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  1. If you purchase regular B-double trailer an apply "spurs of fire" paintjob, it will look like two front trailers on your screenshot, and if you purchase regular double trailer, it will look like rear two, with rear trailer compeltely black, no paintbrush at all. I'm afraid the problem is in the texture or more likely, def files, basically how SCS configured this particular paitjob fro that particular chain type.
  2. @BudokanTBThanks, guess that's another nail in the coffin for simulation. And it wasn't because situation improved that I haven't reported anyone in a while. It's becasue I spent that time in singleplayer and then in Iberia, after 1.40 update. Then I sticked my nose back into the base map, nothing has changed. Should I even bother reporting anyone anymore, or just ignore idiots and pretend they are not there? All in all, it seems to be just a waste of everyone's time.
  3. So my maximum went from 30 to 20 mysteriously, I havent't reported anyone since march. Out of 100 most recent reports 8 were declined. Was this changed again?
  4. Something really needs to change, but if you observe just a few minutes how people drive through here, I'm not so sure any map edits will be of much help. Someone shares my concerns. They tell you, just don't take WoT jobs through there. I say, why do you need this when most people driving through here will care for nothing, no matter what you do, it will help almost nothing.
  5. Sorry, but your StVO rules are stricter than the real StVO rules. I just keep following the general speed limit, any speed limits based on which country I am in or the road signage as well as the conditions and trailer/cargo limits.
  6. I wouldn't say this can be considered an easter egg. It's simply a mock up to resemble reality to avoid any legal consequences for using registered trade marks, a common practise in video game There are some examples in ETS2 that you can recognize quite easily- IKA BOHAG is IKEA, Spinelli is Pirelli, Kaarfor is Carrefour, while many are only mildly inspired by reality with name completely changed, or maybe local brand which isn't widely known, and also many are just completely made up. I think SuperCesta falls into the first category and is inspired by chain of spanish supermarkets S
  7. Whole map is 1:19, only UK is 1:15, because the original map was converted from maps of previous SCS titles back when they had like 10 employees. Don't misunderstand me, I want whole map revamped by SCS like what they did with Germany, just leave that to them. By the way area around Duisburg is already finished and will not see any changes. I know Promods map very well, and have been all over, many parts are great and many parts are untouched, making the quality vary extremely, just like the vanilla map. And as simple as "don't take WoT jobs there" sounds, I can provide similar argument
  8. Yes, I know about it and I don't agree with it. If I drive through there with WoT job I may get desynchronized and job suspended, if I try to resume, I will get teleported back in the last position somewhere in the middle of the road. There should be server with zero map modification, but TMP puts it on all servers. Why? To please one part of the community while screwing up the rest in a futile attempt to ease the load on the report system? But you probably have no idea what I am talking about, looking at your 2 days old profile and steam account with just a one game, a base ETS2, no
  9. Stop requesting improvements where they are absolutely not needed, just becasue part of the community wishes to drive on single road, making it super overcrowded, and also without ever touching brake pedal at the same time - these two things are not compatible Apart from that, tampering with the map presents problems for World of Trucks users, which is also not negligible part of the community.
  10. No way, this trailer's tare weight should be around 5 tonnes and maximum gross weight of 18 tonnes. This is big trailer for heavy trucks, looks so stupid behind a car. And it doesn't work in multiplayer as standalone trailer, and if it does, it shouldn't be allowed, because there isn't any vehicle designed to pull these - the rigid body truck. I have seen some hooked directly behind semi tractor in multiplayer and it looks so incredibly stupid, must also handle horribly and dangerously.
  11. 1B6F1C1B240B3549E9C3B0DE236A09EF0679F7D8

    I hope I don't get into trouble obeying this perfectly intelligible spangrish sign.

