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  1. megadethsteve666

    Should TruckersMP change their ban system?

    Honestly, the current system works well, if you were banned multiple times, maybe you should check the evidence provided for your ban and if there is a discrepancy you can prove, appeal the ban, if not, think about maybe changing the way you drive and the way you act in TMP, personally ive only had 1 ban and that was a looonnng time ago before the big rule change came in so essentially under the new rules, my ban is invalid, but it happened 4 years ago so eh. The whole principle of the system is to protect every driver out there, from the super experienced to the inexperienced, the rules are clear and simple to understand and if you break those rules, then im afraid you deserve all that you get. Admittedly there are times when we all wish that either x player would get banned or that an admin would come and ban a player for causing major traffic jams, but at the end of the day, the system works for the most part, especially comparing the current system to the old system we used to have where the only way to get a player banned was to be actively recording every time you drive. All that I will say is this, instead of complaining about feeling unfairly banned, look at the reasons why you were banned, If you still feel it to be unjustified, think of a new system to replace the 'failed' system and suggest that in the forums.
  2. megadethsteve666

    Shaders and FOV mods

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any information on whether shader mods and mirror FOV(Field of View) mods are allowed In TMP and if so, which mods specifically?
  3. megadethsteve666

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    @DavinaETS I meant 50 tonnes. damn keyboard is falling apart, I didn't notice it had put an extra 0 on the end.
  4. megadethsteve666

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    yes ive seen Heavies IRL, I used to see them quite regularly while there was major building works and excavation going on nearby, its what inspired me to play ETS in the first place. I was just saying that honestly, in terms of difficulty, a double isn't that much more difficult than a heavy haul, in fact theres less to think about with a double than a heavy, especially In TMP where everyone seems to want to do 110 MPH everywhere and if youre doing less than that speed, you get ran off the road. I wasn't a fan of the whole exclusion zone idea when it was announced because it doesn't make that much difference than what goes on now anyways. In my honest opinion, Doubles should be allowed everywhere, same as heavies, the only difference being that if you are caught trolling or blocking with a double, then punishments should be tighter for them seeing as they are essentially twice the length, but from my experience, those with doubles outside the no go zone are pretty well behaved all things considered, ive had more run ins with trolls with single trailers whole block one side of the road with their trailer and the other with their truck, at least with a double its harder to position to block like that.
  5. megadethsteve666

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    I suppose it'll make fail videos even more hilarious seeing doubles go rocketing through the air. Then again, if heavy Hauls are allowed in the area which are, in my opinion, more dangerous than Double trailers are, because of their tendency to want to roll over and the fact that you have no brakes on hills and are a moving road block, yet double trailer loads can weigh up to 50 tonnes at least but are more stable and take more driving skill to operate, so yeah, I have to agree with you on that one. As for making the area a NCZ, its one of those things we've all talked about since C-D became an issue, its just about whether its possible or not given how NCZs are added in, I hope that with SCS seemingly refreshing older parts of the map that eventually C-D will get a refresh and that will remove most of the issues.
  6. megadethsteve666

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    Honestly I think that as long as C-D Road, Brussels, Calais City and Duisburg City are excluded, Doubles should be allowed wherever else, HCTs, not so much because the chance of people not knowing how to handle a trailer 2x longer than normal is going to be too high, same with triples, but normal double trailers should be fine.
  7. I think OP is referring to DLCs like the DAF Tuning Pack and the Mighty Griffin pack. if so, well take your pick really, a Volvo DLC would be cool because it’s seemingly the second most popular brand in TMP, also a Mercedes DLC wouldn’t be bad either, but honestly all brands need a DLC to give the trucks a more “personal” look instead of being carbon copies everywhere, same lights, same bull bars etc.
  8. It’s not just in the “normal” areas such as C-D and surrounding cities, I was all the way over in Leipzig, east Germany where it’s typically quiet and still got trolled by 2 people in trucks, although the one that rammed me ended up flipped on the centre guardrail and the other played chicken with me and broke their truck while I stayed on all my wheels, barely, and could /fix because I had a trailer and load. Its not about how you drive or where you drive, it’s the mindset of other people, you get those who let you out of junctions and pass you in a safe manner and flash their hazards in appreciation, then there’s those who’s only goal is to be a nuisance and drive as if they own every square inch of the road. Although funniest thing ive ever seen was someone having a go at me for apparently not letting them pass me on a blind hill while I’m doing 40-50MPH after getting fuel, subsequently they decide to pass me on a sharp turn with oncoming traffic, rammed the oncoming and nearly flipped me and themselves over, then have the cheek to trollin chat afterwards, only to find less than a minute later they’re banned for a week, justice served.
  9. Dude I’m not talking about traffic lights, hell, even when I have a green I watch for cross traffic and oncoming, it’s stupid to cut someone off just to save yourself 10 seconds. I’m talking about those on roads like C-D who feel it necessary to pass if someone isn’t doing 90MPH everywhere like them, those people I won’t give an inch for because why should I be courteous to someone who can’t do so in return. Im the driver who will happily cruise behind someone who is doing 37mph all the way from Lille to Düsseldorf if I have to and if someone wants to pass me nicely, I’ll happily move over, tap the brakes and let them pass, same with someone oncoming, if I can see they’re passing and someone won’t let them back in line, I’ll move over and give the pm a trucks width to get through. saying oh, “people like you cause accidents” is a subjective statement, I mean, I could say that about you when you talk about your driving habits, but when faced with physically seeing someone’s actions, that’s when you can make a statement like that, especially correlating 2 different scenarios and trying to match them together, that’s like trying to add together 4+4 and making 44.
  10. I would honestly disagree with you, no matter if you drive at the speed limits or drive at your own pace, there are many circumstances where a crash is unavoidable, yes flipping going around a bend or colliding with someone because you’re either going too fast or not paying attention is your own fault, I give you that, but the vast majority of crashes that happen in areas such as C-D are caused by other people’s bad choices. i mean, literally a few days ago I had someone ram me head on along C-D and try to blame me when I was 110% in my own lane doing about 65mph with them barrelling at me unloaded. So saying, “oh it also depends on your own driving style” is a completely false statement, like I said, certain incidents are classed your fault, but the vast majority are out of your control, especially with trolls and seemingly drunk drivers around, it’s why if someone wants to play chicken with me on my side of the road, I’ll play it and not move off the centre of the lane because I’m in the right.
  11. Can we please have an admin in Dortmund EU2 for trolls blocking the highway out of town both directions.

