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  1. On 8/18/2023 at 11:57 PM, MartinV90 said:

    Suggestion Name: New Ban System


    Suggestion Description: Change the way ban lengths work, so people who break rules days/weeks after their previous ban, get a more harsher ban the next time! 
    My idea is: 

    1st Offense: 7 Day Ban

    2nd Offense: 14 Days (but if this is issued within two months of your last ban, this should automatically become 28 days)

    3rd Offense: 28 days, (but if this is issued 3 months from last ban, this becomes 60 Days)

    4th Offense: 60 Days (but if this is issues with ban in last 6 months, it becomes 90 days)


    Any example images:  No

    Why it should be added: TMP Simulation 1, especially around C-D is just getting frustrating for those of us try to drive normally and realistically. And every time you go on it, you just feel like there are even more reckless drivers than last time. The current ban lengths don’t work (clearly) for repeat offenders. What my suggestion offers is still a punishment for drivers, who commit offenses 2/3 times a year BUT The big differences, if you are being reported within a certain amount of time of your previous ban, your length of ban actually increases! I personally think this is a way that you have still got a fair ban system, but it is giving longer bans to the people that get banned to close together. 







    Thanks for taking the time to suggest a new ban system in order to improve the experience of TruckersMP. Unfortunately on this occasion, I have to agree with the comments that are already said within this post. Currently, the ban system that we have is more than fair, and if we deem that players are joining for the sole purpose to break the rules, then we do apply permanent bans to players that deserve it in extreme cases. Unfortunately the idea of making the rules more stricter, won't work on this occasion. Currently, the rules are more than fair, and even 1 month bans or 3 months ban are quite long. We really don't want to be banning anymore stricter then what we are at the moment as it crosses the line between a being banned fairly, and unfairly on a game. Even 3 months is a long time to wait so we don't see it being beneifical to change this to 60 days at present. With this being said, I'm going to decline this suggestion however, thanks for taking the time to suggest and start the discussion.

    Kind Regards,

    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

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  2. On 8/29/2023 at 9:02 PM, CrazyCTRL said:


    This command Will unflip your truck. This may be hard to get inside the game,but it would help players with low end internet who cant handle highlly populated cities.what i mean by this is instead of F7-ing to Calais or Duisburg they just unflip themself.



    It should be added for low end PC users and for convinient unflipping.


    Thanks for taking the time here to suggest your improvement. Upon reviewing this I'm afraid I would agree with majority of the comments here saying how the F7 Feature works wonders. If we were to introduce such a command, this could cause more khoas then good, what if you've flipped next to a wall and use the command, do you go to the other side of the wall, or do you hit the wall when using the command and end up creating TMP's first space program due to the physics of ETS2. Given how the F7 Feature is already built into the game and is used as its needed to, there isn't really a point in having an unflip command and also it can go wrong as stated in this comment. Additionally, what's to stop you from parking next to a player and using it, and causing them damage? Due to the F7 Feature working and in place, I regret to inform you that I will reject this suggestion. While your suggestion hasn't been accepted on this occasion I sitll want to take the time to thank you for your commitment and for starting this discussion.

    Kind Regards,

    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager.

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  3. On 8/12/2023 at 2:27 AM, [GER] Kev_hapunkt said:

    Proposal Name: 
    Add the Real Simulation Server back again.

    Suggestion Description: 
    - The entire server consists of collision, including in the companies.
    - A maximum of 90 kmh may be driven on the server ( WoT). 
    - The limit in the cities is 50 kmh
    - The use of cars is not allowed. 

    - no /fix command

    Any sample images:


    Why should it be added?
    It is with great regret that a not insignificant part of the community has to realise that the servers are developing more and more into a racing event. The realistic driving and playing of a truck simulation is completely overshadowed by reckless drivers who confuse GTA with ETS and racers who drive recklessly and at completely unrealistic speeds. It has long since ceased to be about playing a realistic truck simulation with friends and others, but only about whether you can still get your freight to its destination at all. 


    That's why I would like to see, and I'm sure many others would too, a place where this truck simulation can be played in peace with friends. 


    I am always open to suggestions or other constructive opinions.

