might be in completely different mindset now. It's not fair to them and since you are going to raise speed limit anyway, I don't see why these people should be ruled out. Think of the benefits it would bring. Sure, I almost always make my accounts while asleep.
  15. Looks like the changes are here already, and server changes will follow shortly. Can't wait when ban evaders are back. Why not go ahead and make §2.1 just 90 days ban as well, while you are at it and be done with permanent bans altogether.
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