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  1. New server with enforced traffic rules

    -1 although it might be “realistic” it takes away the element of fun that TMP was made for, where you can get in and just drive with friends and not be disturbed. Not only that but it’s near impossible to regulate such strict rules unless you use automatic systems which need a hell of a lot of coding to be made fair,. Not to mention the fact that not everyone deals in European metric kmh so saying people HAVE to do 90kmh is hard when you do t use kmh in the first place. ideally, the best solution would be to take a dead server and repurpose it with insanely strong rules and anyone who wants to rp being a lonely trucker can go there, but honestly, that element of chaos, that element of not knowing if you’re going to get hit, that’s easily argued as part of the real world, not everyone does the exact speed limit, not everyone pays full attention to the road, if it wasn’t the case, we would get road traffic accidents and fatalities on the roads. so arguably, if you want realism, what we have now is closer than what is suggested here.
  2. Auto Kick Cars

    It’s not about defining current rules, it’s making the rules more apparent based upon what vehicle you are driving, in a car? You’ll have car specific rules. In a truck? Same applies, it makes it easier on admins to know what exactly to look for in a report and on the roads and stops the excuses and the exploitation of black holes in the rule book. It it should be simple, if you’re driving a truck and trailer through a populated area, as long as you are seen only once within x time, that’s fine, if you’re in a truck with no trailer, best to avoid the area, if you’re in a car, same applies as a truck with trailer except elapsed time is longer. thats fair for all (let’s face it a truck bobtailing around is asking for trouble in populated areas).
  3. player reports

    -1 it would be fine if we had a troll free environment to play in, then you could say that all reports are legitimate reasons, but at current, it’s easy for a group of trolls within a VTC to just randomly report players at will, and with custom indications for number of reports, it would be all too easy for trolls to get innocent people shamed and such by simply reporting them.
  4. Collisions log file

    -1 unless it can factor in server/client latency, accidental incidents and still be compressed into a small enough file that it doesn’t take up an entire 2tb SSD to track a weeks worth of data and still allow the server to run without strain, then sure go ahead, but till then nah. Without physical context to what cured to cause the collision, a simple Kurd bump could be seen as ramming someone at 120mph. Video evidence is more reliable and more useful when it comes to this sort of thing, even if the log is able to track speed, collision type and braking forces etc, without video proof to show that it wasn’t desync or an innocent accident, it’s near useless.
  5. In-Game call

    Good idea, but needs to be made fool proof, we all know the people who are typing in chat and are swerving all over the road, if a system that could be added that would solve this issue, then I’m 100% behind it, but till then, no.
  6. Ban for a cheater regardless of the history

    To me, the punishments, mostly, are fine, although certain specific offences should be considered more severely and others less so, but on a whole, it's fine as is. The issue youll find is start pushing harsher harsher and harsher rules and you'll find the average joe is the one getting punished, not the troll, the cheater, the rammer, the blocker etc etc, before long servers will be full of either just trolls or just admins because rules are too strict for people to feel safe driving, there is a find line between being too soft and too strict. "Easy to master" don't make me laugh, it took me 3 months to actually learn the game and the mechanics, then when mp launched about a couple years later, it took me a few months to adjust to driving with other people, dealing with desync, constant traffic changes, etc etc the list goes on, if you're telling me EVERY new player who joins TMP is able to pick up ALL those necessary skills AND know the boundaries of every single rule, then I'm sorry but can I please have some of what you are smoking because that's some strong stuff. Its all dependant upon everyone's definition of what they want from TMP, if everyone wants a full simulation environment where everything is as realistic and rp'Ed as possible, then yes, the rule book will have to be hundreds of pages thick going into all the details, if everyone wants an Arcady have fun with friends, kind of environment then the rules will have to be more relaxed to fit accordingly, it's as simple as. Also, in response to your reply, I wasn't necessarily asking about video proof, because anyone can call anything an act of cheating with the right amount of editing and camera angles, what I'm more talking about is data proof, ways in which admins can simply see that someone is using a hack/chest and so perms bans are set instantly, like I said, for things like cheating, videos just don't prove that it's down to a hacker/cheated.
  7. Ban for a cheater regardless of the history

