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  1. I'd think they'd mainly work more depth in towns really. Currently the areas are dead
  2. Hey, I thought I would have a say on this over the past 5-6 years being part of the community I would say watching the whole community grow to 1 million players to 2 million players 3,4 etc. It's really impressive and the thing is as well theres been other communities which were created to try and compete with TruckersMP which I will say none of them have succeeded which goes to show how hard it is to actually work and maintain a proper multiplayer mod. With how much effort and time which has gone into such a big community giving the players what they want and focusing on how they can improve it has really bought a lot of people to the community. Now, I am not saying this is mod is the most perfect thing in the world there are a couple of things like everything else which needs to improving but again it does take time and it's still in Alpha stage. However, back to the real question Where do I see TMP in the future? Well, if it keeps going at a rate as it is hopefully the community would of expanded with a lot more features to the players and hopefully will open a lot more doors for the staff team especially the developers and who knows they could be working with other 'game' developers to create something big.
  3. The first ever DLC which was the scandinavian Map DLC. So many memories were made when that came out
  4. Today is the day, 10th anniversary of Forza Horizon and oh yes I am looking forward to this one

  5. I only play it for traffic simulator All seriousness though I generally play this as its a way of meeting other people whom enjoy trucks. It's a way of driving with people and feeling like you're driving IRL instead of playing with AI
  6. I would say to get a constant flow of traffic on the C-D road there are roads which lead of to nowhere I.e Petrol station near Calais there is a dead end road I would say build on these roads and then also put a traffic light system in place therefore it would hopefully make the traffic a lot more smoother
  7. Same as most of the other answers really. My Scania R with about 96k on it my daily
  8. I've been really enjoying Joji- Glimpse of us recently... 🤔

    1. Noxii


      Doubtful Smelley

    2. Smalley


      You're still here? oh god 

    3. Noxii
  9. Couple of things I listen to when playing the game, I mainly play Truckers.FM or if I am playing my spotify it has to be normal charts. Or Tech and Deep House
  10. Unfortunately their is no way to stop the traffic. I think at this stage the C-D road is now implemented in the game and I think a lot of people would not like it if C-D ends up dying
  11. Had to be one of the longest jobs I've ever taken 



    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. Smalley


      Thank you very much 🙂 

  12. WjGUWX1.png

    Cant lie, I am in my prime 

    1. pofii


      Great truck and photo 🙂 

  13. QtRJZjF.jpg


    Making a comeback 💪

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    2. Smalley


      Ill be gone next week, Im joking Thank you guys 🙂 

    3. pofii


      Nice photo 🙂 

    4. Smalley


      Thank you very much, much appreciated! 

  14. I mean I'd be worried if I don't use my indicators at all when approaching a junction or switching lanes or even passing a parked vehicle.
  15. gav50Lu.png


    Nice little drive out today ? 

  16. wYaglxh.jpg


    Absolute rebel me ?

    1. Changas!


      Nice merc!!:HaulieExcited:

    2. Smalley


      Thank you very much ❤️ 

  17. Got Becky Hill & Wilkinson- Here for you on repeat as its such a vibe 

  18. Don't wanna be messing with my nos bottles boys and girls
  19. Note to self, Don't try the sprite challenge

  20. Wasted more then an hour in Wroclaw traffic just to be absolutely slaughtered by hackers. Lovely haha

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      happened me yesterday and when I f7 I got sent under ground and kicked from server due to lights being off at night 896749734788730880.webp?size=96&quality=lossless



    2. Smalley


      You can definitely tell truckersmp hasnt changed one bit when it comes to hackers haha 

  21. Back on the road ?



  22. Its nice to see Calais Duisburg hasn't changed ?

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