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  1. Thanks for your follow!❤️

  2. Congrats for promotion!?

  3. I prefer to play alone, because I can use mods to improve the game, such as graphic and engine sound fix...That's funny and comfortable feeling!
  4. Happy birthday!!!??

  5. MAN TGX Euro6/ Mack Anothem 70 inch Sleeper
  6. For map I use Promods, about graphic use JBX and PNG you can find info video at YouTube.Trucks is Scania PGRS and physics by Frkn64 from workshop. Truck interior improve and sounds mods is from ETS2 mods web. Have fun! ?
  7. Scania S & R / MAN TGX Euro 6
  8. Congrats for promotion!?

  9. Congrats for promotion!?

  10. Thanks for your follow!

  11. of course, Promods has improve the graphic and create new city than official map. I am more enjoy playing Promods with JBX Graphic mods in the offline game, nice
  12. Congrats for promoted! ?

    1. Caramba2412


      Thank you very much! ❤️

  13. Congrats for promoted! ?

  14. 加来/CD路在服务器里一直都是比较热门的地区,增加信号灯确实改善了秩序并且避免了一些事故。但是遵守规则游玩才是最重要的。以上只是我个人的观点
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  16. Congratulation!?

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      Thank you :HaulieLove:

  17. Base Map: Liverpool (UK) DLC Vive Le France: Nantes (FR) DLC Iberia: Lisboa (Portuguese) DLC Italia: Turin (Italy) DLC Scandinavia: Odense (Denmark) DLC Going East: Lodz (Poland) DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea: Liepaja (Latvijas) DLC Road to the Black Sea: Pleven (Turkey)
  18. Awesome, I am looking forward this event
  19. Happy birthday ! ??

  20. Sweden, because the freeway toll station is auto-pass. ?
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