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  1. So triples aren't allowed in ATSMP? Why?

    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      They are allowed but you get kicked if you pick them up.

      This is a bug TMP has to fix it.

    2. fatfluffycat


      Oh I thought they banned them.

    3. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      No, no...

      Some of the players has been kicked because they have pick the triples up.

      How i said it's a bug

  2. Here is my current J-Spec truck with 456hp, and my company's new skin.
  3. Has anyone made a mod for the Schwarzmüller trailers yet?

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    2. Spieker
    3. fatfluffycat


      Thanks a bunch, really appreciate it.

    4. Spieker


      oops, I accidentally left some files from another mod I made in that scs file... *facepalm*... It still works though

  4. Would it be possible to change the company paint schemes in ETS2 from metallic to flat/normal for MP?



  5. BF1 in a nutshell 



  6. Can you see other peoples "National Window Flags" if you own the DLC or is it disabled in MP?

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    2. (ZZ-Trans) Range Quit

      (ZZ-Trans) Range Quit

      ye if you have the dlc and when you have turn it on in your settings 


    3. fatfluffycat


      That explains why I wasn't seeing other people flags, thanks.

    4. (ZZ-Trans) Range Quit
  7. Same here, crashes right as I load in.
  8. I know they said no to AI traffic 9,152 times, but what about filling empty player slots with AI?

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    2. fatfluffycat


      So it's harder to sync AI than actual players? 

    3. Trucking Australia

      Trucking Australia

      Definitely. The only possible way to have the AI into TMP is to have them running from the server to the players, instead of the players feeding the server info. This would probably overload the servers and cause them to crash

    4. TrademarkGamer


      ^just to add to that because the MP is a project run by voluenters. This means that they survive on donations and servers cost money so

  9. Is it possible to switch vanilla paint jobs on different trucks? For example 579 paint jobs on the T680 or whatever? 

    1. Forerunner


      yes. PM me what you want?

    2. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Yes I'm sure you can as you can swap the Renault racing paint from ETS2 to another truck like a Scania or a Volvo.

  10. Here's my current J-spec truck I'm driving. 17,000km so far.
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