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  1. Fuel usage

    Depending on the cargo weight, my DAF E6 normally runs between 40-60l/100km, mostly because I don’t have a foot made of lead.
  2. Dynamic Active Traffic Control

    Suggestion Name: Dynamic Active Traffic Control Suggestion Description: DATC is an admin controlled system that can adjust maximum speed limits in specific zones along busy routes such as Calais - Duisburg. This is achieved by raising (to a safe speed) or restricting the speeds before the more heavily congested areas allowing the built up traffic more time to clear out, reducing the length and frequency of long, major traffic jams that are not only dangerous but stressful for the server and the admins combined. Any example images: Not at this Time Why should it be added?: Having a system like this will allow congested areas to clear faster and maintain clearer traffic flow through these populated areas. Think of it as being in a a traffic jam and the traffic ahead starts moving so you start to move but maintain a more slower speed than the vehicle in front so that when they stop, you and those behind you are still moving forwards with less waiting time between moving and stopping. The same principle applies here, just on a more controlled and larger scale. If traffic is at a standstill, restricting the speed of those approaching the area will have the same affect as crawling much slower than the vehicle in front of you. Furthermore, if it is then possible to make it lane specific, then any traffic leaving the area will not be affected when those entering are.
  3. Adding NCZ On Busy Roads

    @Joao Rodrigues Its called different interpretations due to different countries, what you are taught isn’t necessarily the same as what I’ve been taught. Plus, still, calling someone a Naive isn’t the right word to use, it makes you sound like a stuck up snob who only cares about the self and their own personal feeling and no one else’s. You could simply say, “anyone doing blah blah blah, in my opinion, show signs of being inexperienced”, not “IMHO anyone who does this is Naive” White the emphasis on the IN MY part, meaning belong souls to you and not gospel truth. like I said, there’s a better way to put your opinion across and accept that sometimes you are wrong or can see the other argument and understand where people come from, but every time I’ve talked to you, you seem hell bent on just one track and never accepting that there’s other tracks that make better sense. It’s about being fair to your fellow human and understanding that not every idea that you back, is actually the best in the world. Anyway, as I said before, the best fix for stopping the number of accidents caused by speed, distracted driving, careless driving and just general inexperience isn’t necessarily NCZs or rediculous speed limits, but more of a realism idea, adding a real driving school that everyone has to pass to show they have the skills and the knowledge to be safe on the roads, this way, it levels the playing field a bit more so people can’t play the excuse that they are a noob etc.
  4. Automatic crash reporter

    The thing is, unless the automated system can self diagnose whether an incident occurs because it’s intentional or accidental, you’re just walking a road full of false bans, false reports and more headaches for admins than it’s worth. Thing of it this way, if you automate a blocking system that reports if a truck is stationary for x time in y position, then technically anyone caught up in a traffic jam or other such incidents will then be reported because they are technically blocking traffic. Same with wrong way, unless the auto systemcan see that, yes, player A made a hazardous manoeuvre that caused a collision, it wasn’t any sort of evasive action or just a general overtake of a much slower vehicle or other innocent actions, but is purely intentional, then fair enough, but to program that level of sophistication to ensure accurate results, it’s just not worth it, it’s easier to just let the human eye determine what’s intentional and what’s not.
  5. Adding NCZ On Busy Roads