    Hi there,

    It would be absolutely awesome to have a simulation server back agian, I really miss having the simulation server, a place where mostly everyone is respecting the road rules and not a car in sight, it would be awesome to go back to it and I would fully support the idea of a simulation server returning. Unfortunately as per the last changes we did, we moved away from the simulation aspect and moved for a bit more of an arcade experience. I would love to see a server back like this as it would entice the older players such as myself to come on more, and to chill way more. I'm quite old in the community now, and several of the players that used to play don't want to return anymore due to the lack of simulation feel and prefer to keep it on convoy mode for that reason, and I can compeltely understand why they do it, as they don't want to join the mayhem of the current servers.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

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  4. On 9/20/2023 at 10:22 PM, Foobrother said:

    Suggestion Name: Fake Game Moderators on the roads


    Suggestion Description: even if it has a limited effect we all know that trolls and racing drivers are very careful when they see a Game Moderator on the road. Because if they do something wrong it will be a direct punishment. With that in mind, it would be beneficial to have the system randomly make normal players "fake game moderator". The player would look like a GM from the other players point of view, with his name in red etc... But would obviously have no power or additional feature.

    Some will say that people who have been set to "fake GM" could abuse it and do the police on the road (i.e. car driver blocking traffic etc...). But they could still be reported like any other player and real GMs could punish them for their bad behaviours.

    Some others will say that you can easily check people's profile to see if they are real GMs etc... But when you're driving you can't check it instantly.


    Why it should be added: improvement of road behaviours. Reduction of reports. No need for more staff for that. Probably fairly easy to implement.


    Thanks for taking the time to raise this suggestion, I can see members of the gm team have already stated a few opinions in here that I fully agree with and fully respect, specially the points raised by @El Reja. Currently, you are correct, when people see GM's around, they'll drive more carefully, then the second we disappear, they start driving normally, it's like real life, I know some people that slam their brakes on when the see IRL police cars in fear of getting caught speeding or similar and it's only natural. The idea of fake GM's won't work. They wouldn't have any power in game, and would just get targetted. Not to mention by allowing fake GM's, we'd also be going against our impersonation rule, and that would lead to uncessicary bans there. For the reasons I've mentioned here, and the reasons mentioned above, I'm afraid I'm going to be declining this suggestion. While your suggestion hasn't been accepted on this occasion, I still thank you for the time taken to suggest improvements to our modification.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

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  5. On 9/21/2023 at 1:44 AM, Somehow Lucky said:

    Suggestion Name: Give Admins Options for a "Police Truck"

    Suggestion Description: This idea is to give Admins of the community some options to have a police truck. By doing so, they won't be restricted to the Police Skoda anymore and gives them an additional option.


    How this works

    • Admins can have a skin option that makes it very obvious they are a police truck. The skin could be something like the TMP Logo with "Admin Police", or their staff rank.
    • Admins can also have an accessory option to add police lights and the siren. This lets them stay incognito in a normal looking truck. But with police lights.

    Expand it to the bus also and trailers. Imagine an admin with double trailers.


    Any example images: 


    Why should it be added?: Even if most places in the world don't have these, think about it for the community.

    • Admins can be tracked with the online button, (they should have an option to appear offline).
    • Majority of the community knows about the police car.
    • Trolls won't be expecting an admin to be in a police car or police bus.
    • It gives the admins something else to be in. To mix it up. Perhaps their pre staff truck, but with police lights? Or a trailer with the police skin (in "how it works") that can be hidden in a line of trucks.


    As state said above, the concept of a police truck has come up a few times internally, and is most definitley something that has been confirmed as something we'll see in the future. Unfortunately there isn't an ETA or anything similar, but for now I'm going to accept this suggestion as there are plans for a police truck but unfortunately there is no ETA to when this will come out. Thanks for taking the time to suggest an improvement to our modification.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager.