  12. megadethsteve666

    Speed limit on the Calais/Duisburg route.

    The thing is, it’s a case of the minority spoiling it for the majority. I mean, yes a speed limit might help, or it might just make those impatient people ram others or because of forced limits, it takes just 1 person trying to overtake and not back off to cause a pile up. I just think that the best solution is to make poor overtaking and rules on overtaking more defined and stricter to combat the issue, speed limits just mean more traffic bunched up making them a perfect target for trolls and hackers.
  13. megadethsteve666

    Speed limit on the Calais/Duisburg route.

    To be fair, it’s not necessarily speed that’s the main factor in accidents, in fact, what I’ve witnessed and studied is that the slower you go on C-D the more likely you are to be rammed or end up flipped on your side. Its all to do with the fact that people who drive C-D see a slow moving vehicle, get impatient and so floor it and just go for a overtake, regardless of whether there’s oncoming traffic or a tight turn coming up, resulting in someone ending up flipped or up and embankment. Hell I’ve been driving at exactly 70MPH on the straights and still been passed as if I’m doing 30, what’s even worse is those people,who don’t overtake but keep flashing their lights and blowing their horn and shouting in chat at you to go faster. C-D is just a toxic places sometimes and no matter what speed limits are I forced, there will be accidents still, many road blocks still and the situation won’t change, especially with people not paying attention and being impatient, it’s always going to be the same until SCS decide to renovate the road and make it a dual carriageway or something.
  14. To be fair, the only issue I see with doubles is that for the average player, it’s extremely difficult to reverse a double out of a situation. Most think that doubles in highly highly congested areas will equal chaos of biblical proportions, but in reality, I think doubles would be no more dangerous than a standard truck and trailer, yes the extra length and turning space is difficult with tight junctions and corners, but looking at how some people drive, they struggle to negotiate these areas even with a normal trailer. Therisk of running a double will surely put off most people because of the challenge associated (and it would limit people’s ability to do warp factor 9 everywhere), but still, I think trialing all access doubles should be a consideration and restricted them, especially if SCS does implement doubles into places like Germany as they said they were, then the restriction would hamper a load of cities that SCS would then allow doubles to be taken to and from. As for higher difficulty doubles parking, as others explained, there is a setting that you can change, either through the console ingame or through your ETS2 config files that adds more difficult doubles parking.
  15. megadethsteve666

    Do you slow down, when you are being overtaken?

    For me it depends on who’s overtaking me, if it’s someone who chooses the right time to pass and is doing so in a safe manner, I’ll gentle trail brake to scrub some speed to let them pass easier, but if it’s one of those people who are already doing what seems like a billion miles an hour passed, I just keep at my cruise speed. The only thing that I will always do when being passed is to move all the way over to the side of the road, as close as possible to the grass verge or guardrail so that in the event someone passing me encounters oncoming traffic, there is enough space for them to continue passing without making contact with me or the oncoming vehicle. To be fair though, it seems that some people misunderstand courteous driving for trolling or blocking, Ive had people yell at me in chat for either moving over to let someone pass me or just stopping when it’s safe and letting another truck out of either a fuel station or junction.