  12. Detours and random events are scripted events that have chance to appear in specifically predefined spots on the map. They appear as soon as you start the job and remain active until you finish the delivery. I don't see how these scripts could be possibly synchronzed for all players when there are thousands of active deliveries at a same time. The only posibility is if TMP creates their own system of random events controlled by the server, reusing existing assets. However, I don't see this very likely, as it's a lot of work and isn't really that easy to implement. Think about h
  13. I think to say that it won't have any impact on TruckersMP is a bold statement. Only time will tell as it will develop with more options and feautures. It may attract people who prefer driving in small groups and simualtion purists away from TruckersMP. Is it possible for Truckers MP to end up consisting of one infamous road crowded with random people and bigger convoys roaming anywhere on the map otherwise devoid of any life? No one can tell at the moment. In my opionion, there are several advantages over TruckersMP: AI traffic- long awaited feature in TruckersMP
  14. Excuse me, but can't agree with this statement. How is driving down the motorway on the wrong side accidental? If I see someone driving towards me in the wrong direction, I would slow down and even stop dead in my lane and press F1 if there is enough time. Because how am I supposed to know this is "pure accident" an they mean no harm? Why it is not better to stop on the shoulder, open up the map and look for alternative route or place to turn around legally, or if you are on the job, follow the route advisor, than turning around "accidentally" and drive in the wrong direction and be danger for
  15. It's funny how many people's first posts are related to this "one" road. It's understandable why it has been "chosen" for what it has become, provided the base game's full price is around 20€ nowadays and less than 5€ on sales. But don't think that trolling and bad driving is isolated to just this area, anywhere on the base map you are in the high risk zone, and even paid dlc expansions are not free of these problems. Just look at the Promods server, if you want to play there you have to purchase a lot of dlc, yet 3/4 of the server's population congregate around a single road and nearby
  16. Make sure to read the rules carefully and if you think someone violates the rules, you can report them. Namely rules §2.3 , §2.4 ,§2.5, which not nenecessarily involve crashing into others. You can use one video evidence to report multiple users, but you must create a report per each user individually. Report system doesn't allow reporting multiple users with a single report. You can wait until some of your pending reports get resolved before making more, but the evidence can't be older than 14 days at the time the report is created.
  17. It's caused by a bug in TMP, I have already reported this. Replace the exclusive steering wheel with standard one for now, and avoid quickjobs with old Stralis until the bug get fixed in the next update, hopefully. See this topic also:
  18. I have tested this , and it appears it's a bug in TMP. Cause of this is the exclusive steering wheel - I can see you have this steering wheel, which is incorrectly set as either police accessory or patron only accessory, and is hidden for general public. To continue using this truck, you have to replace it with standard steering wheel. I have reported this bug, the support ticket is still in progress. Here is a video explaining the problem and a way of fixing it temporarily:
  19. Renault Magnum is a Legend, whether you like it or not is a matter of taste. It's not a common sight on the roads anymore, almost 8 years after the discontinuation, but it remains one of the most populars trucks in Europe (proven by 23 years of uninterrupted production), which far outclassed every other truck in both comfort and power when it was launched 30 years ago. Magnum leaves it's mark in history forever, but for me it's time to move on, cause I like new trucks over anything old anyday.
  20. Why add traffic lights that almost nobody would respect, why not replace the whole crappy prefab with someething that doesn't involve left turns / crossing opposing traffic.
  21. I take it that @Xindopff is asking about non-customizable paintjobs, which don't allow you this, such as any of the standard factory paintjobs, for example Scania's "Amber Orange" or "Scandinavian Blue Metallic" paintjobs. You can only attempt to recreate these paintjobs in-game by trial and error. Most likely, the color codes need to be looked up in the game files, your saved custom colors are in the save file, though there's no need to look for them there anymore.
  22. The next step is to make it 3 lanes both ways and make those tiny gas station to a huge truck stops with 10 gas pumps and 100 parking spots, you would be surprised how smooth it would get.
  23. I have reported one or two people driving in a wrong direction, ramming intetionally like in the op's video, and they were permanently banned on the first ban. What happened probably, they were simultanously reported for exact same offence on more different occasions by other people too, and the moderator decided it was rigth to remove them from the community for good, as their only purpose was to troll. You can get permanently banned without any previous punishments even now, check §2.9 - Bans issued by the Game Moderation Management, which allows moderators to bypass §2.8 i ncases like
  24. You can't prevent hackers using external tools. I suspect that some of these guys download "trainer" (hacks) and use options that gives them more power and super stability (u-turn at +50km/h). If they use these with some brain and don't exceed speed limit when they can be seen, they are virtually undetectable.
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