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  6. On 8/8/2023 at 4:11 AM, MartinV90 said:

    Suggestion Name: Harsher bans for car users


    Suggestion Description: There is no secret cars are an absolute nightmare, especially the ones that drive them to deliberately cause chaos. The game is called “Euro TRUCK Simulator 2” and therefore there really isn’t any need to even be driving cars, but you don’t want to ruin it for the people that are driving them and following the rules. My suggestion is to double the ban length for a person who is driving a car that is deliberately driving reckless, blocking, swerving in and out of traffic etc. So if you’d normally get 14 day ban, make it 28 even if first ban!!) if you’d get 30 days, it becomes 60 days.


    Any example images: No


    Why it should be added: You don’t want to remove cars completely, because there are plenty of drivers who follow the rules, but I strongly feel it is about time harsher bans were given to car users who deliberately go out there way to cause chaos, who break rules…. TMP most annoying part in my opinion is these types of car users. By doubling the ban length for these types of drivers, you are sending out a very clear message… That it won’t be tolerated! Drivers of cars will then “hopefully” respect the rules more, leading to better experience for everyone!! 


    Thanks for taking the time here to create your suggestion, one that has caught my eye while I've been working on the public suggestions. I'd like to say that I read your suggestion, and put myself in your shoes before answering. As a player it's always annoying when you're just minding your own buisness and someone descides to come and troll or crashes into you and you get cargo damage or truck damage it's really annoying. I can appreicate the annoyance when you're driving fine and get caught up. It doesn't seem like a very good idea to ban users for longer just because they're driving a car. Eventually, someones going to have the mindset that if I drive a bus, or a truck I can drive into you, and only get x amount of time instead of the car. To give you some insight on how we handle things internally though, those that break the rules are punished accordingally, and if we deem it appropriate, bans can get extended. Additionally, in some scenarios as you may or may not see, there is the rule 2.9 that allows us to extend bans if we feel the users sole purpose isn't to play fairly with others, and to cause havok, in this case it bypasses the usualy 2.8 rules. Therefore I regret to inform you that on this occasion I'm going to reject this suggestion as we won't ever ban someone harshly for their choice of vechicle, we ban solely on the offences of that user that has been comitted. While your suggestion isn't accepted on this occasion I'd like to thank you for taking the time to engage the start of this discussion.

    Kind Regards,

    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

  7. On 5/11/2020 at 10:04 PM, Guest said:

    Suggestion Name - Ford Ranger for Admin & Pilot cars

    Suggestion Description - A Ford Ranger could be added into TMP as an Admin and or Pilot car.

    Suggestion Images - N/A

    Why should it be added? -


    Hey guys
    I thought I would drop you a feedback or suggestion ticket regarding an idea I have got for MP, now if I have sent this to the wrong department then I apologise though having had some thought on this and discussions with pilots in game, pilots within my VTC plus one other we would like to see a new addition being considered and or brought in for both the admins themselves and for pilots especially.

    Now the Scout car maybe good though we feel that it isn't really pilot material and as you know it has only been abused by players in-game by using it to ram or block other players, generally causing grievances especially to VTC's. And I am not going to say that the admins should remove them because I know that you use them yourselves which is fine.

    However the suggestion I'd like to make is for there to be a Ford Ranger added in as a new pilot / admin vehicle.
    The reason I make this suggestion is that I feel along with others that the Ford Ranger is more suitable for that role with escorting convoys and or in general admin duties, and if this could be implemented then this could be a thing exclusively for both admins and VTC's / Piloting groups to use which can be requested by them over the website as by doing it that way it would also eliminate the possibility of them being abused by the trolls in game and it would give the admins a good opportunity to make sure the VTC or piloting group are indeed legit and would use it for the sole purpose it would be implemented for.

    As advised to post this here :)


    Given how there is a range of different vechicles now, specially the different alternating videos, I'm going to accept this suggestion.

    Kind regards,

    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager.

  8. On 6/13/2020 at 12:51 PM, [GER] Kit said:

    Suggestion Name: Sound Mods in Multiplayer

    Suggestion Description: Adding sound mods to the multiplayer (ProMods + Vanillaserver)

    Any example images: n/a

    Why should it be added?: Due to the fact, that SCS has (unfortunately) screwed up the stock sounds of the engines with FMOD, TruckersMP should support a small band of sound mods (like Kriechbaum's ones).

