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  1. I had to do a 2ND FACTORY RESET on my phone.. I turned it off today after a long time.. turned it back on, it keeps turning on and off. Factory reset is the only way out :'(

  2. State/National logics competition tomorrow, wish me luck :D

  3. When you upload a short video to YT and it's processing like 100 years -_-

  4. have to write 2 reports for school, and i have like 1 week and a half left, fuu

  5. new goal: 100,000km in Scania Streamline

    1. MrHarv98


      i keep buying trucks and putting them in garages, after seeing that pic from firestarter sold all my drivers,trucks now only 1 truck and gonna rackup the miles innit

    2. FirestarteR93
    3. FirestarteR93


      ^You shall check RubberDuck's latest posts there

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  6. bought a fresh new scania r730

  7. I can't believe it. Some blue-trans guys were so annoying in esbjerg today, they parked right where the loading dock is and i had to park there, then they said that i should leave because they're "RECORDING" and say that i'll get BANNED for parking my load there. pfft, i lost respect for this company.

  8. https://youtu.be/lWDnwTsdtaw the only dubstep track i like besides here it comes :3
  9. reliable contractor achieved

  10. the feeling when you get into your first truck that you bought

  11. Nice guide, useful for people who don't know how to properly hill-start that was me once upon a time
  12. installing visual studio 2015.. c++, c#, f#, here I come

    1. Robi47


      i used their installer from their site, installed visual c++, visual f#, cross-platform developing, etc.

    2. konfig0
    3. mikson


      You don't need everything they put there, you can uncheck some positions if you won't use they. :D

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  13. Added all the packs submitted
  14. If you're using a mod in SP which doubles the reward or makes it like 1.75x bigger or whatever, it won't work in MP, that's why it drops
  15. I couldn't access the forum this morning ;_; And I see it has ddos protection now

    1. MrHarv98


      Thought it was a browser error but when refershed page, Your browser is being checked for DDoS protection. Im like WUT. Then realised ohh new update to forum xDD

    2. Robi47


      @Kravaty i saw that topic..

  16. brb, gonna do my workout routine

  17. Download the font u want, rename it to OpenSans.tff and put it in the fonts folder
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