    It's a mixed answer from me, I'm not totally against, but I'm not totally for the idea. Yeah "cheaters" are just the scum of the gaming world, but what do you class as cheating? How can you detect someone who is using cheats? Can what happened on screen be explained by other phenomenon such as desync, server latency, poor driving skill etc. It's not such a cut throats world as what most think, it's barely ever a yes or no situation. I disagree about having stricter rules, on EU1 yeah sure, that is the SIMULATION server anyway, but on all servers? No thanks, I don't want to have to deal with trigger happy admins or auto systems that insta ban for doing 0.1MPH over posted limit or some other crap, the rule book as is, is fine, doesn't really need much amendment, what needs amending is people's attitudes, both behind the wheel and in chat, half of the issues are just stupid reasons. In my honest opinion, some rules need to be either slackened off or dealt with case by case, too much generalisation goes on and every player is expected to behave in an identical way, like toys leaving a factory, but the reality is, it's like sticking a box in a circle and saying it fits perfectly all round, it doesn't work. It's simple, only allow players with driving records that do not contain driving behaviour infringements, I.e, ramming, trolling, blocking and speed hacking, if a player is seen using the mod to grief, instant ban and all mod privileges removed indefinitely. In in my personal opinion, stricter rules, constant bans and just general crap doesn't work, we all know this, ideally, the best way to defeat trolls is to get drastic, remove their mod privileges, lock their speed to a constant, take away their ability to drive fast trucks till they either learn or leave, if they block roads, make them go transparent and ghost after certain times, with it not being removed till they've driven a sufficient distance away.. the problem should be dealt with by a more coded direction, less strain on admins = faster response times and better incident recovery, it makes everything fairer for all, you behave, you get everything you want, you break rules, you start losing those privileges till you're driving a stock iveco hauling heavy loads with a max speed of 35mph, a paint scheme that reads "be aware, I am a troll and I'm being punished for it". Those who are caught physically cheating will indeed require being permenantly removed from first instance, if the same ip is seen linked to multiple permanent banned accounts for the same thing, the ip is permanently blocked, simple.
  8. Queue Screen

    Personally, that's fine if you run your game off an near empty SSD, but for us mere mortals who have HDDs that are quite full, loading Singleplayer, entering the game, just to move 5m can take up to 10 minutes real time, then having to log back into TMP can take just as long, most of the time it's just not worth it trying to jump back and forth to move around, so when it's quite busy and you're in the queue it's invaluable to be able to move while connecting so you avoid the annoyance of going back to SP. Like I said, it sounds like a 5 second job, but in reality, most of us just don't want to deal with the wait times etc. How would you code into the game, without reverse engineering the base game, being automatically moved in the event of a crash or disconnect? It's not a simple coding process at all. Also, some can argue that having picture while loading takes away from the simulation because people can be waiting for 10/15 minutes loading and would rather just instantly be able to do pre drive truck checks like a real trucker before joining (at least, that's what I do), it adds to the real world feeling.
  9. Road Rule penalties

    What about recording? Until we have legit dashcam and telemetry data that can show speed and throttle position of other players, there's no point trying to enforce small unwanted rules, who's to say that someone's trying to overtake a slower driver who then decides to speed up and leave someone hanging on the wrong side? In in my opinion, there's far more serious offences that practically get overlooked, I mean, so what if someone's passing on a double line, in my opinion, so long as they don't drive recklessly, I.e at high speed and not care about checking for traffic, let people pass whenever, especially if its desync anyway, if an accident occurs, well then it's dealt with through normal rules, there's no need for ultra specific rules like this, especially when the map isn't a 1:1 scale so passing zones that might last a couple of miles IRL last about 200m.
  10. Queue Screen

    Well I was only using them as examples of loading the game and spawning on the road, was not intending to 10000000% tie them to the OP anyway, besides it doesn't mean they are specific to the point reasons of spawning on the road which I, MYSELF was addressing PERSONALLY. But it there are legitimate reasons why people SPAWN ON THE ROAD, such as crashes or auto saves. As for original post, no, there's just no point in adding this in when people could use the time while waiting to join to get their vehicle in check and routes setup for the day.
  11. Queue Screen

    -1 from me, I'd rather load in and have the opportunity to set up routes and if my game crashes, I'd rather have the time to move before being connected instead of looking at the same images over and over again. You do know there's different reasons for people spawning on the road right? Not just by players choice, it could be game crashes, server crashes, auto save load... it's not always intentional.
  12. The no damage mod

    Mixed, although I don't use mods like this, I can see why some people use it, not to troll,but to just get through the dangerous areas without having to save edit, save, reload or abandon loads which gets frustrating over time, but I can see how it's abused. the best compromise is to allow the mod to be used, but if someone using the mod is caught trolling, then they have their access to the mod permenantly removed. Also a simple way to maintain the mod and monitor/prohibit use is by making it a selectable mod in the options menu for TMP, but if you are banned for trolling with the mod enabled (easy to find out by having a logger that is enabled whenever the mod is enabled/disabled by players online, much like chat logs) meaning that those who use it for it's intended use can still use it, but those who use it to troll get their punishment.
  13. Road Rule penalties