    In my opinion, this would be a really great addition and we all know, what will happens often in tunnels (slow down, windows down, set a lower gear and give fullspeed = POG) and people who don't have the mod are having the default sounds :D



    Maurice Bailey

    Hi Kit,

    Thanks for taking the time here to reach out to make an improvement to our modificatioin. I'm sorry that you haven't got any response from one of us sooner but... I'd like to give you some insights, As you are aware, TMP only supports specific mods like the spring, and winter mods, the trouble is if we have to support lots of different sound mods, it means that everyone would need these too, and this could cause issues similar to how FMOD took a while for us to port the game to the latest version however... Currently, there are local mods where you're able to modify the sound of your engines without affecting other people, for this reason I'll decline this suggestion but never the less, I'd stil llike to say thank you for engaging the start of this discussion to improve the driving experience.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

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  9. On 6/23/2020 at 6:48 AM, - Pink Ribbon - said:

    Suggestion Name: Vanish/Ghost Mode for Game staff

    Suggestion Description: A command for Game staff to vanish/ghost mode when they free am in the middle of the road. 

    Any example images: N/A

    Why should it be added?: I don't fully know the rules or guidelines staff have when using their tools etc but I've seen some cases where they've stopped in the middle of the road or even stopped suddenly to follow someone or do a command and other users have unfortunately crashed into them causing accidents. 

    Last night a game staff was in the middle of the road around a bend which had a green hedge so it was a blind corner so I quickly tried to avoid to overtake but still scraped into them. Then the anxiety kicks in if the player trying to avoid the game staff gets kicked or banned. So if the staff had a vanish command where they can be invincible to others and hidden so other players can't crash into them. 

    This command would be used if they can't pull over safely to the side as I mentioned in the beginning I don't know their guidelines if they have to pull over to execute commands or if they can just stop randomly to do them. 


    Thanks for taking the time to suggest your idea of the vanish/ghost mode for game staff. Sorry that your suggestion has gone quite a signifcant amount of time without any acknolwedgement from any of us. As a moderator, I can confirm that one of the hardest things to do is infact to both moderate and drive. There are a lot of different ways that I tackle this problem, but equally, the idea of a vanish mode sounds good in essence, but the question is what happens whern the mdoerator turns it off to then begin driving? The truck behind could mistake it, and drive through you as you turn it off, and this results in flying trucks or similar. Therefore, a command like this may not be the best way to go but there are other ways to tackle this issue. As this idea may cause more harm then good, I'm going to decline this suggestion.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

  10. On 6/5/2023 at 12:38 PM, Foobrother said:

    Hi all,


    Suggestion Name: Having not counted short bans for web-reports which deserved a kick but were not treated in-game by GMs.

    Suggestion Description: 

    I don't know if it is due to an increase of offenses or less time for GMs (or both), but I personally very rarely get my in-game reports treated before they timeout. At least 90% of them are timing out. This is even worse on Promods server where it is clear (and normal) that you have less Game Moderators around.

    So when your in-game report is timing out you end up with 2 options:

    • just accept that this player will continue playing without any punishment for his/her offense(s)
    • post a web-report to get him/her punished later


    The problem with the second option is that for small offenses which deserve only a kick (i.e. people jumping the queue without crashing into anyone or someone blocking the road for a few minutes, etc...), your web-report will possibly end-up being declined by the GM because it would "only deserve a kick".

    So you end-up with a player making an offense and not being punished at all for it. And if this player plays on Promods and continue with these offenses, he/she is very likely to not be punished (or very rarely) because it would "only deserve a kick" in-game but 90+% of the time no-one would treat the web-reports.


    To solve/help with this specific scenario/problem I suggest we introduce 1 or 2 days bans which wouldn't be counted towards the number of total bans.


    Why it should be added: 

    That way:

    • A web-report will not be declined even if there was a clear offense deserving a small punishment
    • A punishment will be given to educate the player
    • It won't be too hard as it's just a couple of hours ban and the ban doesn't have any impact on the future ones (the future ban won't be longer due to this small ban in the player's history)



    Any enhancements to the above are welcome.

