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  1. I have to give this idea a mixed voted because the principle is cool and would really add to the whole premise of the game, but there is a lot of room for error and issues. firstly, unless a user is asked general knowledge questions, not country/state/county/province specific questions, then it would work, but if you ask a question about a specific traffic rule for a specific country, then unless you are familiar with the country and road rules, then its biased, so really, all questions have to be based upon rules that are known in most countries. secondly, unless there is a strict rule that is put In place where the user will be temporarily removed from playing if they answer incorrectly, otherwise, anyone can open a wiki page and find the answer in a few seconds without really thinking about it. thirdly, what sort of impact would this sort of system have? Is it to reduce trolls? Make roads safer? Also, it's hard to base a test for a virtual world on real world statistics, the best way would be to compile a rule book and questions based upon the VIRTUAL world and not the real world, with a crib sheet and fact file accessible on this website where people can read up on the rules of the virtual roads and what each sign means and what each road marking is there for. That would take this idea to the next level and make it more appealing for use in TMP.
  2. Another Server like EU2

    -1 there's no need for yet another server that is for those wanting to drive a car around. It's just not cost effective to open and run another server that might fill with more than 100 people every other day, if EU2 was still held at 2500 max players, then teach another server for overspill would make more sense but when the server doesn't hit max capacity as often nowadays, there's no point. plus, out of all servers for ETS2, there's more servers that allow cars than not so you can always join one of those if you're desperate to drive a car.
  3. Horn spamming protection

    -1 horn spam isn't really such a big issue, or at least, isn't a big enough issue to warrant a strict automatic system, especially as 10-15 seconds isn't that long, what if someone cuts in queue so someone holds the horn down to draw attention to the queue jumper? The bigger priority is the jumper as they could cause an accident. Also, is it really fair to kick someone from the server just for using their horn? It's like the police arresting you for honking your horn IRL, it's too strict of a punishment for a minor issue, yeah if someone's holding their horn for over a minute, then it can be seen as annoying because that's plenty of time to get the message across, but 10 seconds is way to short. plus, if horn spamming was such an issue, why allow people 9 seconds with a 1 second cooldown? That's effectively saying, "carry on holding it down". Either say no spamming full stop or impose strict guidelines with no cooldown.
  4. Limit the Heavy cargos and Doubles trailers to EU1

    -1 with the way the heavy cargos are, the more speed you can get the better, hence why EU2 is more beneficial because there's no limiters meaning you can floor it and keep your momentum, and yes, although ramming and trolling is a big issue, trolls still join EU1 anyway so you'll never escape being rammed or trolled anyway. Also, most people don't get their jobs from single player because of the server sync can make that load expired before you even leave, so banning people from joining with these loads won't work and removing them is not an option nor is it fair on those who paid for the dlc. The only way to remove the loads from the other servers is to manually force players to uninstall the dlc packs each time they want to play on the other servers. Also, playing in the more hectic and popular servers and adding in the heavy loads and longer trailers adds to the difficult and adds more of a wanted challenge. So in my opinion, all loads should be allowed on all servers, only things added by the TMP team should be regulated.
  5. Good Report System

    +1 for the concept, -1 for the execution, having an open player based system is subject to abuse, but I agree that there is nothing that promotes good behaviour. The thing is, when all you see is ban, ban, ban, kick, kick, kick in chat and yet there's plenty of good drivers out there who just don't get recognised, yet if they put a toenail out of line instantly get banned, there's just no incentive to keep following the rules, especially when you get "trigger happy" admins who kick and smallest violation, it makes a lot of people just give up on following the rules, that's why the concept of a reward system is the right direction to go, not only will it keep those already on the straight and narrow going, but will be a incentive for those who get caught up in breaking rules to try and follow the rules more. in my opinion, this type of idea should be considered, but not in this variation.
  6. Who finds a convoi radio handy?

    -1 we already have the CB radio with multiple channels to select, all you have to do is select a rarely used channel to use for convoys, so any channel from 1 - 18 is available, if the co-ordinator wishes to speak to traffic or admins direct, they can switch to general channel (19) and broadcast there. if you just want privacy, then setting up a discord or teamspeak server with private passwords to keep communication to members, then that's your best bet.
  7. Team dedicated to the management of bans

    The reason why the team isn't expanding rapidly is because it takes time to train people to deal with situations professionally, I mean, if you leave it to an amateur, anyone who makes a wide turn would get a years ban, plus the team have to trust new members and trust can't be earned in a 5 minute meet and greet. its the same for having a separate team for reports, people will need to be taught how to do the job professionally and be trusted to make the correct decisions, which would take just as long as if admins carried on, plus, you would need a team 2-5x the size of the current admin group to keep up with demand and I just don't see that many people volunteering their spare time to go through reports and videos. Most of the time reports on the webpage are for genuine reasons and that is what this suggestion is aimed at, not ingame reports, besides, I personally would rather people report for minor incidents than not report at all, if someone wasn't paying attention and rammed me, then they will get a report because they should be paying attention to the road, I mean if no one reports minor incidents, then what's the point of having server rules against things? May as well just go hog wild and do 100MPH everywhere, ram everyone for more points and do reckless stuff for the hell of it. Plus, with a community of this size, even if we reduced "useless" reports, admins would still be overwhelmed with reports because there's always going to be someone doing something wrong somewhere. Well technically, if an accident occurs and is blocking the flow of traffic, then that is affecting them. So argument lost there. plus, most people will report something they see if they see who exactly caused it in the first place, I mean personally I've never seen someone report someone else without probable cause. And again, we are talking about website reports here, not ingame reports, web reports require evidence to prove what happens happens. Just saying.
  8. A realism server