    -1 there are already plenty of rules on overtaking and reckless driving, plus admins are already taxed enough with all the trolls and stupid people who can't understand how intersections work. It's not that simple, if you let anyone be an instant admin, who's to say they're not a troll and thus ban every player they see indefinitely? Who's to say the person doesn't understand the situation shown and so makes the wrong judgement call? To be an admin, you need to be trusted, you need to prove that you are able to react to a situation, analyse it and make a evident decision, that's thing not every random player can do in an instant. Also, yes, while overtaking on a solid or double solid line is illegal as the road could be cambered, the turn could be blind or the brow of the hill could be obscuring traffic ahead, this is a game, as long as no one makes contact or completely hinders other people's progress, then let them be, sometimes it can be an overtake for a reason, such as lag, desync or being trolled. That's like saying "oh let's add a rule that you can't enter a fuel station from the wrong side, mandatory admin action, that's simple right?" Wrong, do you know how many fuel stations there are ingame? You would need double that amount of admins for a rotatable schedule, same goes for overtaking on solid lines, how can you police millions of miles of road? It's impossible, you'd need a admin team the same size as the map to get anywhere close, so policing it is extremely hard, it's not a case of, oh there's only a few no overtaking zones, fair enough, there's literally thousands on the roads in BOTH games, so it's not as simple as you think.
  14. Go to partially automaticly keeping order on the road

    The thing is, just because a slight few want to do dead on 56mph, doesn't mean everyone should, that's like saying everyone has to drive a Volvo or Scania, as long as someone is driving at a speed that THEY can stay under control of, then fair enough, but if they can't, well that's classed as reckless drive and warrants a ban. As for doing 2500km runs for nothing? The best strategies which I use is to: avoid busy areas if you're on a long run save periodically at fuel stations/rest areas if an accident happens, just reload back to the last save point or if you wish to go to a specific place, pick shorter jobs that will get you to where you want to go, jumping from city to city. hours don't correlate to experience, I personally have 3000+ hours in both games combined yet I still make rookie mistakes as anyone would, besides basing how fast you can drive on how many hours you have in mp is contradictory because in order to gain experience and skill for driving at speed you have to drive at those speeds, but if you are limited, you don't get any experience so when your limit is raised, you'll make the same mistakes anyway, besides, who's to say trolls won't troll at slower speeds or "unlock" their speed increases and ho and ram and troll those still locked to 56mph, to me this is more hazardous than what is in place currently. At the end of the day, as long as a player drives at a speed they are comfortable at and are able to control, then it should t matter, heck, I've been doing my normal speeds before now (60mph on back roads, 70mph on motorways) and been overtaken as if I were doing 55, by someone who was more confident to speed and keep control. if you want restricted speeds and dynamic systems, then put them on EU1 only, that's the simulation server, leave the free roam servers as just that, free.
  15. Go to partially automaticly keeping order on the road

    That's fine, ON A SIMULATION SERVER, but on free roam servers, imposing speed restrictions isn't fun, yes this is a "simulator", but at the same time it's not. if it was a full simulation, you would not only have fatigue, but hunger, discomfort levels etc, you'd have to get out to refuel and eat, road conditions would change at any time, your vehicle would break down, random load issues, randomised drop offs/unexpected route changes etc etc etc, all the things that a ACTUAL simulation would be, ETS2 and ATS are what we call, "casual simulators" meaning that they do simulate certain dynamics of the real world, but not fully to scale and a lot is left out, it means anyone from a die hard pro driver to a complete rookie can jump in and have fun hauling trailers around, it can't be called a full simulation because it just isn't so, so basing every rule and regulation off of real world rules for every country shown doesn't suit the game or the play style it builds. Also, just because you as an individual like to do 56mph, doesn't mean everyone else wants to, some just want to drive with friends and enjoy trucking with other people, others want to drive semi realistically, like myself, it's all about personal taste and what might be enjoyable for you may not be for 1000s of others, which is who a multiplayer should cater for, the majority over the minority so that the best compromises are found. Plus, personally, I would rather people learn their skill level by making mistakes than being forced to do an exact speed, also, in my years of playing TMP, I've had less incidents caused by speeders than by just general stupidity, such as overtaking on blind corners, failing to brake etc. Also, banning someone for doing what, 60+MPH is stupid, if they're doing 85+ on back roads than definitely, but under 70 isn't that bad, yes it's "unrealistic" but so is the GAME, like I said, by all means add strict limiters to SIMULATION servers but not free roam servers. Besides setting harsh rules on speeds is like sticking a plaster on a gunshot wound, isn't going to stop all the illegal behaviour, such as blocking, ramming, hacking, trolling, bad overtaking, reckless driving etc, but don't worry, at least trolls have more people they can hit because we are all going at the same speed and they can hack.