    Hi Foobrother,

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out to suggest this. Speaking from turth experience, there has always been a massive difference between the kickable offences in-game and the web report system as we can't really offer a kick from the web report system however. I do agree with you that there is more we can do to even out the punishment standards between the game and the webreport system. From an internal prespective, we are at a stage where we will be heavily pushing towards better activity within the game envrionment to deal with more in-game violations so they don't need to reach the web report system. The topic that you raised is a constant battle between the team, in terms of finding the correct balance. Currently, to give you some insider information on what goes on behind closed doors is soemtimes when a user does something that is perhaps not bannable, but would be kickable, there is something in place, but I do agree that this system can be worked on. We're constantly trying to even the playing field but it's difficult to find the happy medium. I'm going to accept your suggestion as it's a constant work in progress.

    Kind Regards,

    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

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  11. On 5/30/2023 at 9:30 PM, LupiTimon said:

    I would like to suggest adding something to show the number of current bans.

    It's the same as showing how many players are currently online. I am personally very interested in how many are currently banned. This is to get a sense of how many players are banned and how much work game moderators are doing. I want to know the differents between online player, tmp players and banned players.

    Private information such as TruckersMP ID or name should not be displayed, just a number. The same as with how many players are currently online on which servers etc.

    I just want to see the comparison between the total players and banned players out of interest.
    So to get a general feel for the system/ban/report system of TruckersMP.
    Whether it has to be an advantage for the community is not my intention, just as it is not my intention to "expose" others because of their bans

    I hope this is explained sympathetically and I have no bad intentions against the TruckersMP team or other players.

    Advantage for the community can be to get a feel and comparison for the topic "Ban" or "ban system" of truckersMP.
    That can also answer some questions why the report system is so high. maybe 🙂

    Online Players: 6 780 (Whole TruckersMP)
    Registered users: 5,000,000 ...(only an example!)

    Banned Players: 574 (i dont know, really, thats why i suggest this)
    Simulation 1: 3 597

    Simulation 2: 386



    Thanks for taking the time to reach out and start this suggestion. After looking into your suggestion closer, I'm not really confident that this type of suggestion would be an improvement to our current systems. While it would be nice to get more insights to staistics, I can't really see that bringing this out would benefit anyone except their curiousity. With this being said, I'm gonig to decline this suggestion for now as It won't really improve anything and is only a curiosity aspect. Even though we're not going to accept this on this occasion, I'd still like to say thanks for taking the time to start the discussions on an idea to improve the experience of TruckersMP.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

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  12. On 5/13/2023 at 8:41 PM, Mineeral said:

    Hello, today I would like to emphasize the structuring of rules, their strengths, the issues related to bugs, the impact of internet connection, and the influence of different players on the gameplay of TruckersMP.


    Firstly, let's discuss the technical issues encountered on TruckersMP. As you know, numerous videos testify that TruckersMP and Euro Truck Simulator 2 are filled with bugs (cars passing through the ground, trucks flying, trailers skidding, and with recent updates, trucks even jumping on their own). All of these, among others, are major problems that often occur during TruckersMP sessions. These bugs can disrupt the gaming experience by introducing unexpected elements and affecting gameplay.


    Now, let's address the matter of internet connection and performance issues. First and foremost, an unstable or slow internet connection can result in delays, lags, and disconnections while playing online. This can make communication with other players difficult, cause unforeseen accidents, or even lead to penalties in the game. And it is true, keeping a safe distance is often reminded and emphasized.

    Now, I will delve into the subject of players. Each player has their own playing style. Some prefer to adopt a realistic approach, diligently adhering to traffic rules, while others may embrace a more chaotic and unpredictable approach. Players' actions and decisions can influence interactions with others. Moreover, each action taken by a player is unique, and each situation and accident is different. The speed of players and the peripherals they use can also alter the outcome of a situation.


    Let's take an example: I am a player driving a truck with a trailer next to a gas station, amidst heavy traffic. One player is stopped in front of me, waiting to enter the station, while other players are coming from the opposite direction. (This situation is common on the Calais-Duisbourg road in TruckersMP.) Let's continue the example: now, the person in front of me is slightly on the opposite lane. Therefore, I decide to calmly overtake them, being cautious from their right side to continue straight.