    @Joao Rodrigues From where I’m from, IMHO means, In My Honest Opinion, also Calling someone Naive is essentially calling someone stupid or dumb. The thing is, there’s stating your opinion and there’s ramming your opinions down someone’s throat because they disagree with you, that’s what you straddle the line of, most times you ram it down someone’s throat, others you just state it as an actual opinion and not a god given fact of life. Also, I do not contact those privately whom I dislike the way they talk to others, if you were civil, understanding and prepared to see things from the proverbial other side of the coin, fair enough, no arguments here, but it very much seems, and as you stated, you’ll only every change your views or rather reevaluate them if someone hands you 110% graphic proof of the opposite. Me, I’m prepared to see things from both sides, it’s how I base my opinion by looking at it from both the For and against. I disagree, terrain plays a big part, take for example, someone pulling a 30t load up the hill at the start of the C-D road on the Duisburg side, say the speed limit is 35mph, that persons truck might only be able to pull at 20mph, those with lighter loads will more likely be at the limit of 35, that’s a 15mph difference in a very dangerous area. Not only that, but anything coming downhill is affected by the laws of gravity meaning they might gain 5-10mph just by rolling downhill, that puts the person who would have been able to gain momentum and a higher speed for the hill, in a vulnerable place because it takes one impatient person and one distracted driver, which are the most common cause of accidents in the game, to cause a wreck involving everyone. Setting speed limits should be about balancing what’s safe for all traffic, light and heavy, and what stops people doing rediculous speeds in dangerous areas. Again, I ask, what qualifies as excessive speed, 5Mph over? 20? 50? 100 over? Speed isn’t a major factor, it’s the quality of the driving, it doesn’t matter if everyone does exactly 10mph, if someone either intentially or accidentally, starts losing control, whether because they aren’t paying attention or just are having a hard time driving, accidents will still happen. I’ll bet if you neutralise speed in accident prone areas, you’ll still get accidents occurring, all it takes is someone to turn too late or to stray into oncoming lanes and bam, you got a wreck to deal with. I’m not saying speed never plays a role at all, I’m saying it’s not the biggest contributor. I can remember in the days of the EP blockages, traffic could be crawling along, yet all it took was for someone being impatient or not paying attention to cause an accident that just snowballed the effects, it’s the same with the C-D road, it takes one impatient person or someone who’s too busy reading chat or doing something other than driving to either cause a head on or ram into the back of someone, even if they’re crawling at 5-10mph in traffic. Overestimation is perfectly true, it’s why anyone who says we should have a drivers ed server for training people, I’m 100% behind because trying to trust people that they know what they are doing and how to react obviously no longer works, especially when dealing with steam sale drivers, those who got the game when it’s cheap and decide to play TMP straight away with the bare minimum seat time. That’s the root cause of a lot of issues. That’s way physical and theoretical driving tests make sense, much like IRL, I mean you don’t just get your license immediately and go out driving, you have to prove that you are safe enough and have the correct skills and knowledge to drive, that how TMP should be treated, you can’t get more realistic than that. That then irons out the issues of those who simply make rookie mistakes and/or don’t follow simple rules of the road. I’ve lost count how many rookie drivers I’ve met driving literally the wrong way down the road, blaring their horn as if they are in the right.
  6. Adding NCZ On Busy Roads

    Again it depends on what you drive, if you’re mr moneybags and drive every trip with a 700hp scania or Volvo, then even the steepest mountain passes aren’t a challenge. Its the fairest way way to set speed limits on specific routes. Not to mention, just because YOUR opinion is that it’s stupid to drive anything less than 400hp with any type of load, doesn’t mean everyone else in the server has the same opinion as you. It’s like me saying it’s naive of anyone to use anything more than 600hp to haul loads under 25tonnes, that’s my opinion, not the gospel, not the consistent factor, not th3 rule book. well excuse me if I can’t remember the exact max he engine in the stock DAF XF E6. And I think most new players just drive whoever the game gives them, that’s my opinion, is it the truth? Dunno, about the same as your opinion really. Think of it this way, that “challenge” makes you much more vulnerable because those with light loads can hit the limiter whereas you might not be able to, so therefore, the chances of being rammed or have horns spammed at you increases dramatically as a result of low speed limits. Speed isnt such a contributor to wrecks, distracted driving is no.1 imo, dangerous overtaking is another, the number of wrecks I’ve seen due to excessive speed is much less than wrecks caused by failure to maintain lanes, dangerous overtaking andtrolling e.g. brake checking, ramming etc yes speed can cause an accident but it’s not a main reason, just a byproduct.
  7. Adding NCZ On Busy Roads

    “Has no notable inclines” hmmmm........... well there’s the on/off ramp at Calais, there’s a incline just after that, then a uphill chicane, followed by a decent down towards the fuel station (which is also an incline going the other direction), then there’s another incline up after the fuel station that then drops into that nasty chicane that goes up hill that everyone wrecks on because of how deceiving it is, then there’s another accent/decent after that through that little valley, then there’s the steep incline where traffic tends to build up to from the intersection with the highway, then there’s the hill climb after the rail line, the ascent/decent into the intersection, then another hill climb after the long flat section after the downhill chicane, another accent/decent after the fuel station, another climb towards the next motorway intersection after the bridge and closed exit, after the intersection with the motorway there’s a couple more accents and decent until the final climb and decent next to the T Junction with the Duisburg road. So so there ARE notable inclines that DO require momentum to climb, ESPECIALLY in heavy traffic or with heavy loads. Now, I’m not against speed limits on specific routes and areas, they just have to be fair for all driving styles and load/truck combinations. Personally, speed limits in TMP should be based off the performance of the lowest HP truck with a heavy load, the max you can get out of it to climb any incline should be the speed limit plus 5 mph. It’s fair then because not every play can be expected to drive 750hp v8 trucks that can do 120mph and just idle there, new guys will have low level equipment, some guys, like myself, play realistically and don’t use those massive diesel drinking engines unless pulling something super heavy. If a 560 DAF can pull it up a hill, you don’t need a 750hp truck. Most accidents are caused, not necessarily by speed alone, but either by lack of experience or distracted driving,I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been wrecked by someone literally texting (using text chat) and driving and ending up ramming a queue of traffic, it’s the same with T junction incidents, as OP put as a scenario, if the guy turning onto the base of the T moves into the oncoming lane and someone is carrying speed downhill towards them, it’s the guy oncoming at fault because it’s failure to maintain lanes.
  8. Adding NCZ On Busy Roads

