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  1. Sebi [GER]

    For those who played Project CARS 2...

    There is a plugin for the logitech g25/27 that also works in mp. But I don´t think there is sth similar for 90 degree wheels in particular
  2. Sebi [GER]

    Truckersmp not working Help!

    Hi, you need to downgrade your version because of the new update, following this guide: hope i could help!
  3. Sebi [GER]

    ETS2MP, OBS 720p Settings

    Try to set down the bitrate
  4. Sebi [GER]

    Can't Connect

    Just simply restart your game. If this doesn´t help, try to reinstall the mod. Greetings
  5. Sebi [GER] has been released.

    Really great update!
  6. Sebi [GER]

    is this nickname allowed?

    I think, you can use it
  7. Sebi [GER]

    Proper multimonitor setup

    ETS and ATS aren´t really supposed to run a dual Monitor Setup. You would be perfectly fine with a triple one, if your PC has enough power. Greetings
  8. Sebi [GER] has been released.

    Wuhuu, really great Job, Team!!
  9. Sebi [GER]

    ATS downgrading

    You should have a look at this Thread: Works with ATS too
  10. Sebi [GER]

    Truck speed limiters?

    Another option to solve the Market-Problem is going to sleep. That should help as well
  11. Sebi [GER]

    No Quick jobs

    If the problem continues, even if you have your own truck, you should teleport to your garage or sleep. That should help too
  12. Sebi [GER] has been released.

    Great News! Happy Truckin ^^
  13. Sebi [GER]

    Kicked from server 3 times in last 15 minutes. Ping too high

    Do you live in the USA? Maybe you should play on the US Server, ´cause it´s located a lot more near to you, than the EU Servers.
  14. Sebi [GER]

    No Font in the boxes

    Try to check the Game for integrity and reinstall the MP again...
  15. Hi there! I made a little Turorial for the People, that are new in ETS2 and ETS2MP. Sorry for the bad Quality of the Video https://youtu.be/PEabzG51riA