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  1. You are doing really good job on server! We both were rammed 3 times and you did nothing, reckless overtaking and you did nothing aswell. Tell me, why you got the GA, when you are just driving and doing nothing? You can answer me here, if you didn't answer me in-game. 

    1. Ewity


      * If you want to drive normally as player, then dont log-in as administrator. 

    2. Aestrial


      Not the place.


      Complaint - [email protected]


      Admins have the right to drive around as much as they like. Nothing is wrong with admins going for a drive is there? It may have been a case of he didn't see it. But its really not the place here.

    3. CaptainKostaZ


      If have complaints against a staff member,you can email [email protected] .
      Please read the following thread first.


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