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  1. Yes, this worked, and can i enable it later again and will the tank size stay? Thank you Edit: Still encrypted, can you add me on discord?
  2. Hello friend, there is no folder in the profiles folder, and when i open the steam profiles folder, there is, i open my profile and there is no save folder, just the gearbox and whatever files, help?
  3. Hello guys, thank you for the answers, im already using a 4x2 chassis, that is the reason it is annoying, i would use the 6x4? but michelin does not support paintjobs so nope thanks, as i mentioned it is 400L and about 65L/100km it is every second gas station, and it is annoying. I will try everyting mentioned up here
  4. Hello, few days ago i could use mods in truckersmp no problem, i had an fuel tank mod (400>580L), next day i wanted to play, and saw that mod manager in mp couldnt find the file anymore (even through it is working in sp and is there, a workshop mod), 2 days later the mod manager is telling me mods are disabled in mp. Why? It is really annoying to fill up that 400l tank at almost every gas station. Any way to enable mods? Increase fuel tank without mods? Mod still sworks in sp
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