    The thing is, back in my early ETS2MP days I drove dead on the speed limit and followed every rule to the exactly letter, but after being rammed hundreds of times, ran off the road, sworn at, brake check and abused, I took off the limiters and run at my own pace that's not dangerous to me at all, I mean, speed wise I only do 5MPH more on back roads than the posted limits and on motorways I only do 70MPH, in my years of playing, I would say it's more of a 70/30 split with 3/10 trucks being reckless. But as you say, it's all just opinion. i just feel that unless things like connecting air brake hoses, heaters, winding windows, clickable switches, realistic fuel prices and fill ups, hunger and thirst etc, tug testing, jacknifing, etc etc, the list goes on, if all that's added, then you could add a truly realistic server with all strict entry rules etc, but till, then you cannot call any server a realistic server, roleplay, yes, realistic, not until you can hop out of your truck and take a leak in a patch of trees before continuing your journey.
  9. Convoy Load Selection

    Oh there are ways, but it requires intensive file editing, the simple "same trailers for all" would be to get everyone to download a mod that only spawns x trailer, grab a load going to y destination in singleplayer, join mp and the trailer should save, but it's a lot of work. people forget that not everyone is a part of a VTC or wants VTC specific things and with a game that isn't exactly design to run multiplayer, it's hard to code things to spawn identically for multiple players, I mean, there isn't anything like a "create your own jobs" in the game so really it's down to the luck of the draw.
  10. A realism server

    The issue isn't the fact that servers are not realistic as is, it's just the fact that trolls are everyone, so how can you keep any troll from joining a fully realistic server? IP ban? Player auto kick? Level cap? Cash cap? Rating cap? Also, we all would love servers to be more realistic but everyone has a different opinion on what should be added/removed/changed.
  11. Convoy Load Selection

    It's borderline what's possible with the actual games code because all player loads are randomly generated when time is set, so in order to allow specific players get loads all going to the same location while keeping the random loads spawn would require a lot of modification to the way loads are generated, it's one of those things that is difficult to setup without actively editing people's games.
  12. Suggestion (Undercover admins)

    I've seen some weird bans in my time, from the most rediculous to the most petty, it's just a part of life in TMP really, besides, what grounds would I have to lie? I'm not that kind of person. second, please read the full statement before quoting snippets that have 0 context, what the context was, is that sometimes, because of desync and lag, you can be perceived by others, including admins, as driving recklessly, when in fact you're not. Yes, if someone is driving recklessly on purpose, then by all means ban them, what I'm talking about is the times where lag and desync make it look like something it's not. In in all honesty, the report system as it stands should be modified to capture in the background your session and save it to a separate server, but to avoid that going into the millions of GBs required, after every session, if nothing happens and a specific command not entered, then the data is overwritten, that way, people don't have to rely on 3rd party sources for video evidence that is subject to maintainable/corruption or disconnection (believe me it's annoying when you're driving and something happens, so go to save the recording to find the program glitches and didn't record a damn second).
  13. Orange Street light and Flare pack (multiplayer)

    -1 this is something to put to SCS not TMP, and seeing as SCS are planning to update lighting and flares in an upcoming update, I don't see the point of adding a third party add on. plus in a multiplayer community it's about what the majority want to see and orange lights and flares isn't one of the top contenders at all.
  14. Suggestion (Undercover admins)

    I mean let's face it, it doesn't matter whether an admin is on or offline, people will still break rules. It's more about having respect for authority figures, I mean, what if that admin was offline but got a report of an incident down the road that they could attend to without dev cam? Its more on principle for for those who "bend" the rules, for example, I've seen people get banned from the server for doing 10 over the speed limit in a quietist area, by admins that aren't even visible to anyone. i mean take it from our POV you're driving along, everything is fine on your screen, yet let's say on an admins screen who is unmarked, you're all over the road, excessively accelerating and tailgating etc, you get banned for reckless driving, by an admin you never saw or knew about, it's pretty unfair, especially with desync and it is a common occurrence at certain times. in my personal opinion, I'd rather admins hide in plain sight so that if someone's stupid enough to break the rules then and there, then it's a fair deal, but when an admin is hidden and such, it's just not fair for the average driver, I mean, it's not like everyone drives trucks for a living or is immune to making mistakes, and I've seen ruthless unmarked admins just ban indescriminately for minor mistakes or who look at a situation and read it wrong, I've seen guys get kicked by nmsrked admins for "overtaking in a high traffic zone" (myself included) when in actual fact, we are the ones who were in line but got pushed out of line by some kid screaming down off the side of the road and barging in. So honestly, the more marked admins are, the better more presence equals more behaviour, especially in busy areas, it's like owning a burglar alarm, it only ever alerts you after the windows smashed and stuff is taken, that's what it's like with unmarked admins, it doesn't stop incidents from happening, they just clear up the mess after the incident occurs.
  15. FREE/Private servers separation

    The thing is, if you go by in game reports then no one will join the private server because at some point someone will report you for something, whether it be desync or misinterpretation of the rules, it happens all the time, plus you have to take into account the troll groups who report people for no reason, going off of how many reports against a player for a representation of who they are and how they behave, isn't the best, anyone can report anyone else for any random reason, it doesn't matter, the only thing that should matter is the number of bans they have and for what. fair enough, but say someone is reported/kicked/banned for blocking when they're not intentionally doing so or are not on their screen, is it fair to remove their privelleges for that reason? Honestly, it's better to say that any rule breaking that is related to trolling activity witnessed is then applicable for the whole privellege removal. its the mindset of a troll, if there's a way to bring misery to other people enjoying their day, then they will do it, even if they get to only do do for a day or 2, there's nothing stopping them making multiple burn accounts and just rejoining every so often, it happens nowadays as is.