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  1. I am looking forward to 1.44 release as soon as in TMP, because Austria is reworked. That's pretty
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  3. 你好 每一个TMP账号是和steam账户的游戏匹配连接的,所以一个账号只能使用你原始注册的steam账户登录游戏。 希望这能帮到你 祝好 PRC*LongmenInt'I.066
  4. Absolutely, especially if you want to get a better driving experience. I look forward to every new map DLC release, it always brings new things to improve my experience.
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  6. King of the road Scania Best power and exquisite interior design, specially V8?
  7. During each happy weekend play with one or two friends to meet different players on the crowded road, enjoy different pleasures.
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  10. Scania, because I appreciate interior design and power
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  12. I don't have a trucker's license. In my view I think maybe real truckers or they have a license, they will have a different game experience. Because the game will always be different with real life.
  13. Krone and Schwarzmüller. Because its support more diffrent paintjobs mods.
  14. White and cyan, but sometime I try to use some paintjobs mods from workshop to improve the game.
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  16. Happy Birthday! ??

  17. The roads in America are relatively single, and the scenery along the way is not very good. So more people will still choose ETS
  18. 其实都不错,就是达夫的设计风格我不是很喜欢。
  19. In my view its impossible. It's true that those places are prone to accidents, but it won't be deleted unless there are alternatives.
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