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  6. Reducing the frequency of the train would be nice, will reduce the amount of accidents that happen over there. However, I think people enjoy sitting in the traffic on the CD. There needs to be a limit however, its a bit too frequent at the moment.
  7. People are naturally more reckless on the CD road, due to many reasons (High ping, lag, choosing to be) meaning it would be easier for someone to rack up moderation score if they were to drive down the CD. It is also monitored by the moderation team normally, meaning that action is most likely already having been taken or will be taken. Whereas, I doubt moderators are sitting in random parts on the map waiting for someone to break rules with no one about. That is probably why you gain moderation points for reports outside of the CD, there is less moderation being watched. For this reason, they want to reward drivers to go off the main road of the map and start to explore a bit more, whilst also covering more of what happens moderation wise outside of the CD, thanks to reporters. You're rewarded for assisting the moderation team by watching areas they can't.
  8. On paper, this idea seems like it would work. Allowing people to drive about to patrol roads. However, there is a couple issues with this idea: 1) The time and resources The time and resources it would take TruckersMP to setup a whole new role and create perms, tag colour, moderation panel ect is too great for the reward they would be earning. Then you also have to get these people in police cars (that would have to be different to the moderator police car) on these roads whenever they are busy. 2) The moderation team already does a great job at what they do Even if these roads are not being watched 24/7 by moderators, the TMP moderation team are great at their job. The issue isn't there isn't enough of them or they are only watching the CD road, it's there is too much trouble on other roads, meaning their focus needs to be on that. The mountain road is probably a second to the CD, but the amount of people on the mountain road is nothing when you look at how busy the CD really is. Also, more experienced drivers mostly are on that road meaning the amount of moderation work that would actually have to go into it is less. 3) The same issues would still occur You can't prevent someone crashing into you by kicking them beforehand, as before that they didn't do anything. You're still going to have blockers, trollers and exploiters even if the police team where added. Adding more positions of power doesn't remove the amount of reckless behaviour on the roads, it just increases the chances of being punished for breaking TruckersMP rules. It's sort of like adding more lanes to a motorway, it doesn't reduce the amount of traffic, it increases it.
  9. It would be easier to get in and out of if they moved it off the entrance to Calais, but also then provided a second exit, then made it one way like the fuel stations. Entering one side and leaving the other. Forcing everyone to go one way out of the fuel station may actually just make traffic worse and they are all having to use the quieter roads in Calais, making them busier. Yes it may mean less slamming on the accelerator when leaving the F7, but it would just cause more traffic at other intersections that are quieter at the moment.
  10. I doubt TMP will put these resources into reworking every trailer in the game. The only way this issue could be fixed is if it was directed towards SCS, like others have mentioned.
  11. This game is a game, not real life. I see issues with your "real simulation" idea. For example I could in theory just park up at a company entrance and block anyone from entering. And are they not already enabled at fuel stations? I feel as if it's not needed. TruckersMP is meant to be a game where you can play with friends and make new ones. If you were forced to follow every single road rule, many of the great things about the game would fall away. I also feel it would cause more drivers to become reckless as rules that didn't used to be rules are now ones and they may not realise. For example: If they banned running red lights, so many players would be caught out and get moderation action taken against them. Unless absolutely required, the games rules shouldn't change something that was once allowed and deemed okay by the community and staff to become something that is now banned. The cars add a sense of realism into the game as you would not just see only trucks on a motorway. Also, staff and moderators aren't the only people who may need to use cars like if a convoy is being hosted by non-staff, they may prefer to have cars parked up instead of trucks, or drive alongside the convoy in a car. You're not going racing speeds and those who do drive at 110 are usually safe, its only a handful of bad drivers that you would pick up on as they cause the most disruption. Someone driving at 110 only puts them self at risk, no one else. To give my opinion on some other ideas, Players may also be young or new to TruckersMP and as such still need to learn how to drive with real people. Yes, maybe they should try driving on single player if they are not confident but the game will always be different in TruckersMP as you are not dealing with AI. Those who do troll, will always have the means to get back onto TMP if they want to troll. You can't stop them as they will always be here. Any online platform suffers from them. Banning someone for a year might just actually increase the chances they ban evade as they would wish to rejoin the platform sooner and they have "nothing too lose" as what are TMP going to do? Ban them again? It would be so easy to score farm if this was a thing. Most bans occur on the CD road (or in the major cities that people start at) meaning that if you were a hardcore reporter, your score could be sky high if this was disabled. Then it would cause more work for the report and moderation team as these people would have massive report scores. By preventing it, it means that 1) If you want a better report score, you need to drive off the CD road, contributing to a more realistic gameplay as people are exploring more of what the map has to offer 2) Reduces the work for the staff team as people would be unable to flood reports with minor infractions 3) Means people's report scores are not inflated just because they got 5 people banned from one CD run. Whilst your ideas do come off in good faith, and I can see where you are coming from, I do not think they fit TruckersMP. Its an online simulation that is meant to be fun and not punish you severely for stepping slightly out of line. People should be allowed to make mistakes and come back from that. Learning from bans, and progressively becoming a better driver. With VPN's being offered so cheap now, its simple to bypass IP bans and cloud gaming becoming more reliable to bypass Hardware bans, I don't see these ideas coming to TruckersMP soon, or ever.
  12. Its their option to drive at that speed, if you can drive safely at 110 then like let them. Its not the speed that is the issue, its the quality of the player driving.
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