    Yestrolls will eventually get caught, but think about the number of people that would end up with delayed, damaged or destroyed loads because of it. You have to remember that admins are volunteers, they can’t be on the servers or the website all day every day, plus they have to deal with every other report sent in every day, you can’t ask them to prioritise an area over another. So all you are doing is making the life of admins harder with this. The thingis, the chances of seeing a speed hacker are much much lower than coming across someone blocking and ramming. The things that has to be taken into account are, how many people like the idea. Plus how effective would it be at combating issues. Just because 1, 2, 10, 100 people like an idea, doesn’t mean the vast majority also do. The thing is, people like the chaos of EU2, it poses the most realistic traffic situations and has more freedom for those who haven’t got 6hrs to do a single trip. Not to mention, you can’t say ‘the simulation server is good players only and there’s no good players anywhere else’ because it’s not true, trolls are on all servers, whether it’s simulation or NC servers, people who are good at the game aren’t on 1 server, you can’t try and say that one server is better than another because there’s so many variables and differences in opinions and tastes that it’s unfair to say that. The thing is, speed isn’t the issue, especially if you’re dealing with people using speed hacks, all you do then is make more people sitting targets for trolls with hacks to destroy because of their lowered speeds. (I’m assuming you are talking about kilometres not miles per hour), 60 is painfully slow, especially when most countries IRL have max limits for trucks of 55mph (90k) which is plenty, you can’t throw a number out there and apply it to an area without considering the terrain and how different trucks react with different loads being restricted to those speeds. I mean, if you take a 400hp truck with a 20+tonne load and restrict it to 30MPH on terrain with hills, you’ll have guys blocking the road because they haven’t got enough momentum and speed to climb even in the lowest gear, so there’s s lot of calculation that has to go into setting a max speed on a certain road.
  9. Adding NCZ On Busy Roads

    @SimulatorExperiencer The thing with adding NCZs to specific areas is 1. the difficulty of laying in the NCZ if it’s done tile by tile along a route and 2. it’ll become a haven for trolls because they can then essentially gridlock major routes by simply parking at the end of the NCZs and leaving enough gap for collisions to re enable so then anyone who thinks they can drive through them ends up ramming into them essentially blocking major arterial roads. As for adjusting speeds, although fine when the servers are full and these areas are full, but when the servers are quiet or when people are more spread out, it’s not really necessary, you also have to take into account the areas you are reducing the speeds in, too slow and anyone with heavy loadscant make it up any hills because they have no momentum, too fast and there’s no point in adding speed restrictions. Now, in terms of who’s in the right or wrong, it’s dependant upon all factors. If the person on the wrong side of the road is a fair way over, it’s their fault, if the person speeding has clear line of sight over the junction and chooses to not slow down, it’s their fault, if they both are past safe limits, then both are to blame. Personally, you should never need to use the opposing lane when turning unless you have a wide or long load that needs more space to clear any obstacles so in my opinion, the person on the wrong side is always in the wrong. I don’t condone speeding, but you should not have to expect someone in your lane coming towards you, especially if there’s a blind curve or sharp decent beforehand. As for giveway signs, they only apply to traffic approaching from the opposing direction, like here in the UK, you always have to giveway to traffic from the right. If the person coming to the T junction from the base of the T sees no traffic to stop, then they should pass through, especially if the traffic coming from the left side of the top T bar is turning. That’s my opinion. Unless there is a physical stop light or stop sign and there is no traffic approaching, then you’re able to proceed.
  10. Fast And Furious CD To Everything Or Nothing.

    I have to disagree with your percentages, it’s more closer to a 50/50 split than a 90/10 split because what you are saying is that for every 10 trucks you see, only 1 is driver slow, not cutting corners and wrecking. This is inaccurate, I mean, do you base these numbers off multiple days? Multiple times of the day? Different areas of the route? The questions go on. To me, C-D is popular because of a few reasons, first, it's where the majority of traffic is on the map. Second, Most trips that run between the Uk. Germany, France and further, tend to pass through the C-D road. Thirdly, it’s more of a accolade to people to say that they survived the C-D road. Now as cor those driving “Fast and Furious” that’s subject to definition, technically anyone doing 0.1mph over the posted speed limit is driving fast and speeding. In in my opinion, the mess at C-D is nothing compared to the old days in Europoort and Rotterdam to Amsterdam, when the roadswould litterly be blocked for hours on end with queues that stretched all the way out of Rotterdam, All the way back to Amsterdam and all the way through all the ports in the UK that are linked to EP. At least with the C-D route you can choose to pass the route by and detour around the worst of it if you see traffic built up, in the old days, if you crossed to EP and found it at a standstill, the only alternative to sitting and waiting was to go back through the port and drive all the way south in England to the Channel Tunnel and cross there. To be fair, if people speed down the C-D road, as long as they don’t cause a wreck and drive safely, there shouldn’t be any issues, it’s just the select few who think ETS2 is a truck racing game and so floor it everywhere and wreck into everyone.
  11. TruckersMP isn't good for me

