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  1. ^ It doesn't matter, no matter how long you force people to sit on the rules page, you'll find only 2/10 will read all the rules, 3/10 will read just the first couple and 5/10 will just spam the button to continue. Besides, if people aren't prepared to be proactive enough to check the rules and regulations themselves, then they deserve to be punished for their actions, it's as simple as that, I mean come on, do you think the polive will just give you a tap on the wrist for breaking the rules of the road just because you didn't read all of them or are new to driving? As for the the idea of removing old bans, no, as long as the ban served is legitimate and not a mistake by admins etc, then no, it should never be removed because it doesn't show to people that you can learn from mistakes, if they're removed, then people will just drive like jackasses more because it doesn't effect them long term anymore. No, the only bans that should be removed are those made by mistake or that have no proof that the person committed a crime.
  2. -1 you can easily just switch channels in that area and report the guy who is being too load for improper use of the CB radio, nine times out of ten, people have the CB either on a separate channel to talk to friend or off because it's not real,y needed for everyone. perhaps in the tab menu there could be a mute icon so you just press tab- scroll to the person talking and hit mute or hit mute all local or mute all global.
  3. -1 the issue is that you're basically putting a lot of the normal report/ban system in the hands of an automatic system which cannot determine between real and fake reports and who cannot see the full scenario that may occur. Meaning people who are innocent end up being punished, while trolls still get away with their actions.
  4. -1 it's a good idea, but it's just not going to stop trolls from making applications on clean profiles and then going berserk in the cars. Whereas everyone else gets the pro algae taken away because they have to wait for their application to go through. Honestly, a better way would be to split the punishments between in truck and in car and anyone with in car punishments have to apply and be certified etc to have the privilege, that way those who do nothing wrong don't have to go through the wait of appying and all that, it also then helps admins see who has been punished for what in which vehicle becauseat the moment, if someone gets a ramming ban, unless you look at the evidence etc, it could be a car or a truck.
  5. Likewise here, I have everything as close to realistic as possible, yet only speed slightly where it's fair. But the the thing is, it's a game, if you're truck gets damaged or your load gets damaged you either suck it up or you reload and try again. The thing you have to remember is that not everyone IRL drives strictly by the books, you get a lot of wild cards and such, so if you think about it, having the trolls and the speeders and the dangerous overtakers, all adds to the real world scenario. to be fair though, sometimes someone's lagging around is so dangerous, that you just want t to get in front of them at all costs. It's just all down to circumstance, if you're overtaking and cause an accident, either by the move itself or by being in oncoming lanes, that's a punishment, but as long as you don't cause an accident, you should be left alone.
  6. First off dude, if someone overtakes you and causes a collision, well that's their fault, whether there's oncoming traffic or not. its all about people's interpretation and play style, some people like to play arcade style with mouse, keyboard and drive unrealistically, others like to drive 100% legit and as realistic as possible, then you have the middle grounfd between both extremes, so for some people, they don't drive with aids like dogs on the map etc, so when they go to overtake, they do t know if someone is coming up at them. It's all down to players play style and how far towards real world things should go, it's like saying we should auto kick those who don't use indicators or have light on during the day or have lights on their roof bars and bullbars, it's subject to the situation. You have to bare in mind that not every player drives or has a license IRL so knowing the basics of things like overtaking etc aren't going to be known that well. As for @Sineptorro, as I too drive with a wheel and my mouse and keyboard are behind my wheel out of the way, the best thing I found is to map buttons on the wheel/shifter to camera controls such as look left, look right, recentre. That way you can see the mirrors without needing to use the mouse. But I agree that those who overtake in either the hard shoulder or in the right lane are dangerous, but as long as they don't cause a collision by their actions, there shouldn't be a punishment because if we have punishments for every little thing in the game, then the game loses it's fun and casual feeling and that'll drive a lot of people away because that's what ETS and ATS are, casual games, they have realistic aspects, but they aren't full driving simulators, there's still a feel of an arcade game, so punishing people over things like that isn't going to solve anything. Plus, if you auto kick people for these sorts of things, chances are you'll bring gridlock to busier roads with people roadspawning and causing accidents all the time.
  7. Fuel stations won't be NCZ because of their tile structure and the fact that merging traffic on back road stations would be super deadly, especially when people seem to think using mirrors is an optional extra to driving a big truck. At the end of the day, it's up to the admins, if they feel making all several hundred fuel stations etc all NCZ just for this to work is fair, then fair enough. Well thats subject to opinion, I'd rather not clog up fuel stations, especially busy ones like the ones on the C-D road with even more traffic and poor driving skill, at least when someone pulls out onto the road from the grass you can see them and brake if need be. Besides, NCZs are not the answer, either is auto ban systems, auto kick system and road conventions, NVZs will always bring the issue of having multiple people In the same spot at the same time, and if you e ever driven to the services in Rotterdam or Amsterdam at peak times, then you'll know how much of a mess this can be, NCZs work when there is an enclosed space with light to medium traffic, such as companies, where there's a lot of space for those inside to wait patiently to get back out, but when you turn something lime a fuel station into a NCZ where you can have a large volume of traffic entering and exiting as well as cross traffic where you're merging back into traffic, I've lost count how many times I've almost hit someone who pulled across the road to get in queue. At at least when someone spawns off the roadway they can stay still for a bit, fuel stations you can't because it's an active traffic zone. If you sanction it so you can't join unless all your wheels are off the roadway, you have to be stationary before you are connected, you must wait 10 seconds for traffic to load in before moving, failure to do so can result in a ban at admins discretion, if you pull out when it is unsafe to do so and cause an accident, you will be banned for a minimum of 14 days for reckless driving, unsafe pullout and causing an RTA. Those are just some ground rules, but if I had to pick between parking close to where I got disconnected and following the rules, spawning on the roadway or being teleported to the nearest fuel station or city, I'd pick the first option, mostly because very little is needed to do it and the fact that you spawn close to where you got Disconnected so you don't lose chunks of time either getting out of a NCZ or a city, that's a plus, especially when you're pressed for time and can't be asked to faff around with moving yourself in singleplayer to then restart mp to be able for o continue.