    However, there can be issues related to recent updates of ETS2 (1.46) with lowered suspensions, which can sometimes cause the truck to shake or jump, especially at high speeds (or not, but more rarely depending on the following factor), as well as due to FPS or latency problems. Consequently, I may unintentionally end up colliding with the person in front of me, and logically, I am at fault, that's clear. However, there is a significant problem. What is it? Simply put, I did not intend to collide with the other player. My intention was simply to pass straight without causing a collision. However, due to all the aforementioned circumstances, my truck and I ended up doing something that violates the server's rules.


    It is important to note that the rules are clear but poorly illustrated. According to rule (2.2) Collision, it states: "Intentionally causing or attempting to cause a collision with another player or as a result of negligence." This means that it pertains to situations involving two players and not a player colliding due to a bug or unintentional circumstance. In this case, since I did not have full control over my actions due to a game issue, there is a certain legal ambiguity, so to speak. Therefore, I cannot be considered at fault. (The same reasoning applies to other rules.)


    I would also like to address the issue of screen recording during gameplay. While it can be important in certain situations, it is crucial to consider that some players may not be able to do so due to technical limitations of their computers or privacy concerns. Although it may be highly unlikely, it is important to acknowledge that, typically, when facing a ban, it is usually necessary to provide video evidence by the reporting individual. In this case, the player should be able to explain their perspective using such evidence, describing step by step how the situation unfolded.


    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and understanding the points I wish to clarify and see improved in the future. I truly wanted to explain why, from my perspective, the game rules have been misunderstood and poorly structured, taking into account all possible situations.


    Thanks for taking the time here to make a suggestion to improve the experience of the game. I'm sorry you've waited quite some time to get an official response from one of us. From a game moderation management prespective, I'd like to give you a little insight to how we process reports on the website or game, in each report we always look out for signs of desync and factor this into our choice before making an assessment. Infact, I'd like to share a guide below that one of our moderators created to help spot the difference between desync, and hacking. While it's a different topic, it gives you an insight to how we look for desync within these reports. We appreicate that there are times where desync cannot be helped, and desync is the result of a few collisions. It's one of the reasons why I'm never keen for people that have heavy desync to drive in such popualted areas due to issues that can be caused such as FPS. This is why I never sit behind people close, I always leave enough distance that they could lag back, and I can safely come to a stop if needed.

    The Guide -

    Witth this being said I'm going to decline this for now, as before we punish violators, we always check to see if desync is there. Even though we've decided to decline this on this occasion, I'd still like to take the time here to say thanks your suggestion to improve the experience. Even though your idea wasn't considered, I sitll can't thank you enough for starting the discussion.

    Kind Regards,

    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager.

  13. On 5/13/2023 at 7:15 PM, [GER] AndyBlackknight said:

    What I would celebrate if gm's etc. kind RP do e.g. general traffic control, punish if they catch you for driving too fast. with a 10-minute ban on the next parking lot, etc


    to German: Was ich feiern würde, wenn gm´s usw. art RP machen z.b allgemeine Verkehrskontrolle, strafen, wenn die einen erwischen wegen zuschnelles fahren. mit einem 10 min ban auf dem nächsten parkplatz usw. 


    Würde abwechslung auf Truckersmp bringen

    Hi there,

    Thanks for taking some time here to suggest an imporvement to the in-game experience. Currently, as you may or may not know, we are shifting our focus as per the latest blogpost to moderation ingame. WIth this in mind... Scenarios like this are exactly the type of moderation we'd love to see in-game as well as handiling the in-game reports. With this being said I'm going to mark your suggestion as accepted.

    Kind Regards,


    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

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  14. On 1/6/2020 at 10:09 AM, Save said:

    Suggestion Name: Create a police paintjob for trucks for admins to use.

    Suggestion Description: A police paintjob for the trucks should be similar looking to the one found on admin cars so players will have little chance get confused. If possible there should also be a police beacon and a siren for trucks.


    Any example images: I guess this will do. This is a police truck from the UK. 


