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  1. As title Recently I created a save edit trailer and I want to upload it to the steam workshop, how to take the trailer data out from the game.sii and make it to be a mod?
  2. I am not too familiar with European trucks still. I went on the internet and I found there is a Scania 4 series, 5 series and 6 series. What is the difference between 4/5/6 series?
  3. Hello These days I am trying save edit. But where is the game.sii placed? I didn't see them in "documents/EuroTruckSimulator2/profile"
  4. Except from Promods Europe, which promods map is supported on TruckersMP?
  5. Thanks for the explanation But I still have a question: What is save editing
  6. As title Like any trailer/cars etc ? Many thanks
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