    I would do 1 short trip just to be sure everything is able to work, the issue with just joining then quitting is that nothing gets synced with the server, so your drivers can’t do anything while you are away, but taking a short trip, even if it’s just from one city to another just down the road, as long as you can sync the job market with the servers and give enough time for drivers to start jobs, then you can log out and leave it. The thing to remember is that drivers don’t start working immediately after you hire them, they will take a rest break of a certain number of hours before searching for a job. You can cheat this by going to SP and resting or also doing a single trip that advances time, but you still need to lock them into jobs to get them to work online.
  12. TruckersMP isn't good for me

    The thing is, that’s part and parcel of any multiplayer game, if you’re nexperienced, the slightest thing, the slightest mistake is 100x worse than when you’ve played for years. I can can remember my early days on TMP, dealing with the lag, the insane drivers... but after a while you get used to it, you learn more driving skills in TMP then you will ever do in SP. What I will say though is reversing because yo7 screwed a corner up is dangerous in online because lag and driving conditions can make it an accident waiting to happen. It’s why my best advise is to either put a few years into SP and Learn skills that way, or find a veteran who has a decent driving record to buddy up with and take lead from because being completely green to the game and green to the mp experience is asking for trouble. but to avoid the issues of paying for repairs, my advise would be to first, make to saves, one that is SP related and another that’s MP related, these can be either on the same profile or separate profiles, (personally I find having separate profiles better because you don’t lose any progress on either side and can use mods on the SP profile that doesn’t effect MP). Second, ideally you should buy the cheapest trucks you can afford and upgrade your garage to allow extra drivers after taking the biggest loan you can, hire some drivers and then go into mp, do one short trip and back out, leave your mp profile a day or two, then come back and once you sleep, you’ll have a lump sum of cash given to you. This is because while in SP when you exit, everything stops in time, so all drivers don’t progress any further, whereas in MP, because the servers run 24/7, your AI drivers keep doing jobs even when you are offline. I foundthis out the hard hard way when I took a break from MP early on and when I came back, my drivers I had from when my profile was used as a SP profile had racked up millions while I was away.
  13. Anti Cheat (Memory Edit)

    The thing is, no matter whether you go through memory or not, it’s still going to be a monumental task and a lot of hacks will still skate on through. It’s prinarily why there isn’t a current anti cheat system. Not to mention, in a lot of reported cases of hacks or cheaters, it turns out to be a false flag because of lag so you can’t even run a system that players can control. From what hat I know, and I never use any sort of hacks, I’m sure at some point a hack has to speak with the game files otherwise it’s just a code that’s foreign which would trip the standard force close because unknown files/code are in the game.
  14. Anti Cheat (Memory Edit)

    To me, the simplest thing to counter cheats and hacks is to regulate correctly. It’s simple, when a player joins a server a check is ran against a database of allowed files, mods and adds s, anything seen as foreign is flagged and the connection process is terminated. So any hacks or cheats that need to be injected into the client are easily sniffed out and the player removed and automatically flaggedto all admins as having unidentified game files. This way, it’s less ntrusive than memory checks but still has the same affect, much like if someone tries to spawn a Scout with police parts added, they get instantly removed from the server.
  15. Who would be at fault?

    To be honest it depends on the variables, in my honest opinion, unless you can devinitively say that you made the manoeuvre safely and did or could not see the other overtaking vehicle, then it’s their fault for trying to pass multiple vehicles at once, if you were aware and still made the manoeuvre then he’s still at fault but you are at fault for unsafe overtaking, meaning you were aware of other passsingvehicles and still moved out and either caused or almost caused a collision. for me personally, the only time I ever overtake someone on a normal road with 1 lane in each direction, is when someone is either doing 25-30 mph in a 55-65 area or if the person in front is lagging so bad it’s too dangerous to be behind them without risking damage. But in your scenario, as I said if you were unaware of the other passing vehicle at the time of the manoeuvre, then it’s less likely your fault, more there’s, especially if they are passing more than one vehicle at a time.