    Source: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/local-news/police-use-own-articulated-lorry-to-check-106535


    Why should it be added?: This will give the admins freedom of choice to drive either a car or a truck, if they want to drive around as police using a police paintjob. Not only that police trucks would be much more visible to players from a distance.


    Thanks for taking the time to suggest an improvement to our game and sorry it's taken so long to get an official response from someone. I think that your suggestion would be an awesome idea, and a police skin on a truck would be awesome. I'm going to accept this suggestion but unfortunately there is no ETA to when we'll see this in-game.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

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  15. On 9/21/2019 at 1:15 PM, Chemistry_TMP said:

    Suggestion Name: as the title

    Suggestion Description: Add the command about traffic.

    Any example images: None

    Why should it be added?: now, the traffic information for each city is now available on krashnz's traffic tab. But many users would have hoped to see the traffic in the game. The following is an example of command usage.


    /population <City>

    -> this command is allowed all TruckersMP Player. 


    For example, on Simulation 1 server, you may want to see the people in Calais city. You just have to go to the site to see it. Therefore, I want this command to be added.

    Hello old friend,

    Thanks for taking the time to suggest your new command in-game to show various levels of activity in our servers. Currently, there are lots of other modifications for TMP like Trucky, and other tools like the TMP Helper tool that report busy areas of the game. With this being said, I don't think implementing a command in game when other modifications do this perfectly would be beneifical. With this being said, I'm going to reject your suggestion however, even though we're not accepting your suggestion on this occasion I'd still like to take the time to say thanks for taking the time to suggest an improvement to our game.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager.

  16. On 5/8/2023 at 12:37 PM, Lince.TMP said:

    Suggestion Name: Driver Rating System

    Suggestion Description: This is a system of "Rating" for each player based on his traffic offences and drive overhaul on TMP.

    Any example images: N/D

    Why should it be added?:

    The game itself is provided of a system to detect crashes, crossing with red light and overspeed.
    Why don't create a system of rating for each driver, with which every traffic offense subtracts points and each km/mile driven add points? 
    It may be shown next or up to the name and have a color gradiation from green to red based on the rank.
    May be a good system to tempt players to drive following rules, without forcing them and it's a good resource to know if another player, maybe behind or in front of us, is a dangerous driver.


    These are some EXAMPLES:

    Red light: -1 point when more then 5 players nearby
                     -3 points when more than 20 players nearby
    Crash to player: -3 points
    Crash to object: -1 point
    Wrong Way: -1 point every 30 seconds
    Speeding: -2 points (Speed Cameras putted is critical points, mapped in game and with alert signals)
    Km / Mile travelled: +1 point every 150km / 90miles

    POSSIBLE RANKS: (Min. -70 & Max. +70)

    Dangerous driver | from -51 points to -70 points
    Bad driver | from -21 to -50 points
    Unskilled driver | from -1 to -20 points
    Novice | 0 points (Neutral and starting rank)
    Skilled driver | from +1 to +20 points
    Master driver | from +21 to +50 points
    Legendary driver | from +51 points to +70 points

    Hope you like this idea and also if you don't like it, I love you guys!
    Peace brothers.


    Thanks for taking the time here to suggest your idea of a ranking system to TMP. Currently, there are lots of other modiciations that are fit for the game such as VTC world, and many others that can offer your simulation like experience that you're wanting. Unfortunately TMP has moved away from the simulation aspect as it's not in the community's favour to follow such a program anymore. With this being said, adding in your ranking system would have been appropriate if we were still following the road to simulation path. As we aren't currently doing this anymore, I regret to inform you that we will be declining your suggestion unfortunately. Even though your suggestion has been declined on this occasion, I'd like to still take the time to say thank you for this suggestion.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager.

  17. On 5/5/2023 at 3:07 PM, TruckerAres said:

    Suggestion Name: Ban VTC advertisement in chat.

    Suggestion Description: Banning the advertisement of VTC's in in-game chat.

    Any example images: Not really a suggestion I can give a picture of...

