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  1. Granite's post in Sign placed in wrong place? was marked as the answer   
    That area is edited by Truckers MP, including that road sign, some stone walls, fences, guard rails and those billboards on the overpass. Nothing of that will appear in singleplayer, because it's part of the mod.
    They have probably intended to add traffic lights as well, but changed their mind since they would be ignored by just about everyone, and forgot to remove the sign.
    I would make it a toll road and add toll gates at both ends and at the two exits in between.
  2. Granite's post in How to enable "I can do anything" when parking double trailer in ETS2 was marked as the answer   
    OK, the easiest way  Ican think of:
    Open config.cfg located directly in Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder
    Search line:
    uset g_developer "1" - if the value is "0", change it to "1", save and exit, this will enable console commands in-game.
    Now start the game (singleplayer or multiplayer, doesn't matter, only multiplayer disables certain ommands that could be abused for cheating/trolling) and load your profile, you can press drive button to spawn in your truck.
    Press tilde key (~), the key directly bellow escape key, a console appears in top left corner.
    Type :
    g_simple_parking_doubles 0
    press enter, then press tilde key again to close the console.
    Now skilled parking should be enabled for doubles, if yes, save the game and the setting will be kept unless you load older save.
    It's actually 
    g_simple_parking_doubles 0
    Some prefabs may not have hardest parking option available, not completely sure about this.
  3. Granite's post in Double Trailer Questions was marked as the answer   
    1. No, there's no restriction zone for double trailers.
    2. Not without save editing, by default, you can only make deliveries withing countries where doubles are allowed - Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands and Finland (HCT only in Finland)
    You can try this save editing guide:
    3. Yes, rules are same for any trailer, there are no restrictions.
    However if your trailer is save edited to be longer than default trailers, or combines trailers of different types, or is not standard in any way, it must comply with paragraphs  "§3 - Save Editing" ,and 
    "§5.1 - Server Auto Kicks" -  max 3 parts trailer in ETS2  (trailer part includes dolly, so HCT are trailers with 3 parts, standard doubles and b-doubles are trailers with 2 parts)
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