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  1. 2 minutes ago, Titanic4 said:

    Well, this feature seems to be quite useful. Also, what about making jobs for owned trailer? 

    I imagine this could be a feature added at a later date, atleast I would hope so! 😄


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  2. Hello!

    I tend to play ATS quite often for long peroids of time, It might be worth remembering that medal tv can help you record the last x amount of seconds if you ever end up in an ancident as you're able to report them! Furthermore, don't forget that there's a report function in the actual game it's self, feel free to use this if rules are quite clearly being broken!

    Kind Regards,


    Fezz98 ~ TruckersMP Game Moderator Trainer

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  3. Looks to me like it's in the steam cloud, if you click your profile and then click on EDIT, then untick the steam cloud option, you'll find it turn up in the usually place in documents. Alternatively, you may find it here. Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\steam_profiles

  4. I think it's fair to say that while this sounds like a really good idea, I think if it was actually used it would become very messy quite quickly, sure they have the distance from the trucks and such, but if you're in a high populated area, it's going to get very messy to look at tab, while you can close it I think that it's not going to work. I think the distraction would be too great.

  5. I would quite like to see soemthing like this added in because the amount of people that abuse the CB. Furthermore, I would also like the idea that muting their CB can also disable their PM's to you in the game.

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