  8. It's of the time, it's all subject to server numbers, sometimes you can get into the server and almost instantly be connected, other times, if an take up to 20 minutes to join, at current, the only way to legitly be sure you're not going to spawn on the road is to go via single player and move their which takes time and patience to do, especially if you get DCed or have to reload for reasons out of your control. Also, if you you're saying you won't get connection to the server unless in a NCZ then it's a big fat nope because, what if your game crashes in the middle of a trip and the nearest NCZ might be a 15/20 minutes away from your location amd so traveling there just to join the server will take far too long. As for spawning at the side of the C-D road, as long as you don't just spawn and then sit there for 10 minutes, you'll be okay, I'd rather someone spawn on the grass and merge in than spawn on the roadway.
  9. ^ Please quote where I inferred that you said something about MY comment. On topic, It's down to circumstance, on some, more quiet roads, where a vehicle may pass every half minute to 2 minutes then fair enough, but busy, typical road spawn roads such as the C-D road, where a truck may pass less than every 10 seconds, 15 second timings don't work, at least with teleports or connection delays,you can avoid the whole hitbox issue. Ideally there needs to be a way to make reconnecting safer without being respawned miles away from where you got disconnected.
  10. But look at it this way. If someone gets banned for a stupid reason, say forswearing at someone in chat who did some illegal manoeuvre. Is that fair to have on record for the rest of your career? Or would it be fairer to have it wiped if the person can prove they've learnt from their mistake and won't do it again? I mean, major offences like passing queues, ramming, blocking, trolling, reckless driving etc, that sort of thing isn't really excusable, but smaller "crimes" you should be given the opportunity to put it right. Likewise here, in my case, I called a guy an "idiot" because he pulled out of a junction as I was turning and rammed into me and such, yet I got banned for "offensive language" which to this day I dispute as unfair because I could of easily said more vulgar things if I wanted to, but eh. But yeah, making your bans private is the best, by all means you can open some to the public, especially if it's a serious grey area between what's deemed guilty and innocent, there have been many a time I've seen ban videos or general incidents where someone ends up being reported or punished when it's merely an accident or a petty disagreement.. so I'm all for making bans private unless set open.
  11. The issue isn't necessarily the hitbox, it's the fact that if someone spawns at a standstill and you're doing 55-60 mph, you're not going to stop in time because the closing distance is too big, so even if the player is made no collide on spawn, as soon as they move, that will switch off, while they're at a much lower than road, speed. At least with my idea, you have a chance to avoid those pulling out at low speeds as you would if someone was off the side of the road to sort something IRL.
  12. Personally, people who shame others for getting banned, up to a point, should be banned themselves, if you can't say something nice or constructive, don't say it at all. It's not nice to be like that to anyone, whether they deserve their punishment or not, I've seen it happen too many times on steam and it has to stop, think about it as if you were that person who got banned, how would you feel if people shamed and talked smack to you? As for ban rehab? What's the point? If a troll wants to troll, they'll just carry on no matter what programs are setup, I mean, most sane people will normally take the ban and learn from the mistakes they made. A better way way would be if we had a licensing system instead of a straight ban system and points on your license mount up to punishments depending on the crime, that way, the innocent/short tempered/pushed too far, get a second chance before being banned, whereas the full on guilty get punished for their crimes.
  13. -1 totally agree that road spawning is annoying, but forcing people to spawn in NCZs is fine if you're close to a city, but chances are, you'll get disconnected mid route and the only option is to backtrack to the last city you passed via F7 + Enter, increasing your chances of being caught up in major incidents that you would normally miss. Not to mention, if a lot of people get disconnected at the same time near a certain city, then you'll have an absolute mess as people try to make up for lost time. No, a more simpler way is to only allow connection to the server when the persons vehicle is completely off the active lane and stationary. It's a wonderful n win then, less road spawns, reduce chance of trolling and you don't lose any of your covered distance, especially if you're driving as part of a convoy or with friends etc.
  14. This is something to be considered in the future when TMP has more wiggle room to add to the game. plus, what about those who solo drive?should t we get a bonus too?
  15. headlights

    ^ I agree, the most natural thing to do when it gets dark is to turn your lights on,so for people to drive with no lights will always be suspicious because even if you forget, not being able to see hardly at all will be a big reminder anyway..