    Why it should be added:

    Every time I join Truckers MP to do a drive, chat, or do anything of the sort, the chat is always spammed with illegible VTC advertisements that get really annoying and having a chat with anyone is near impossible. I'm not saying to ban VTC advertisement as a whole (that's just stupid), but at least ban it in in-game chat due to there being more 'official' ways of advertisement (such as the TMP discord or renting TFM(or other radio stations) advertisement slots) than spamming in-game chat and annoying the hell out of other people.


    I'm really interested in other peoples thoughts, so please, anyone that has any constructive comments, please, comment and let your opinion known


    Thanks for taking the time to suggest your improvement to our game and sorry that it's been a while before any recongition was made with your suggestion. After some careful consideration reading not only your suggestion, but other players views... I regret to inform you that we're going to be declining this suggestion. While I appreciate it's annoying to get the same message if you're parked up in a city for 5/10 minutes but provided it's not constantly spammed, it's not really against the rules except from event servers where that specific event rule states not to adverties other VTC's. Our community is quite big and diverse, and these messages are always nice to see in the game as different parts of the community are trying to reach out to engage you to interact with our communnity. Back when TMP first went public, we used to have lots of different advertisements in gams, promoting various radio stations and such. These stopped but I really don't see why we need to block VTC's from engaging with the community so therefore we will reject this.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

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  18. On 4/4/2023 at 3:31 PM, Guest Necromancer&#x27;s Ghoul said:

    Suggestion Name: A queue counter for the web reports

    Suggestion Description: I think a queue counter for web-reports would be a useful feature. If this suggestion is accepted, the created report number at the top right will be added to the right side in the queue part. The last checked (Accepted/Declined) report number will also be added on the left side. 

    Any example images:  Ip0NHpL.png

    Why it should be added:  The report load on the website can be heavy at times. This makes us wonder when our reports will be claimed. I even saw a lot of messages on discord about this situation, believe this will be a useful feature. A queue counter between the number of the LAST report which accepted or declined by the moderators and the number of the new report created by the users would solve this situation. The queue counter can also be coloured and offer in a more understandable way.


    Thanks for taking the time to suggest improvements to our report system. Unfortunately after some careful consideration I regret to inform you that we won't be accepting this suggestion on this occasion. Currently, on the web report system we have the status that imply the workload of the report system. As you may or may not know, sometimes when you report players, some reports get claimed quicker then others, meaning that your suggestion here wouldn't be accurate as resports can get accepted before the older ones. This isn't always the case but due to this constraint, having a queue field in your reports wouldn't really benefit you as it wouldn't be an accurate representation of when the report will be answered. With this being said, I'm going to reject your suggestion but I'd still like to take the time to say thanks for the suggestion to improve the reporting experience.

    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager.

  19. On 4/3/2023 at 10:16 AM, GWRyan said:

    Suggestion Name: TruckersMP should add drivers licences.

    Suggestion Description: They should make it so you have to pass an easy driving test to be able to get onto simulation 1 and drive 110kmph (68mph) with collisions and then you should have to pass a harder driving test to get onto simulation 2 and Promods. You wouldn't need a licence to play on arcade because it has no collisions. You would be able to do the tests as many times as you want so if you aren't a good enough driver when you take a test then you could practice and then do it again later and pass.

    Why it should be added: I think they should be added because it would improve the overall experience for good drivers and it would make it harder for hackers to get into the collision servers because they would have to pass a test to get in every time they make a new account, therefore reducing the amount of hackers online per day.


    Thanks for taking the time to use our suggestion area to improve the experience on the game. After some careful consideration I'm afraid I'm going to reject this suggestion. This is something that has been suggested previously both internally, and externally and occasionally, I see similar suggestions in the feedback tickets that I Deal with. Currently, as others have said, we've turned the tides back slightly resulting in us going back to basics and not following the exact road to simulation path. It's worth remembering that while it's a good idea, please take into consideration the playerbase, not everyone knows how to drive, and by introducing a driving test simulation type of scenario, we are going to be diving the community up. For example, if a VTC has multiple steps of a joining process, you're not going to want to join that specific VTC, you'll join one that has an easier onboarding process. We would like for our playerbase to enjoy the game, and not make it chore like.


    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

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