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    1. Binsto


      I din't understand what penguin said all the video but 0:15 got me ? @Penguin

  2. w/@TheDreamer7up :HaulieLove:



    and with fruit thief @Krewlex :kappa:


    1. Mr TheDreamer

      Mr TheDreamer

      Oh it's a nice one ! thanks for sharing this my new friend. ?

    2. Krewlex


      Did you steal any fruit while being parked there? ?

    3. Binsto


      sorry i may have put a few in my glove box ? @Krewlex

  3. I am a factory worker, working on irrigation systems. If you have questions, don't hesitate! http://agrocansulama.com/agrocan1/
  4. Cant wait for this event!
  5. Yes, I did that recently too and I couldn't find the 4th account. Maybe it was a bot, so it's designed for the mod but not integrated. And also It could be someone deleted their account as others have said.
  6. Yes, thanks to games such as ets2 and city car, my steering control has improved a lot. This is the most important thing in the driving exam and the inspectors pay attention to it. Playing these games contributes to the learning of traffic rules. But i want to suggest never compare it to real experience. The vehicle you drive, the condition of the traffic, the weather or even the type of road can affect your driving. Do not miss your driving lessons. Drive safely!
  7. I don't like night drives. It can be a problem for me, especially on crowded roads. There was a command I used from the console, I don't know if it's still active. The first thing I did when I entered the game was to turn it into daytime. But as you said it's a great idea to watch the sunrise.
  8. I don't know you, maybe we met a few times in the game. Maybe you lived miles away from me, maybe the languages we spoke were different. But I must say that the pain I felt in my heart after receiving the news of your death is indescribable. Thank you for your service. Rest in peace David ❤️

  9. [ENG] Hello, First of all, my romanian is not good. Sorry about that. I have forklift driver license in Turkey. I will come to Romania for work and do I need to take my forklift driver license there again or can I turn it into Romania forklift driver license? Thanks for the help. [RO] În primul rând, românul meu nu este bun. Îmi pare rău pentru asta. Am permis de șofer cu stivuitoare în Turcia. Voi veni în România pentru muncă și trebuie să -mi iau din nou permisul de conducere de stivuitor acolo sau pot să -l transform în permisul de conducere al lui România? Multumesc pentru ajutor.
  10. Happy birthday buddy! ? :HaulieLove:


    1. Penguin


      Thank you! Waddle On ❤️

  11. Looks good. I've watched a few videos about it and haven't bought it yet. Now renault trucks will get rid of the simple look.
  12. Hello @LATAM001 That is not possible. I tried to do it with save edit before but it doesn't work.
  13. Binsto

    Why is CD so popular?

    Actually, we should ask: What/who makes these road popular? (Like the current route from Innsbruck to Klagenfurt.) To answer this question, we need to go to the last months of 2016. This could be an update. The changes made on the way may have attracted the change of the players and directed there. Easier overtaking or the possibility of long driving are among the advantages of the calais - duisburg route. It could be because of a certain audience. This could be vtcs or youtubers. Convoys or streams made there may have placed traffic there. Which supports the above answers, its no dlc zone. Anyone who buys the game can drive there without needing anything else.
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